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Subject: Re: Oh ?

From: (E.J.)

Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 02:57:30 GMT

Greetings Quiet Community,

It has been said: ->Here on Earth we live the process of letting go.

Here on Earth we live our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and false notions of all sorts, yet it is those conditionings that we *should* and *must* let go -- which is more the exception than the rule Dear Friend.

->You as well as your Yogajyotii knows that to seek is the only ->way learn.

When the Seeker IS what is sought there is no more Seeker.

->Bread crumbs are all over the place. They don't show the ->way, but we must follow them to know this.

No one Saves us but ourself, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourself must Walk the Way.

->Should we pretend we are not lost when we are? ->Shall we not Seek to pretend.

When we stop pretending that we are Seeking and admit to ourself that we are conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons, we can stop pretending and stop Seeking and start doing what must be done about our Conditioned Condition so as to start Awakening.

->As such IS the cycle. ->You have a belief in reincarnation. ->Is reincarnation for sinners or an act of Love.

No "belief" required, as there is nothing in the manifested realm that is not cyclic. The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes, as there is an Evolution so too is there an Involution founded on *what was* AS *what is* so *what will be*. Reincarnation is identified with neither negative or positive but simply IS the Progression of Potential. Karma, Reincarnation's Companion, is but the Guide for that Progression of Potential.

->For heaven's fuckin sake! Give me a break! ->I've heard fire and brimstone before!

A spade is a spade {8->

->Yeah OK. Now this is what we're here for. ->This is learning.

Here on this list ? Actually, considering Truth is a matter of Unlearning the conditioned programs we have been indoctrinated with all our life. As Truth can not be learned. Awakening is a matter of letting go of the conditionings we have learned so as to BE the True Nature we ARE. And we are not here in this physical realm to learn to unlearn our conditionings, that is an added burden due to our stupidity. We condition ourselves to be robots then Realize that to Save ourself we must stop being a robot. So we spend our life shutting down the robot-mode, so we can BE our True Nature and actually accomplish the furtherance of our Progression of Potential. When we stop conditioning ourselves to be robots then we will not have to spend time shutting down the robot-modus operandi. Then we can simply BE the Progression of whatever our Potential IS.

->Learning 'this' is exquisite. But please Let Me Learn It!

Just Pointing, indeed YOU have to Walk the Way.

->And that there's nothing to do?

All we can do is what must be done. All else is but contrived projections of our conditioned thinking and behavior.

->We're not ready yet my friend.

Too arduous a task ? Too Painful ?

Anyone like to offer something else ?

Subject: Re: karma, good, bad & ugli

From: (E.J.)

Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 06:37:13 GMT

Greetings Volker, you wrote: ->'Tis my belief

Buddha's Simple Message: "Believe nothing ! Belief is a confession of ignorance ! Therefore do not even believe what even I tell you ! All I can do is to teach you to enlighten yourselves. Your first duty is to abolish your ignorance, and only you yourselves can do this."

->why does everyone insist that Karma, which to my understanding, is of a ->transmigratory nature, returns to the hand that released it... Karma, in ->the Big Sense (& not the common marketplace variety, as in: i stole his ->wallet so now i better keep an 'i' on my own) Is Indifferent... it will ->perch on any wrist, not necessarily the wrist & the hand that took the hood ->from it's eyes... ->why this obsession with personalizing Karma... is there sumthing i'm ->missing???

Does not the boomerang come back to the hand that flung it ? Do we not eat the corn from the garden we plant ? Do we not reap what we sow ? Or do we catch another's boomerang and they catch our's ? Karma is as individual as it is universal, in that every Cause has an Effect whether that Cause is a snatched wallet or a solar system traversing a Milky Way. Since all of manifested form is of the same fabric nothing is universal that is not as individual. That which we Cause will indeed Effect us. WE Caused our conditioned thinking and behavior so it Effects US.

