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Subject: Fwd: It Too Will Pass

From: Sharlene <>

Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001 06:06:47 -0700

>From: Yogajyotii > OR: Do not be a negative energy >generator/mirror yourself. Another tried and true cleansing method. >Because you can not combat negativity with more negativity.

And yet we try it. It takes more than one to have a fight. Through experience I have found that it is easier to say nothing than it is to express an opinion or point with a person that is angry. An angry person never hears what you say, nor do they listen. An angry person wants agreement, so their anger is justified and the anger is strengthened by that agreement. By disagreeing, they fear they are wrong, which also can strengthen their anger and turn it towards you. It is through understanding and compassion that the anger can be calmed. And yet, this won't be true, if the other is irrational, the advise then is to run and hide. No point in being stupid.

> It would appear >that you have allowed the negative energy to control and manipulate your >own energy, so what you are doing is precisely what you are trying to >combat.

Oh man, do I hear you on this. It's kind of funny how this takes over your being in such a subtle way that one day you wake up and realize that you have become someone you don't know, let alone like very much. The surface anger is only the cover for what is buried within yourself. I was at the point when anger was all I could feel. I shutter at the memory.

> Do we kill for peace ?

I got to the point when I think I could have. Anything to stop the noise, the emotional and mental abuse, the feeling of not knowing what else to do. And not having the strength to do anything else but kill to eliminate the problem. The ego wouldn't let me voice those words for along time, and when the inner voice was totally desperate, the words came spewing forth. Finally denial was defeated. The fear of the truth was worse than anything I could have imagined. Yet, when faced, it became a healer. When I could look at myself and see what I had become, it was a new beginning, a rebirth so to speak. The worst of times and the best of times, are ONE.

> Do we break the law to uphold justice ? Are we negative to >fortify the positive ?

Yes, most of us have been there in one way or another. Maybe not physically but mentally and emotionally. If we can think it, we can do it. Whether we act on it or not, is another story.

> No >one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to >the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way.

A hard lesson to learn.

> May I offer that ALL >Direct Experiences are of great worth to us, for it is in the True Open >Honest Observation of those Experiences that we come to "know thyself".

It brings to mind those that say, I like myself and accept myself for who I am. That too shall pass. Although those words sound good and acceptance can sound like a positive thing, it can prove to be a cop out for continuing self healing and walking the walk. Looking within and accepting what you see, doesn't mean it ends there. It just means you no longer judge yourself, it doesn't mean you stop letting go of the conditional behavior and attitudes, it means you finally can see them for what they are. They are not you, but we label ourselves by them.

> So you see, we establish what is "meant to be", not a >predestination sat up by some imagined *higher power* to teach us some >imagined lesson.

It is a part of the path, it is not the path. It becomes the path, only when we quit walking.

> Conditioned, Sleeping, we respond to the Direct >Experience IN/AS the Moment with conditioned notions and so what is "meant >to be" is also of that same conditioned nature. A *Vicious Circle of >Blindness*.

We are meant TO BE. That is our true nature.

>That is, we are not a *part* of a *larger whole* but rather that we ARE the >Whole. And that this *separation* establishes boundaries or walls between >the *separate parts*.

First time it was put like this, and this ding experienced a ding.........

>We do not *belong*, >but rather that we ARE.

Okay, I still have things to experience that produce dings. Simplicity seems to help.

> "How do I listen to myself" ? Do you talk to yourself ? "The >higher power" ? Higher than what ?

Yes, I talk to myself and I vent to myself. Verbalizing sometimes seems to help me with my own understanding and acceptance. Listening becomes easier.

> Change is a foundational Law of manifested form -- when you cease to >change you cease to BE.

Without change, we stagnate. We exist instead of live.

Thats it for now, Baby sitting this rainy day. Peace to all

Subject: Quotable Quotes

From: (E.J.)

Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 19:27:52 GMT

Greetings Community,

"Most people, most of the time, are under the influence of the ego. Now when someone is driving under the influence, a policeman can pull that drunk driver over and measure their level of inebriation with a breathalyzer test. But what policeman has the authority to pull you over and give you an egolyzer test? You are driving, living, acting and speaking under the influence of the ego." --Swami Chidvilasananda

"No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of Society. If we're looking for the causes of our troubles, we should't test people for drugs; we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and love of power." -- P.J. O'Rourke

Subject: Re: Silence

From: Sharlene <>

Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 04:53:39 -0700

Good morning community

Just thought I'd break the silence.

It seems like since Gary resigned from the list, we have silence. Is there anything that one would like to say and are not saying it? Or would care to ask, but are not asking?

When we experience a member leaving over a disagreement, there are many things left unspoken and many questions left unanswered. Silence can be a form of avoidance.

It seems to me that a disagreement off the list, should stay there. When one receives one email with discontentment in it, the rest of the story is missing. We jump to all kinds of conclusions and are left with not knowing what to say, or even if we should say anything at all.

So perhaps one should share what's on their mind so we can get back to discussions on other things.


