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Subject: Thought For Food

From: (E.J.)

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 02:18:28 GMT

Greetings Community,

A little Thought For Food: "I can only love people when I have emptied my life of people. When I die to the need for people, then I'm right in the desert. In the beginning it feels awful, it feels lonely, but if you can take it for a while, you'll suddenly discover that it isn't lonely at all. It is solitude, it is aloneness, and the desert begins to flower. Then at last you'll know what love is, what God is, what reality is. But in the beginning giving up the drug can be tough, unless you have a very keen understanding or unless you have suffered enough. It's a great thing to have suffered. Only then can you get sick of it. You can make use of suffering to end suffering. Most people simply go on suffering." -- Anthony de Mello, SJ

Subject: Re: an insekt with aerosol mandibles...

From: (E.J.)

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 02:03:12 GMT

Greetings Volker, you wrote: ->all i sed wuz that emotion was faster than the thinking apparatus... u react ->first, & then the reaction sends whatever it sends to ur thinking centre & u ->make whatever u wanna make of it - but the reaction cums first... this is ->where You can decide on sleep & such - when you filter your reaction through ->your Knowing... that was my point & my question...

So... you react before you see ? Or before you hear ? Before the thinking apparatus, the mind, does anything with the input from the from the eyes or the ears ? Since emotion is but memory, a sub-folder of the mind, it would seem that the mind would have to be involved in order to arise emotion or a reaction. Albert Einstein said that we use only 5% of our mind's ability, or that our mind is like running in dos. In fact, the mind is so fast it picks up things that the eye does not even see or the ear hears. That is why subliminal conditioning works so well. That is, the mind picks it up and we do not even know it. Get out of dos Dear Friend, upgrade to Pentium 10 at 2,000 Mhz. (that is about 10% of the mind's potential). Just because we seem to think slow does not mean that the mind operates slow. When you Silence the mind there are no more reactions, so is that not a clue as to where reactions get their impetus ?

Subject: Re: Thought For Food

From: Sharlene <>

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2001 05:20:32 -0700

you wrote >"I can only love people when I have emptied my life of people. When I die >to the need for people, then I'm right in the desert.

Shar: This sentence could be taken out of context. I think what he is saying is that we shouldn't need people to make us happy or to feel complete. The key words these days seems to be soul mates. Everyone is searching for a soul mate for a partner.Little do they know that the one they feel caused the most misery in their life, could easily have been a soul mate. But no, it has to be romanticized. Everyone is seeking their other goodness, here we are, all walking around cut in half. The longing they feel is not for a mate, but a search for self. When we find ourselves as a whole person, the need for another vanishes. Not saying that one must remain single forever, but the relationship then becomes a bonus instead of a need.

> In the beginning it >feels awful, it feels lonely, but if you can take it for a while, you'll >suddenly discover that it isn't lonely at all.

This is true. What happens is that the pendulum swings a bit far in the other direction for awhile and the need or want to be around other people vanishes. One begins to feel selfish towards this solitude. get around others and one can't wait to be alone again. We find we are our own best company, our own best friend. Then we question ourselves as to if a relationship is worth losing this solitude and freedom to do what one wants. The question of what can a relationship add to our lives, or will it take something away. If the other has a need to fill, then it definitely takes away. The relationship then becomes a job instead of a bonus. I don't think one has to work at a relationship, a relationship should flow. If a relationship with a friend can flow and last a lifetime, why does a relationship have to be worked on? It's all based on needs. We feel blessed by a good friendship, we honor that relationship, why not a partnership? We blame our partners for our unhappiness, we demand things from a partner that we would never ask a friend to do. Why the difference of mind set? Conditioning......We are conditioned to feel that a partner has to fill these empty spots in our lives and when they don't, we become angry. Why can't we love our partners with the same unconditional love we give a child or a friend? For better or worse........It is ourselves we are unhappy with the most, yet instead of looking honestly at our needs, we find it easier to place blame on someone else. We are responsible for ourselves. Work on yourself and the rest will follow. When we can look at a partner ad know we are never going to be happy in that situation, then we can leave. If we can leave knowing it is for our own good, and not out of hate or anger for another, we have begun to recognize our inner self. We have begun to love ourselves unconditionally and know that both people would gain from cutting the ties that bind.

> It is solitude, it is >aloneness, and the desert begins to flower.

Know thyself. To thine own self be true.