"Just as rust arising from iron eats away the base from which it arises, even so, their own deeds lead transgressors to states of woe." -- Dhammapada

->as for choosing life - one of beauty or one of ugliness - why wud anyone ->choose ugliness...

Cause has it's Effect. No *choice* in the matter, really.

"Most people are always carrying the burden of the past, anticipating the future, while missing life in the present. Be a person who dissolves into the present...Yeh! Be like a boat that flows in time and space... Yeh!" -- Heart Sutra

->"There is nothing permanent on either the physical or mental levels." - ->hey, bri, there is much that is permanent - change, for instance, taxes ->death & beauty...

Seen from the pillow, all is permanent. Yet upon Awakening, the only thing that is permanent is impermanence.

Subject: Life today

From: Sharlene <>

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 05:56:29 -0700

Good morning all you fine people,

It's been so quiet I was wondering if anyone was left at home these days. And no, I have nothing profound to say today so this is more like a letter to friends.

The global warming, so they say, has left our small part of the continent in clouds and rain this summer. Well, not summer, but an extension of spring. We do get a sunny period once or twice a week though.

Also another observation, is that the salmon are bigger this year. It seems that 50 to 80 lbs is the norm this year, when previous years they averaged 25 to 40. This may not mean anything to most, but it is an important observation in the changes that are occurring. It makes me wonder if all those growth hormones that we fed cattle years ago has finally leeched out far enough into the ocean that the fish are now being affected by it. Not being a scientist, I couldn't say. But it does make one wonder.

Not to much change around this household as of late. Same old cycle.

I am enjoying this small job of mine of mine though. What started out as painting, has turned into more than that. I am actually building things. We got a renovation job for this wonderful old couple. I have learned to use all types of power tools(toys), I actually built a pony wall all by myself and got an opportunity to put on vinyl siding for the first time. Got three walls done as of yesterday. Can't do the fourth until the new door arrives.

I have to tell you about this gentleman that we are working for at the moment. He is 80 years old and just finished wiring this addition by himself. He has a great attitude. Experienced 2 heart attacks and just keeps on ticking. He says he doesn't really need the addition but it for his form of particpaction. Says he meets people, keeps himself busy, and happier than ever because he can redo his garden around the new building.

He wants a wheelchair ramp made instead of stair, not himself, but he says stairs give a message that if you are not perfect, you are not welcome here. Wheel chair ramps say everyone is welcome into his home. He does have a point. His garden is multi-denominational. His is in the process of building plant boxes in the symbol of all of religions. His silent message is that nothing growing cares about which box it is planted in , and no plant box cares what plants are planted. All can be compatible and acceptable to each other. As well as being just a symbol for a belief system. He has studied all religions, gone to many churches and was kicked out of a few starting at the young age of 14. He laughs and says that they couldn't answer his questions to his satisfaction and so he kept asking until they threw him out for being a rebel. He says man invented God for control and power over his fellow man. And through all he has studied, he can't figure out why God has only presented himself to a small circle of Jews many years ago. Why not to all religions in all countries?

Another point he makes is that all the right to lifers forget our rights to die. They are so intent in keeping everyone alive, that no one thinks about our rights to choose our time to die. He says the message everyone sends is that it's okay to be born, but it's not okay to die. We have no rights when it comes to death.

He is quite the character and I am learning a great deal from him. I have lent him the books from Light Mission and am waiting for comment. So this job has opened up many opportunities and sources of learning for me and I am enjoying every moment of it. It just doesn't leave me much time for any extra activity.

On this note, I sign off, Peace and love to all.

Subject: Re: a coupla things

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 05:26:03 GMT

Greetings Volker, you wrote: ->all things are good when they are understood...

There is no-thing, good or otherwise, that needs understanding. All IS Understanding, when there is no-thing to understand nor anyone to understand it.

->the essence of darknesse is that it once belonged ->to the light but is no longer in/of it...

