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~ June 2009 ~


Subject: Ponder This.....

From: "E.J." <> Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 12:02:01 -0700

Greetings All,

This present day in age? Is this not the Way of the Sleeping? Is this not the conditioned thinking and behavior that we discard AS Awakening? Is this the Way of the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius that is Unfolding our Spiritual Development (as some say this is)? Is this not a mere sign of our times? This Age, though it has cycles of increased Awareness, is but the foreshadowing of the Dark Age that we have been entering for some time. Humanity has seen Dark Ages in the past, but none as Dark as the one we are entering. Would this, then, not set the tone of our Awakening Here and NOW, as opposed to a future time when it may be too Dark to continue our Awakening? It is What-IS, and is a precursor of that which will also BE to a far Darker degree. It was not dealt with in the past so we continue to deal with it in the present, and if not dealt with NOW we will continue to deal with it in Moments to come.

Be Well Dear Friends, ej


Subject: Patience

From: "E.J." <> Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 06:52:44 -0700

"How many victories are won without spiritual struggle and patience? To show patience for the sake of the cup of Divine Knowledge is no hardship. show patience, for patience is the key to joy."

-- Rumi


Subject: Granted.....

From: "E.J." <> Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 12:32:43 -0700

Greetings All,

Granted, it is quite Painful to embrace the *Fire of Transmutation* in letting go of the Causes of our Suffering, to Truly Look into the Mirror of Truth and See the conditioned controlled manipulated automatons that we are. But a necessary step AS our Awakening. As long as we establish Faith on Beliefs (our own or another's), we will continue to *exist* in a chaotic world of war and strife and discontent and disharmony -- as has been humanity's history. Is it not time to Break the vicious cycle of Suffering? Is it not time to Directly Experience each Moment and thereby BE it and LIVE it, rather than believe another's belief about it?

I would offer to be leery of walls -- they seem to protect us from the evil we *think* is around us, but they also imprison us. True Freedom is not having a wall to either run into or get beyond. With no wall there is no 'other side' of a wall -- there is only the Truth and Reality of What-IS.

Namaste, ej


Subject: Introspection

From: "E.J." <> Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2009 12:05:33 -0700

"Don't you notice that there are particular moments when you are naturally inspired to introspection? Work with them gently, for these are the moments when you can go through a powerful experience, and your whole world view can change quickly."

-- Sogyal Rinpoche


Subject: There Can Be Only One

From: "E.J." <> Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 20:36:42 -0700

Hoping y'all had a good weekend,

Our individual truths are not Truth, but rather our conditioned notions about Truth. Real Truth can not be harbored as our own, it simply IS and we can only Realize it when we ARE Truth. Awakening is BEing "all aspects in the one" Moment, Moment to Moment. Awakening, the viewer or Observer and the view or Observed ARE one in the same. This is the underlying Unity in All diversity. Sleeping, they are separate -- hence Duality. Likewise, the doer and the deed done are one in the same because without a doer there could not be a deed done. It is in the Flow of this physical manifestation that deeds are done, as physical manifestation IS the Flow. And in order that this Flow is Smooth and Easy, each Element in this manifestation must do as the Flow does. "Go with the Flow," as it were, of this physical manifestation and not our particular conditioned notions of it. To do so, we must BE the Flow as we must BE the Observed as we must BE the deed done.

Metta, ej


Subject: One Direction

From: "E.J." <> Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 15:58:20 -0700

A Rhyme This Time:

The Bell doth Toll the Course is Clear
A Calling to Awaken is what you Hear,
Day after Day and Week after Week
Months into years you continue Seek.

Step by Step you are Trained so well
Steeped in a Dream to get out of Hell,
Movements of Practice precisely done
These are Prizes Lost and Prizes Won.

What-IS right now is not What-IS then
So it's not a matter of What but When,
Look to the Pointing and not a Finger
Just Go in that Direction do not Linger.

What are those Ten Thousand Things
What Pleasure and Sorrow it all Brings,
Look not to these things it is just Glitter
Likewise don't look for any Baby Sitter.

Some will be Worthy or some will Stifle
Some Help immensely or some a Trifle,
None are the One until the Connection
THEN is time to Stay in One Direction.

Namaste, ej


Subject: BE It.....

From: "E.J." <> Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 15:22:52 -0700

"Do not allow the limiting paradigm of your mind to stand in your Path. Learn to say, as Jesus said: I and the Father are One. All are on the Path, but when you can speak these words with Understanding -- you ARE the Path. Be Free to express the most powerful words a human spirit can voice: I AM THAT I AM. 'And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you Free.': John 8:32"

-- William J. Cozzolino "The Path, from Illusion to Freedom"


Subject: Eldorado

From: "E.J." <> Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 21:47:59 -0700

"Gaily bedight, A gallant knight. In sunshine and in shadow, Had journeyed long, Singing a song, In search for Eldorado.