> Then at last you'll know what >love is, what God is, what reality is. But in the beginning giving up the >drug can be tough, unless you have a very keen understanding or unless you >have suffered enough. It's a great thing to have suffered. Only then can >you get sick of it. You can make use of suffering to end suffering. Most >people simply go on suffering." -- Anthony de Mello, SJ

It's so true. We got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run. We can't worry about what others will say, we can't worry about God striking us down on the spot, we can not be selfish, but we can be for self. The difference comes from intent and purpose. Just my take on these words.

Blessings to all

Subject: Re: What??

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 03:59:50 +0200

From: "E.J." <> Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2001 1:12 AM

You dun it agin :-))))))))))))))))) how you make such a sheer shiity tale into such a laugh I will never know, mind if I cut and paste a bit ;-)? !! W'bat:)

Subject: Re: What about the Doritos?

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 03:03:27 +0200

From: "E.J." <> Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2001 4:29 AM

> ~ To Lose Oneself and Find One's Self ~

Yogayjiotii I bow to you.


Subject: Re: Letter from Grandma

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 03:53:02 +0200

From: "Gary L. Rocha" <> Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2001 4:58 AM

> Folks, Got a letter from Grandma the other day.

Dear Gary :-))))) This is ** priceless **, it really gave me a big grin and numerous chuckles, thanks for the grin! W'bat:)

Subject: Re: food

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 02:58:27 +0200

Dear Jacquie:) I see that it's 2 weeks later, you must have *shrunk* yourself by now, don't overdo it huh:)? ! I agree with you that we don't actually have to sit down to 3x daily. I learned that from a Doctor who preferably liked to eat his sandwiches as he walked around his office doing this that and the other, it never even gave him the hiccups ;-)

Subject: Re: Ray is at it again

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 04:05:56 +0200

From: "Sharlene" <> Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2001 4:11 PM

Dear Shar, I do you an injustice by snipping this post. I sometimes wonder if you aren't me LOL... sorta parallel roads here and there :-)) ... in another nature of things of course you are me and I you ha ha ha. Abiout the below here though, i always surmise that the minute someone asks a particular question, they are already halfway or 7/8 of the way there :-) ... so stupid not to answer a question... by the way, _real_ friends don't part, no mattter what ... not this life, not the next(s) :) W'bat:)

Subject: Re: A Ray Of Light

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 03:20:57 +0200

From: "E.J." <> Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 5:11 AM

Dear E.J.

> Indeed, what is wrong with saying "I'm not sure" or "I don't know" ? > OR, "interesting, I am going to find out" ? A most difficult conditioned > notion to let go of. After all, what if Superman said, "are you crazy, I > can't do that, who do you think I am, Batman ?" Or what if Batman said, > "are you crazy, I can't do that, who do you think I am, Superman ?" Or if > Jacquie said, "are you crazy, Legless frogs can't jump ?" What then ?

*** :-))) This Marx Brothers ?? ;-) or original E.J. I love it:)

> True. I can only suggest a good book that *tells it like it IS*, > "Affirmations Of Light".

*** Yes, indeed.... the next book I will buy, but only after I have read a small but significant pile waiting for me next to my chair. !!

> This can serve as a good analogy for Awakening -- Sleeping being the > illness, letting go of conditioned notions being the cure. During the > Pain of letting go we feel that perhaps the cure is worse than the illness. > Only after we let it go, only after the sliver is plucked out, do we > Realize the Relief. Only after we "Just Do It" do we THEN kick ourself in > the butt for not taking the Cure sooner.

*** I think I have finally managed to figure out, maybe you sometimes need to get sick in order to get better, I had been doing deep breath exercises, maybe there was still gunk needed clearing up <g>.

> ->But now I am on the mend, watch out world, > ->soon to be released, a new version of an old person.

*** ha ha ha Shar.... I think I like both of 'em :)

> As Namaste is to say > *may the Divine Essence IN/AS me Embrace the Divine Essence > IN/AS you as a Divine Essence of One*, so too Metta is to say > *may the Loving Kindness IN/AS me Embrace the Loving Kindness > IN/AS you as a Loving Kindness of One*, so too Zikr is to say > *may the Self-Remembering IN/AS me Embrace the Self-Remembering > IN/AS you as a Self-Remembrance of One*. > So *may the True Nature IN/AS me Embrace the True Nature > IN/AS you as a True Nature of One*.

**** This is so lovely, just had to leave it here unscathed!

> It is in the Inner Embracing of each other that we > Realize that we are all cut from the same bolt of cloth, > yet most do not Realize it YET.