So called Darkness is but a fabrication to account for the absence of Light. When there is no Light, Darkness is. When there is Light, Darkness is not.

->We are the mirror - without We there would be No Thing to Reflekt...

*Deep Bow* Though the Reflection is What-ISNOT. When we polish the Mirror, Clean off that which is not, let go of conditioned notions, there is only the Mirror AS our True Nature so the Mirror IS Empty of any image. For we can not see our True Nature, we can only BE it.

->as i reflekt now - on the thinness of a membrane & the two sides of the koin ->that flips in the aire to let me know if i should send this to the list or ->not...

Are there Two Sides, or One Coin ? Are not All Sides the same Coin ?


A tale indeed {8->

->so if i leave the mirror, does the mirror image leave as well - i kan never ->tell - becuz when i tippytoe back to take a peek in it, it must have ->tippytoed back to look into itself as well... i am always there...

Above you said that you were the Mirror, so how could you leave ? Who would go if you left yourself ? And who would be left ?

->unkanny - i am there & at the same time i am always absent...

Where is "there" ? When you are "there" you are always absent from the anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment, *mentally*. For actually you can be nowhere other than where you are.

->am i the mirror?

~ Present Moment Apperception ~

2001 - Yogajyotii

Subject: Re: Oh ?

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 04:34:49 GMT

Greetings Quiet Community,

->Perhaps we *should". But just "dropping them" is something that I ->would NEVER do, even if I did have another chance.... ->Live them, look at them, understand them we *must* do ->if we want to let them go.

We do live our conditioned notions, yet it is too Painful to look at them and even more Painful to understand them. So we Blindly live them and cling to them as a security blanket. In fact, we avoid looking at them because it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that they are the reason that we are controlled manipulated automatons. Trying to understand them and analyse them and conceptualize them is simply a game of the ego to avoid letting them go. It has yet to be shown that conditioned thinking can change conditioned thinking. Do you think that conditioned thinking would think that conditioned thinking needs changing ?

->There's no *when* to it. The "Seeker IS what is sought". ->Don't you see the Compassion in this, the "value added" so to ->speak.

This presupposes that the is a Seeker and that there is something to Seek. As long as there is something to Seek there will always be a Seeker to Seek it. *When*, and only *when*, the Seeker Realizes/Recognizes that it is the Seeker that is sought there is nothing left to Seek so there is no need for a Seeker. Anything "added" is an excess of baggage (conditioned baggage) and of no "value".

->That's what we're doing. BEing what IS is ALL of this.

Being our conditioned notions is being What-ISNOT Truth/Reality, but rather our conditioned projections of what we are conditioned to think truth and reality is. What we think, is our conditioned projections (What-ISNOT) Hiding (covering) what actually IS. Sleeping, we can only see our Dreams (What-ISNOT) thinking that it must be what is. Awakening, there is no Dream so all we can see is What-IS.

->Merlin for instance is not at all hampered by his conditioning, he grows ->learns and appears happier than most. This is not to say that he may not be ->conditioned, I'm sure he may well agree.

Oh ? Not all is what it seems. Few no doubt would disagree with you on this Dear Friend. Even so, we can point to many seemingly peaceful contented individuals and say that their conditioned notions have not *appeared* to do them any harm. Yet, one's Suffering is usually not worn on the shirt-sleeve *when in public*. Or perhaps not even noticed as Suffering by those we point to.

->There is no pretence in Seeking. It is innocent and natural. The Seeker IS. ->As he uncovers each layer he is "doing" what *must* be done. It is an ->unfolding through countless lifetimes.

Indeed we are *gatherers* and most inquisitive, as well as quite clever. Humanity has been since time immemerable. Yet, with all of this uncovering and doing, would it not seem that our Suffering would be nonexistent by now ? Yet, not only does the Suffering continue but is actually more pronounced daily. Are there less wars ? Or less conflicts, or hatred, or greed, or corruption, or crime, or a myriad of ills we face each day ? Evolution/Involution is indeed an ongoing ever Progressing movement, yet is stifled from Realized/Recognized by our conditioned folly. We ARE indeed our True Nature, but we can not see the forest because there are too many trees in the way.