"But he grew old -- This knight so bold -- And O'er his heart a shadow Fell as he found No spot of ground That looked like Eldorado.

"And, as his strength Failed him at length, He met a pilgrim shadow -- "Shadow", said he, "Where can it be -- This land of Eldorado"?

"'Over the Mountains Of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride, The shade replied, -- "If you seek for Eldorado.'"

-- E.A. Poe (from Eldorado)


Subject: The Quest

From: "E.J." <> Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 11:20:23 -0700

Greetings All,

Some have said that they are searching for a switch in the darkess so they can turn on the light. May I offer, that YOU are the "switch." To Realize THAT, you will Realize that there is no "switch" to be *found* nor that Darkness can hide it. AS the Silence of the mind, we Hear -- AS the vastness of the Void, we See -- AS the midst of Awakening, we ARE. *The Quest* is the Open Directionless Observation of What-IS at any given Moment. Judging nothing, projecting nothing, choosing nothing, expecting nothing, wanting nothing, AS that Moment. An Open ended Inquiry into whatever What-IS, IS, without our conditioned notions attached to it or projected into/onto it. Answers are so *terminal*, questions seeking answers are so *limiting*. And if the questions are based on conditioned thinking and behavior, the answers will not be much better. The massive wall that stands in the way of our Awakening is none other than ourselves in our programmed state of being. *Un-install* the programming that has been and is being installed by the world at large, and the program stops running. Set your *default* browser as Awakening AS the Moment, and that will be the window that you view the world AS. The hardware will operate quite smoothly when the software settings are fine-tuned to Awakening.

Metta, ej


Subject: Finger or Moon

From: "E.J." <> Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 19:15:37 -0700

"You are still clinging to your mind to listen to the Dharma; you fail to realize the Dharma nature. This is like a man pointing a finger at the moon to show it to others who should follow the direction of the finger to look at the moon. If they look at the finger and mistake it for the moon, they lose sight of both the moon and the finger. Why? Because the bright moon is actually pointed at; they mistake the finger for the bright moon and are not clear about brightness and darkness."

-- The Surangama Sutra


Subject: The One Awakening

From: "E.J." <> Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 20:14:20 -0700

~ One Awakening ~

In one Awakening there's no dogmatic trace - He sees the Light of God in every face - In Mosque, Cathedral, and in Synagogue - Wherever man may lift his cry to God.

He joins the Wise Men following a star - And finds a Christ, a Cross, an Avatar - In Buddha's shrine he feels a stir within - And bends the knee when hears the Muezzin.

He seeks to understand what Moses taught - And honors what the Hindu sages brought - The mysteries of the pyramids inspire - He honors Zoroaster and his fire.

Respects what wise Confucius had to say - Will seek the wisdom found the Tao way - Wherever hearts and hands are raised in prayer - In every shrine, a living God is there.

And whatsoe'er the Godward Path may be - The one Awakening will give it dignity. True Brotherhood seeks only to ascend. All paths that lead to God must somewhere blend.

Be well you all, ej


Subject: The Way of Chuang Tzu

From: "E.J." <> Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 07:15:20 -0700

"The hearing of the spirit is not limited to any one faculty, to the ear, or to the mind. Hence it demands the emptiness of all the faculties. And when the faculties are empty, then the whole being listens.

"There is then a direct grasp of what is right there before you that can never be heard with the ear or understood with the mind. Fasting of the heart empties the faculties, frees you from limitation and from preoccupation. Fasting of the heart begets unity and freedom.

"Look at this window: it is nothing but a hole in the wall, but because of it the whole room is full of light. So when the faculties are empty, the heart is full of light. Being full of light it becomes an influence by which others are secretly transformed."

-- from "The Way of Chuang Tzu"

Namaste, ej


Subject: Just A Thought.....

From: "E.J." <> Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 17:38:47 -0700

Greetings All,

These quotes are by a controversial character some here may be familiar with: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not so send peace, but a sword. "For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household."

And tossing the money changers out of the Temple, as well as other incidents of like temperament. Are we to believe that Jesus was struck from time to time with fits of rage and violence? Or is it a more subtle Teaching that every Wise Sage from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha to Ramakrishna and Ramana and Krishnamurti offered? The Teaching that when you enter the Path of Awakening you enter it Alone. A Solitary Journey. That has never been Walked by another. That will make you see everything more clearly and different than others. And no matter how hard you try to 'fit back in', "Once you have opened that door and experienced that grace, once you have had that experience, the door never quite closes again!" (Anne Shulgin)

Once we Recognize that our place is on the Path to Awakening, we can not go back or un-ring the gong. We have to keep pushing forward. Yet, though we must Walk the Path alone, luckily there are Helpers along the Way. Perhaps this is what Jesus was referring to when he said that we were "our brother's keeper." We have to help each other when we are capable of helping. That is perhaps why we gather at little Oasis' like this one.

