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Subject: An Observation

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 17:25:24 GMT

Greetings Silent Community,

Typical statements heard: "I smashed my illusions." "I experienced enlightenment." "My enlightenment was....." And so one, and so on.....

It must be asked: who are you trying to convince, others or yourself ? Who is "I" ? Who is "my" ? May it be offered that when *you* *know* what is commonly called "enlightenment" it is based on the Illusion that *you know* it, thus False and thus the very Illusion you *think* you smashed. It is the "I" and the "my" that must be smashed, and the lack of same that must be Directly Experienced, and as long as same is possessed there can be no Enlightenment.

Why is Enlightenment so important ? Has it become fashionable ? Or at least fashionable in present circles of involvement ? Not long ago in many parts of the Realm the word "Enlightenment" was rarely even used, let alone understood. Of late it is a word that has become a catch-word or bandwagon that everyone seems to fully understand and have the Secrets to offer. So it must be asked: with all this enlightenment, why is there still conflict and Suffering and Hate and greed and corruption and war ? Which letter is not understood, the e or the n or the l or the i or the g or the h or the t or the m ? For obviously *something* is not Understood.

When *you* *know*, you missed the Boat. Paradoxically, when *you* *know*, missing the Boat is what you do not know. Sad commentary on humanity's seeming Enlightenment. Only when we stop *knowing* and start BEing do we Truly Understand, as the *known* enlightenment is not Enlightenment but rather our conditioned projection of what we *think*. As we have created God in our own Image, so too have we created enlightenment. Any Fool can *know* enlightenment, yet Few ARE Enlightenment.

~ The Secret IS ~

So where is the Path that we must Journey Now Point out the Way and let us know exactly How, Just Write it down and do not miss even a Word Speak to us of the Wisdom that you have heard.

We know you have it Hidden in some Secrecy In those Pious Acts at your Alter against Heresy, Those Symbols of Enlightenment we Recognize Must Embody the Key for all of us to be as Wise.

You Mock us with your Silence surely you Sneer At our very Helplessness and Suffering you Hear, Please have Pity on us before we get way too Old Share with us a Philosopher's Stone to make Gold.

AS the Silence you Hear AS the Stillness you See AS Awakening you ARE thus you can always BE, So the Path is Pathless and right where you ARE Thus your ever wanted Journey isn't too very Far.

So too the Way is Wayless it is Lighting your Fire And thus must BE if there must be your only Desire, Truth/Reality will never be found in what's Spoken But rather where conditioned notions are Broken.

The Gold you Seek is not actually a True Treasure Nor is the mistaken Identification of Mystic Pleasure, All you can Attain is your True Nature AS it Really IS Without all your conditioned notions of That and This.

Scripture is only Pointers so can't be taken Literally Or one won't See where they Point and Fail Bitterly, Statues and Trinkets will only distract your Retention The Secret IS nothing is Hidden just your Attention.

Subject: Re: Now

From: (E.J.)

Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 03:29:58 GMT

Greetings Community,

It has been said: -> There come a time when just going to work, feeding your family, and paying ->bills...

Wonderful Friend, BEFORE Awakening we are "just going to work, feeding your family, and paying bills". AFTER Awakening we are "just going to work, feeding your family, and paying bills". Enjoy ! The "time" IS NOW.

Or what ?

Subject: Re: Now

From: (E.J.)

Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 05:54:28 GMT

Greetings Volker, you wrote: ->am i missing sumthing here???

Perhaps {8-> Yet, what is not gone should not be missed for it still IS. What is to go, thus what is to miss ? And *who* is to miss it ? You are never anywhere other than where you are Dear Friend. You perhaps only *think* otherwise.

->u say: BEFORE Awakening we are "just going to work, feeding your family, and ->paying bills". -> ->then u say: AFTER Awakening we are "just going to ->work, feeding your family, and paying bills".

Before and After and During, All IS AS it IS. Nothing can BE other than it IS. You perhaps only *think* otherwise.