->Stop your seeking and you will remain stagnant in the belief that there is ->nothing to do. Open your eyes and do what must be done.

As long as there is a Seeker he will contrive something to Seek. As long as there is a doer he will contrive something to do. *We* can do nothing, for as long as there is a *we* what needs to be done never gets done as we are too busy doing what *we* are conditioned/programmed to do.

->Hmmm... Progression of Potential.... was ARE saying the same thing. ->The mind is just so conditioned that it can't hear it.

Well, so conditioned that it can hear nothing but the conditionings. It hears the Grand Trickster loud and clear.

->To replace them with another doctrine.....

Awakening is not about replacing one conditioned notion with another, but rather letting them go.

->Truth is learned sir, and with hard lessons, whole lives.

What is learned is named, and what is named is not Truth. Names can be Pointers but little more. Lessons are learned, yet Truth is the Realization/Recognition of What-ISNOT.

->YOU CAN'T JUST LET GO! If you think you can, you're ->in for a big surprise.

Well, this is so. For indeed, conditionings require a most arduous undertaking to let go that is quite Painful. Definitely easier said than done. The first step is Realizing/Recognizing that we must let them go, as the second step is taking up the task of doing so regardless of the Pain. And little by little, step by step, Aha by Aha, conditioned notion by conditioned notion, we let them go. Awakening is slow going as we must tackle each one (and there are many), yet instantaneous at the point of letting one go.

->You see one or two biggies, and think ->you've got it all figured out. Shit the thing seems so big, that it's just ->too simple.

Yes, the big part is that the conditioned notions seem to be insurmountable in numbers, yet simple in that all we have to do is let them go. Not a simple matter letting them go, as stated above, yet the bottom line is to let them go.

->Yeah right, the oldest trick in the book.

Letting conditioned notions go is tricky, but not a trick. Only the conditioned programs are of the Grand Trickster.

->I'd prefer to work with someone who's got their life in ->shreds than someone who tries to tell me that there's nothing ->to do. I know that's a lost case.

Not sure where you get this notion that there is nothing to be done, for there is much to be done yet as long as there is a *we* to do it nothing can get done. A statement that there is nothing to do Points to the fact that there is no one to do it, not that there is nothing to do.

->I know you feel I'm a lost case. We each feel that the other is ->missing something.

*Roaring Laughter* Awakening is a matter of all conditioned notions missing as Sleeping is a matter of none of them missing. None are really "lost" Dear Friend, for no matter where we go there we are. Rather, most are Blind to the Fact that we imprison ourselves by our Conditioned Condition.

->We are ALL born stupid! (very few exceptions)

How many new borns have you Openly and Honestly Observed ? None are stupid, but rather a most profound Guru. Unlearned, unskilled, uneducated, yet unincumbered by conditioned notions. Natural, spontaneous, alert, inquisitive, without greed or corruption or hate or conflicts. Love, Compassion, Understanding, Pure, IN/AS the Present Moment, Enlightened. You wish to call such "stupid" ? Before the new born is defiled by the conditioned notions, they are the most accurate Pointer to our Salvation that we foolish adults have at our disposal. Yet, granted, Awakening is "stupid", obviously, to most (Sleeping).

->We condition ourselves to be robots, because we arrive here with ->memory erased. We start from scratch every time. Almost like it was planned ->that way. Coincidence I guess.

"Memory erased" ? Do you mean the memory of the conditionings ? Of course, when we go we leave them behind like everything else where they originated from -- here. But we do not start "from scratch" each time we re-enter this realm, we start with the Essence of the Evolved/Involved True Nature -- Progression of our Potential. And continue to Unfold from there.