*** Would you think me very fresh if I sent you a cyber hug:)? !! Wombat:)

Subject: Re: A Ray Of Light

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 03:45:42 +0200

From: "Sharlene" <> Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 3:00 PM

Dear Shar, Yup, yup, yup but if we step back, there is acceptance, detaching. I could never figure out why people pledge themselves to a piece of cloth (a flag) or to a book that thru not so hot translation, caused so many problems, but then there are many books, that caused so many problems if they were about religion. Books are idea's and idea's differ. I have figured out that if you are in the now, there is indeed no yesterday or tomorrow there is only now, that much holds true for me. I beg ignorance of Thomas of Aquinas writings so far, but if I am that that I am, I came from somewhere and I will go somewhere eventually. Perhaps it is easier to use the name God in all circumstances than it is to assume our own accountability. In quietness sitting, breathing and feeling God says more than I can read or try to understand or be taught or explained maybe, hard to say. How do you name the nameless, or Oneness, the thousand names, do they cover it? - I dunno :-)

Subject: Enlightenment and Death ?

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 01:03:14 GMT

Greetings Community,

Release from physical bondage is most Enlightening, in all aspects. Yet, there is little Enlightening about the return to a Natural State. When the physical form ceases to animate due to it's natural entropy all elements of the physical form continue to entropy to their primary natural state, as does the True Nature that animates that form unincumbered by the form. This is simply the rise and fall of the manifested realm, and it's obvious impermanence.

Enlightenment is in the Death of the Grand Trickster. And "thr ain't nuthin' spiritul 'bout the Grand Trickster". The first conditioned notion to let go of is this notion of "death". Not even matter can be destroyed, it only changes form. At so called "death of the body" the form merely reverts back to it natural elemental state. As does what we call our True Nature, unincumbered by the form. Though we are the form we are not solely the form, as each and every seeming relative form and all it's aspects is but a Ray or Beam IN/AS yet a greater Totality. We are as much the Multiplicity as the Unity, as much the part as the whole, IN/AS a Totality of What-IS.

So it is in the Death of the past and the future, as it is in the death of each Moment, so as to BE What-IS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment. It is in the Death of our conditioned modus operandi. Mortality is a mostly unconsidered aspect of the form, we put on new garments only to take them off and put on yet newer garments. So we must not get too attached to or envious of present garments {8->

Only misinterpreted or misconstrued when we do not Realize/Understand our Immortality. As long as we cling to that mortal notion of permanence of the form, we contrive the notion of the Reward of Heaven beyond the mortal realm. When actually form is nothing more than form, doing what form does, BEing form. We in our conditioned perception project some ulterior motive onto/into form as some stepping stone to Divinity. A Fall >From Grace, as it were, and the return to that Grace. Yet, our Fall From Grace is our lack of Presence IN/AS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Moment. And our Divinity is merely Veiled by the clutter of our conditioned ideas and conceptualizations and intellectualizations and notions of all sorts. For we ARE that Heaven we are always Seeking, we just have not Realized it yet. Heaven is right where we ARE, as Awakening is right where we ARE, as Enlightenment is right where we ARE, we just have not gotten there yet always being a set behind and/or a step ahead of ourself.

"The crux of man's dilemma lies in the concept of time. While chasing his mythical happiness of the future, man has no time to enjoy the present moment. And actually there is no such thing as the present because by the time one thinks of it, it has already become the past. Therefore, what is vital is not thinking about the present but actually being the present moment -- and that is nothing other than enlightenment. One hammer blow after another is usually needed to destroy the sense of duality." -- Ramesh Balsekar

Subject: Re: Involution

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2001 07:39:44 GMT

Greetings Community,

It has been asked: ->A man is driven by two types of insticts, Reprodctive ->instinct and Survival instint. Where does the desire ->for Involution and spritual development fits in.

Involution is the progressive Learning/Understanding in the progressive course of Evolution. Hence Evolution/Involution. A resultant of continued Unfolding Evolution as refinement and adaptability progresses. From the primordial mud arose what we call life, the same life all over the globe. The same life yet differing environments due to differing electromagnetism and differing temperatures and differing mediums of existence. As this life arose it found that it had to adapt to the differing environments to survive or it would it would not. Some survived in this ever changing differing elements and some did not. This is Instinct, to survive and multiply for such instinctual survival is in numbers. The stronger being the survivor. In this process of adapting to survive, life learned. This learning to discard aspects and/or habits or to retain them to best assure survival and continued existence is Involution. As the environment changed and further adaptations had to be made, these adaptations mutated life from what it was to what it had to be to survive. Varying mutations in varying environments around the globe Evolved a multitude of forms of this life, the same life. Hence the various forms of life. As the outward spiral of the Evolution of life ever progresses and Unfolds, so too the inverse spiral of the Involution of life ever progresses and Unfolds. Evolution works together with Involution as Karma works with Reincarnation -- one is for naught without the other.