Subject: hard to get out of this

From: "Volker Munz" <>

Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 12:57:57 -0700

letter to my selph,

very hard to get out of this & yet in truth, in retrospekt, nothing could be simpler - a mere matter of letting go...

easier said than done, i know this personally & yet, in the end, again in retrospekt, it was simplicity itself... having nowhere left to go, i put the torch to what was behind me & walked away from the warmth, the light, the crackle & sparks of the fire & ventured into the new frontier... i was morally, ethikally, philosophikally & spiritually bankrupt - there was no where else to go but into the arms of Space..

why is it so hard for the western world to let go of the HOLD... why this attachment to FIXED FORMS when there are no fixed forms... Reality IS Appearances & nothing more... this is why light kan manifest itself as a partikle or a wave - it is kontingent on the observer the observed to kall it what it is... what is seen...

as lao tzu sed: 'the Wei is straight forward, but people prefer side 'traxs'...

do they not REALIZE that the Private Mind is superior to the Publik One...

i, too, now live in a kind of intelligent harmony with the environment that made me... but unlike the grizzly bear or the tiger, i live more like a unihorn, a rainbow & in a finer distillation, i live as a Deva: the mist on the river in the mourning, the setting sun, leaning on the flank of the mountain, pruning the trees a deep corduoroy green.... i am content on the banks of the Pond, drinking my wine, watching the cosmos skratch the skreen with its 'falling stars'...

& when, in the darkness, i hear the splash of the frog in the water, i Know that i am Charmed & Enscorcelled by the nearness of IT...

the IT & the ABSENT I are ONE...

the PRESENT EYE is the ONE i see with...

it suffices, let the HERD take the HINDMOST, as long as i kan SEE...

fraternally, joachim foikes, night watchman at the Follies Bergere

Subject: Silence

From: (E.J.)

Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 13:31:29 GMT

Greetings Silent Community,

It has been said: ->In Silence

A bit Dualistic, as our True Nature IS Silence. AS Silence we Hear, AS Void we See, AS Awakening we ARE.

->According to don Juan: -> ->Everything is equal, -> and therefore unimportant.

All is important, and equally so, yet not one more important than another.

->Sorcerers know that every action is folly.

There is movement, yet there is no one to do the moving. As there is no doer though All gets done.

->The antidote to complacency and boredom ->is controlled folly-- -> action taken with gusto -> in full awareness of its uselessness.

Control and manipulation is confined to the Sleeping, which is folly. Who is to take action ? For what action can be taken ? It would seem that if indeed there was Awareness of that which is useless, one would not proceed at all let alone with gusto.

->Who is the actor? -> Awareness enters the theater of existence. -> There upon the stage of imagination -> an emergent entity illuminates the darkness -> with perception, joy and boundless love.

The actor IS imagination, as Awareness IS long before manifest existence. Imagination is the handiwork of the Grand Trickster, the conditioned modus operandi, which is Anti-Awareness. And as imagination lights the Fires of the Sleeping there is but imagined perception and imagined joy and imagined love and imagined reality and imagined truth. Sleeping we Identify with our conditioned imagination, yet Awakening we ARE What-IS Compassion/Empathy/Awareness/Understanding/Goodwill.

->To the resounding theme of "It is I" ->consciousness dances with identity.

All IS Consciousness, so Consciousness can not Identify with Consciousness. The theme "It is I" is the result of Dualistic conditioned arrogance, whereas What-IS is "I AM IT".

->Chuang Tzu: -> ->One day Chuang Chou dreams he is a butterfly... -> flitting and fluttering about, -> happy with himself and doing as he pleases. -> ->He doesn't know he is Chuang Chou. -> ->Suddenly he awakens and there he is, -> solid and unmistakable Chuang Chou. -> ->He doesn't know if he is Chuang Chou -> dreaming he is a butterfly, ->or a butterfly -> dreaming he is Chuang Chou. -> ->This is called the transformation of things. -> -> —referring to himself in a discourse on making all things equal -> (circa 350bc)

An analogy, referring to the similarities of the dream state and Sleeping perception. That is, in the dream we are as free as a butterfly tarrying about by the whims of our likes and dislikes guided only by our desires. Likewise, in the normal waking state we *think* we are free and are lead by our desires. Conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons, yet we *think* we are in control. The equality is that our seeming reality is equal to our dreams. All things are only equal in their importance, yet not equal in many aspects.

->Nisargadatta: -> ->I am everything, ->I am nothing, ->I am both, ->I am neither.

All IS One as One IS All. Awakening, there is no Dualistic. distinction between this and that. We ARE, All IS.

->Fulfilling love's imperative ->there being no other ->one speaks with oneself ->until no speaker remains.

Who is it that fulfills ? Who is it that speaks ? Oneself is the other that one speaks to. There never was a speaker, that is the added baggage of our conditioned notions. BE Still, just BE.

->In silence.

Silence is a state of BEing, and not a state we enter or exit, or get in or get out. Silence is not the end of words but rather the letting go of mental clutter/chatter. What remains is Silence/Stillness/BEing/Awakening.

Any further input, Community ?

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