->What then, do we finally leave the Earth for the last time.... now THAT ->would be a coincidence!

No, we stick around for the whole Life Cycle relative to this Globe.

->Or do you suggest that we just go around telling everybody to stop ->acting like conditioned robots.

Well, that is one thing we could do as appreciation for Realizing/Recognizing it ourself. Sort of looking out for the other guy. Also that it is an Understanding that when someone Points so that we can start Awakening that we should do the same.

->Has it worked for you? Is this "your" ->Progression of Potential.

Has nothing to do with *me*, not *my* will, just Pointing to that which is not *mine*.

->Telling as many people as you can find that ->they must stop acting like conditioned robots.

Many have, as many still do, yet few get the Point.

->I imagine this requires ->a lot of explaining and effort.

Encumbered by physical form and language, the outstretched arm and finger does get tired.

-> I imagine it is difficult to "teach" people ->that they must stop acting like conditioned robots.

One will never See what is Pointed to when one *thinks* he already sees it. One will never Understand what he *thinks* he already understands.

->Sometimes, it ->seems like you have to try to convey the idea somehow, so that they ->can learn.

Actually, so they can un-learn the conditioned notions.


The Proof is in the pudding.

->Have you tried guiding ->them practically through experience, their own personal experience. ->Have you not found that this is when they start to click?

When they are Open and Honest with themselves. When they are not, the only thing that clicks is the bubble gum they chew.

->Too bad there's so many of them eh? Do you think you are going ->to manage to get to them all?

A grand thought, but who is "you" and who is "them" ? Sounds a bit Dualistic.

->Give me a break! Don't worry I've walked more miles than ->you can imagine.

This discussion is about hiking ?

->More to do than bury my head in the sand my Friend.

Odd paradox about Doers, they have their head buried in the sand and keep saying "More to do than bury my head in the sand".

->So you have let ALL the conditioned notions behind, as such it is OK ->for you to make judgements?

Another odd paradox is that those who are believers *think* that everyone *believes* something, and those who judge *think* that everyone *judges*. Though the norm, this is not so Dear Friend. Only the Sleeping believe and judge, for there is no room for either IN/AS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment Awakening.

"No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of Society. If we're looking for the causes of our troubles, we should't test people for drugs; we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed, and love of power." -- P.J. O'Rourke

Any comments Quiet Group ?

Subject: Re: 10 good ideas

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 01:41:20 GMT

Greetings Community,

It has been said: ->Ten Good Ideas ->- Seek joy -- first and foremost. ->- Seek reasons to laugh. ->- Seek reasons to offer words of praise -- to self and others. ->- Seek beauty in nature, beasts, and other humans. ->- Seek reasons to love. ->- Seek that which uplifts you. ->- Seek opportunity to offer that which uplifts another. ->- Seek a feeling of Well-being. ->- Know that your value can only be measured in terms of joy. ->- Acknowledge your absolute freedom

If it were not so pathetic, it would be humorous. A sad commentary on the state of humanity that he even has to be told such things. Why does he have to be reminded of these things ? Has he degenerated beyond the point of Remembering them himself ? Indeed a Sign of our times, that humanity is in far more trouble than we would like to think. When, and only when, humanity Wakes-Up from his conditioned Dream he erroneously calls *life* he might Remember that these things are his True Nature. Yet he can not Realize/Recognize it due to his conditioned/brainwashed state of thinking and behavior. When he lets all those dearly beloved conditionings go he will not have to be reminded, he will BE them, the True Nature that he IS. As long as he clings to his false conditioned notions he will never Remember, and will even deny them as he plunges further into the Dark Age of Kali Yuga (which he has already started to enter). And no one Saves us but ourself, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourself must Walk the Way.

->This is the recipe for eternal joy.

No, more like a epitaph chiseled in his headstone, for as long as he harbors his conditioned notions he is Dead.

~ Birth/Death Ring ~

2001 - Yogajyotii

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