Just thinking out load, ej


Subject: BEing?

From: "E.J." <> Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 21:57:16 -0700

Greetings All,

It has been said that we are products of our own devices. Products of the world we produced (conceptually speaking). We are what we think we are. Programmed machines. All of this is True BUT the fact remains that we are *BEing* what we have become. This is to say that *BEing* is a natural state for us. Who we have become is our state of BEing. Every Spiritual Discipline in the world stresses that we have to attain a certain state of BEing. This whole state, this whole BEing term is always treated as some foreign out of this world situation for all beginning students of the Way. When all the time *BEing* is the most natural state there is. We are always in a state of BEing..... 'whatever'. So a state of BEing should not be foreign to us. This means that really we just have to work on the quality of that state of BEing that we naturally are. The question might be what is the quality of our state of BEing at present. Is it the quality of BEing that we are working on ourselves to BE? Do we want to continue to BE what we have become, or BE the True Nature we ARE? There is no neutral ground, no fence to sit on, and no choice whether or not to BE. So the question is whether you are going to continue BEing your self or start BEing your Self? Though the latter has its challenges... the former is a disaster {8-) So do you really have a choice {8-)

Just something to consider while checking your eyelids for holes, ej


Subject: An Ode.....

From: "E.J." <> Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:45:17 -0700

"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star, Hath had elsewhere its setting, And cometh from afar; Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in entire nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home."

-- William Wordsworth (Ode on Intimations of Immortality)


Subject: Glass House

From: "E.J." <> Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 09:34:14 -0700

Greetings Community,

Indeed, a world of our own making and therefore our responsibility to accept the consequences of our handy work. Though our handy work always causes more ills than relief, due to the fact that we are guided by our own Illusions (conditioned thinking), we have been programmed to *believe* that we have correctly *chosen* a *lesser of multiple evils* and even *enjoy* our seeming *choices*. So the *desire* to both BE this world and attach ourselves to it IS our Suffering. Yet, when we stand back from the world and gaze upon our handy work and Observe the mess we have made of an otherwise Garden of Eden, we Realize that the Causes of this Suffering is not in our handy work alone or our acceptance of it, but rather in our Desire to be "of" it and our Attachment to it. Simple *wishful thinking* will not eliminate the ills, because the ills reek much havoc in our daily lives. But replying to a passer-by who threw a stone at us by throwing the stone back at him would be a bit foolish when we ourselves live in a glass house. I am simply saying to catch the stone thrown at us and hand it back to the passerby and Help him Understand that we both live in glass houses.

At least, that is how it is seen from here {8-) Any comments are welcome {8-)

Namaste, ej


Subject: The Flow...

From: "E.J." <> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 06:58:26 -0700

"In truth, there exists only the perpetual flow, both continuous (it never stops) and discontinuous (it consists of distinct moments), of flashes of force; causes and effects which engender each other in such a way that the parent-cause can never know its offspring-effect for it disappears while the latter emerges, or rather, it is its disappearance itself which constitutes its effect: the new phenomena."

-- Alexandra David-Neel

The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects


Subject: Re: The Flow...

From: "Rhonda" <> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 10:23:51 -0400

Thank you! This summed up quite a bit of some things that have been pondering lately.

----- Original Message ----- From: "E.J." <> To: "Let There Be Light -- Always In All Ways" <> Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 9:58 AM Subject: The Flow...

> > "In truth, there exists only the perpetual flow, both > continuous (it never stops) and discontinuous (it consists > of distinct moments), of flashes of force; causes and effects > which engender each other in such a way that the parent-cause > can never know its offspring-effect for it disappears while > the latter emerges, or rather, it is its disappearance itself > which constitutes its effect: the new phenomena." > > -- Alexandra David-Neel > The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects


Subject: Re: The Flow...

From: "E.J." <> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 12:18:58 -0700

Greetings Rhonda,

->On Tue, 30 Jun 2009 10:23:51 -0400, you wrote: ->Thank you! ->This summed up quite a bit of some things that have been pondering lately.

I was hoping that it would jingle a couple bells {8-) This one is good too:

"Be conscious of yourself, watch your mind, give it your full attention. Don't look for quick results, there may be none within your noticing. Unknown to you, your psyche will undergo a change, there will be more clarity in your thinking and feeling, purity in your behaviour. You need not aim at these - you will witness the change all the same." - Nisargadatta Maharaj

Be well, ej


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