->Or it does not fits in either categoury and something beyond ->human under standing. Is it a disillusion with the ->values and lifetyles we are following so far or a ->desire to seek something new throughout our lives. A ->search for an ideology where we can have a feeling of ->unification and identification.

Very much Understandable Dear Friend if we look at it AS it IS. But True, though Evolution could be considered the product of instincts Involution does not fit into instincts per se. Involution, as Evolution, simply IS and goes about it's business of progressing and Unfolding. Yet our conditioned notions (ideas, images, meanings, values, desires) cover up our Recognition of our Involved state of BEing -- our True Nature. This urge to Seek is the urge of our True Nature to be Recognized, not by others but by ourself (to know thyself). So we go Seeing ourself. Yet we can never find ourself because we are always looking in the wrong places due to our conditioned thinking and behavior. INvolution -- our True Nature is not outside us in things or organizations, it is IN our very BEing. So we are Seeking something *new* in our limited conditioned understanding, but it is not new because it has been with (IN/AS) us since time immemerable. We are conditioned to *think* it is new. So, letting go of our conditioned notions is letting go of our ideology and identification and beliefs and notions of all sorts. We must not let our Dogma get in the way of our Karma, as we must not let our Karma get in the way of our Dharma, for our Karma IS our Dharma.

->I wish to proceed on the path of Involution but the ->question is Why? An understanding of the driving force ->behind such a desire will help me understand the ->subject better.

You will proceed/progress/Unfold both as Evolving life and Evolving life Involving, whether you wish to or not. Sorry Dear Friend but it is not a conscious choice you can make. So, give it no further thought for as you Evolve you will Involve respectively. The "why" is of no importance now that you know What-IS. The driving force behind all desires is conditionings. So do not even Seek Awakening. Seek instead your conditioned notions that cover up your True Nature and therefore cover up your Awakening AS that True Nature. Seek out and let go of your conditioned notions and you will start Recognizing your True Nature. You will Recognize your True Nature because it has been with you all your life. You will Recognize your conditioned notions because they are the *additions* that have been added since you were just a new born. Study a new born and you will see your aspects of spontaneity and lack of greed and lack of judgements and lack of many things you as an adult would be better off without. The new born is ever IN/AS the Present Moment. Study that little Guru and you will be able to Recognize the added baggage you have been carrying around all your life that has caused so much confusion. Drop the baggage and you will start to Wake-Up.

Anyone have any input to add ?

Subject: RAY

From: Sharlene <>

Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 05:31:17 -0700

Unconditioned, we are without judgement, so there can be no "unconditioned judgement". Only in our conditioned mind is there good and bad judgement. The whole concept of good and bad or right and wrong requires judgement.

Shar: We are in the last few chores in getting the house ready for occupancy and I find myself in judging mode. I had all the construction mess picked up and carpets vacuumed as there was only towel bars etc to do and it was nice working in a now clean environment. Yesterday when I got there, the vent cleaners had tracked mud everywhere and had dragged there hoses over the floor hitting baseboards etc. It was a muddy mess. Yes, I am afraid I judged them and called them a few unchoice names. Totally necessary, both the mud and judgement. Nobody minds clean messes from the finishing touches, but this mud went beyond reasonable acceptance. My thinking was I would never get them in to a house that is already occupied unless they made sure their hoses and feet were clean. To me that was just poor workmanship. See, another judgement. Big sigh.......

Sleeping, we make such judgements and call them good or bad relative to our conditioned notions. Awakening, there is no good or bad as there is no judgement as to either. Whatever IS simply IS, neither good nor bad, so Awakening we would have nothing to judge.

Shar: Ya, BUT>>>>>>>>>lol ..

Discernment is not good judgement, but rather the Recognition of that which impedes (What-ISNOT) our Awakening and what aids (What-IS) our Unfolding Awakening. It is not a judgement as to What-IS and What-ISNOT, but rather a Recognition of the two and responding to What-IS. Only Awakening can we Recognize the difference.

Shar: What is- is a muddy mess, what is not- is good workmanship. The judgement comes from all other tradesman that love working in a clean environment and watch the mud, and only leave a clean mess. This is comparison and conditioning stemmed from other workman who take pride in their work and how they do it.

Awakening, we can Recognize What-ISNOT because that is where we WERE and Recognize What-IS because that is where we ARE.

Shar: I ARE in a mess that must get cleaned up today. Grand opening is coming and the appliances arrive tomorrow. Have to finish baseboards today and final touch up to walls that were marked during the installation of towel bars etc. If we all do the best we can, then it means opportunity for more work in the future.

And the collective conditioning of the society controls and manipulates us. There will always be a collective, a sort of brotherhood or respectful understanding among those who share and help each other, but there is no need for a fraternal body or group to dictate one's thinking and behavior. Indeed, there are times and there are those that need a *social order* or conditioned code of standards.

Shar: Thats what I am saying, and using the building trades as example because that is what is right now. If one company doesn't work to standard, then they aren't hired next time. Each job within a job is just as important as the next. Each trade has to do their best or nothing works together. There is no flow or quality in the finished product.

But we must Awaken from that need and BE an independent or free element whether in a group (society) or away form the group. Sleeping, there is a need. Awakening, there is no need.

Shar: I am a free agent in the collective, as is everyone else. I need to do my best in every moment and I need the money..ha ha Future contracts depend on what I do and how I do it today and every day.

And their are no footprints to guide our Way. What great Teacher of yore, including such personalities as Jesus, considered themselves a part of the social order ? Does their example not tell you something ?

Shar: Yes, it does. Do your own thing no matter what others say or your own person,do what you do and do it the best you can. Which reminds me, my daughter Rhonda entered a poem in a contest and got word that it will be published and copywrited for her. The funny thing is, is that it was a poem we did together when she was in grade three. She had always kept a copy of it and decided to send it in. They liked it and it gave us a giggle.

See ya later

Subject: jacquline

From: "Volker Munz" <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 17:58:03 -0700

i am not anyone in partikular a chewing gum wrapper, a street lite... still sumhow i manage to exist & as each day unfolds i manage to leave my nice warm bed feeling that perhaps sumthing beautiful will happen... it never does... this in itself is beautiful...

tropikal rainstorm in the lower mainland, ciao, sweetie, vincent

Subject: Namaste

From: Jacquie Weller <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 10:48:44 -0700

Dear friends: I will be leaving the internet, cause my computer is in need of replacement, and so forth and I am taking time out to plunge into the spring/yard/clean up and so will miss you all. I am still working on my personal health goals of loosing weight and staying non smoking, and apply what I have found here to each day and moment anew. I will return someday when the moment is propitious.

Sharlene, you have helped me much, and Vinny also with sharing about Reiki and Gary with your touches of love, and all the rest of you too Wombat, Pam, and Orin. May you blossom under the light of the Ray and may the legless frog hop on... love, and Namaste, (I am still here until the 25th of April and then will leave..until I can save up for a new computer or rebuild this one.

Subject: what is not or knot

From: Jacquie Weller <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 15:23:22 -0700

I just want to thank you E.J. for sharing your glow with, anyway. I have been more conscious of conditionings since coming here. My latest observations are of how much peoples who think they are free are not but instead controlled by thought and emotion and how little we actually do spend in this present moment. For example just watch the talks about i.e. what someone did, why they did it, and what they may do in the future and then what that might mean for us in the future. News, politics, and so forth is never on the present and the present is never on the news actually....even religions are based on what someone from the past said and did and wrote about and not what is present. And all of this is conditioned by someones interpretations and views of what happened way back then and what is thought that they had said and meant...all very amusing and also very sad. For what is can not be told from the past or in the future can it.

well, anyway, I will contiue to limp along to find out for myself what is Is and Is not. jac-a-lean-perhaps :)

Subject: Re: Namaste

From: "Wombat" <>

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 01:54:20 +0200

----- Original Message ----- From: "Jacquie Weller" <> To: "missionoflight-l" <> Sent: Friday, April 20, 2001 7:48 PM Subject: Namaste

Dear Jacquie, I am so sorry to read this, but I do understand. Last year my old computer struggled out its life too. However, I was fortunate enough to obtain a new one. Who knows where this new path might lead you in-between time? I do know that you will be sorely missed here in our little oasis, your humour, your wisdom, your poetry and smiles and the legless frog now has even less legs. My love to you, if and when you can and decide to return, I'll break open the bubbly and sip to your return ! Kindest regards and very best wishes Jacquie - Wombat:)

Subject: Re: know rite, know rong, only da truth kan Be

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 01:55:54 GMT

Greetings Volker, you wrote: ->this is wot i'm trying to get akross to ej: jez, (jose himanez)there is ->nothing but the moment, but i believe each moment is eternal, it is always ->there, we merely pass thru it... wot i went thru is still happening & wot ->i'm moving towards is another moment that is always there... i believe ->Nietzsche called this Eternal Rekurrance...

Indeed, since the past is dead/gone and the future is not yet, there can be only the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment. But what is there to "pass thru" ? And who is there to "pass thru it" ? When the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment IS and we ARE, there is only the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment. So, may I offer, there is no duration IN/AS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment so we will always stay precisely where we ARE. No matter where we go, there we ARE. Which must BE, Awakening, IN/AS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment. Since we can not step into the same water of a river twice, nothing ever "reoccurs". Though admittedly, Sleeping we are conditioned to *think* so. Our ignorant folly is repeated over and over again (history shows us this) because we are conditioned programmed habitual creatures, but we apply that same conditioned ignorance to new situations. You can not relive yesterday for it no longer exists, as "reoccurrence" is more a contrivance or mental activity than Truth.

Good to see you back Dear Friend {8-> Was your absence fruitful ?

Subject: Thankyou Dear Ones

From: Jacquie Weller <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 18:59:00 -0700

A tear of rainbows since we are one land and sky meadow and mountain we swim in the ocean of an eye

no leaving or going just being this Us....

thankyou all of you in the blossom of the strawberry in the vine of the cosmos in the grape of this mission a ray of light is aglow thankyou oh butterfly escaped from my wombs...

thankyou dear friends my song is your nature that is this one Being...

thankyou, Jacqueline Anne

Subject: Arrivederci

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 02:31:45 GMT

Arrivederci Dear Friend,

*Arrivederci* because it is more of a *parting until you return* rather than a finality of farewell or goodbye. For I do hope to see you again soon at this Oasis Community, so will reserve a cabin for you.

BE Well and Mindful Wonderful Friend, Shanti, Namaste, Metta, Zikr --

As Namaste is to say *may the Divine Essence IN/AS me Embrace the Divine Essence IN/AS you as a Divine Essence of One*, so too Metta is to say *may the Loving Kindness IN/AS me Embrace the Loving Kindness IN/AS you as a Loving Kindness of One*, so too Zikr is to say *may the Self-Remembering IN/AS me Embrace the Self-Remembering IN/AS you as a Self-Remembrance of One*. So *may the True Nature IN/AS me Embrace the True Nature IN/AS you as a True Nature of One*.

It is in the Inner Embracing of each other that we Realize that we are all cut from the same bolt of cloth, yet most do not Realize it YET.

IN the Silence we Hear, IN the Void we See, IN Awakening we ARE.

Subject: Re: Namaste

From: "Vinny Amador" <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 21:25:10 -0500

Hi Jacquie;

sad to see you go, you will be missed.

so what's wrong with the puter?



One by one, little by little, moment by moment, a wise man should remove his own impurities, as a smith removes his dross from silver. - Dhammapada 239

Subject: Re: Namaste

From: Jacquie Weller <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 19:36:50 -0700

Well it is time to put it away.....I am down to just a little memory like about 50 megabytes, sometimes a little more and I need a new hard drive with more memory, and then also I cannot access the internet (surf it) cause of too little memory and the cost of being on the internet can be thus saved towards either putting this dinosaur away and getting a new computer or ressurecting this dinosaur. Also I am taking a short break away from the computer and getting in the sun....light....outdoors more. love,

Subject: Farewell

From: "Gary L. Rocha" <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:55:09 -0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)

Dear Jacquie,

I for one will miss you, 'though I understand and appreciate your need to do this.

There comes times in our life that we must do things that we really don't want to, but because of circumstance in the moment, we are compelled to!

In in every moment of your life you are Love ... and Loved.

Subject: re: judgments

From: Jacquie Weller <>

Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 21:48:35 -0700

a judgment by any other name is still a judgment....

I think judgment is like perfumes....and some odors that seem sweet at first soon become overwhelming and even sickening.

An example. I once liked the smell of vanilla until it was put on someone in a car and I was trapped with that smell for thirty miles without relief. I never was so glad to get out of that car. I think a judgement is like that. It may seem accurate at first but then it gets into you and you are stuck in the car with it until you open the door and get out of it....

anyway who needs a judgement when one can look at a rose, thorn and all and still see that it is all one thing root and all,

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