->Enjoy! u say... The "time" IS NOW.

Look at your watch or clock, and it will Reveal that the "time" IS the very instant Present Moment you look at the watch or clock. There is no time other than what time it IS. You perhaps only *think* otherwise.

->wud it knot be simpler if u just gave the querent a WHACK NOW instead of ->WAITING until HE bites???

The ever anew Present Moment, though Infinitely Eternal, waits not for whack nor bite. And since All IS Present, both whack and bite must BE Present also. There is naught beyond the Present Moment, save Illusion. You perhaps only *think* otherwise.

->especially if one deals in NOWS & need no longer notch the belt for every ->inch of THENANTHERENESSJUSTGONEBY....

"Wanted: Dead or Alive", says the Old West poster. You perhaps only *think* otherwise.

->this is klever, ray... think the querent will Enjoy?

You perhaps only *think* otherwise.

->or what?

You perhaps only *think* otherwise.

Subject: Surface Skating

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sat, 08 Dec 2001 17:07:55 GMT

Greetings Silent Community

With all the upheaval in the world, and economies increasingly more unstable, it is not the easiest time to *get into* the holiday season these days. Then to some the season is a welcome distraction. Your situation and thoughts being as they may, it is offered that our Greatest Asset is to BE Mindful and to Continue Work On Ourself. And our Greatest Ally IS the Present Moment, so BE it -- whatever the Moment may BE. Many if not most Great Wise Sages of the Way attained that state of BEing in times of social or world upheaval by Totally Committing themselves to Transcending such upheaval. It does not take troubled times to start Awakening, but the troubled times can establish the impetus and reason to Commit ourselves to Awakening more fully. For as times get even more troubling in this Dark Age, it would seem that we should even moreso *BE Prepared*. And no one can do it for you, you have to do it yourself.

~ Surface Skating ~

You are the only Source thus you are the Creation So just Look to yourSelf to Fathom your Damnation, You will Hear the Soundless Sound Call your Name As you See the Sightless Sight that Looks the Same.

You are that Temple where you Say your Payer So just Walk Inside to notice there's no one there, Kneel at the Alter and Chant of the Praise to BE Making it a Self-Dedication to nihilate the Duality.

You must know that you can not know Awakening Because all that's known is about the external thing, You can only know the Surface of Manifest Realm For the Essence of such would grossly Overwhelm.

You Skate upon the Ice glad that it's Water Frozen Because it is the very Route that you have Chosen, You like it when Hell Freezes Over do not get Wet But as Spring comes you haven't been Saved Yet.

Look Deep into the Water and tell what you See Is it just a few Reflections or Wonders of the Sea, How Far is Up or Down and how Long is Wide You Waste your Life Sitting at the Ocean's Side.

In just a Drop holds the Ocean a Look holds Sight Apperceived Eternally Infinite Present anew Light, Don't Seek from your Sorrow any Real True Gain For it is in conditionings that is your Suffering/Pain.

So just Jump right IN and Join the Legless Frog Thus Stilling the Waters Clearing conditioned Fog, No more Surface Skating you can Enjoy a Wave To Embrace the Abbeys and Let Go of the Knave.

Subject: Re: Surface Skating


Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 22:59:46 EST

EJ feels like you are talking about me again going through that squirrel cage thinking again


Subject: Re: Surface Skating

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2001 04:52:44 GMT

Greetings Susan, you wrote: -> feels like you are talking about me again ->going through that squirrel cage thinking again

Well..... there was someone Listening after all {8-> *Deep Bow* Yes, for most, life is but a Vicious Circle of Pain and Relief from Pain. Running in the Squirrel Cage trying to get to somewhere that we are not. Yet, no matter how hard we try or how far we Run we are right there where we started. Tired. Disenchanted. Then distractions add to the preoccupation of *getting by* in a madding chaotic world. Well..... guess what, the Cage Door is not Closed and the Wheel is not Enclosed. Being so busy Running from the Past and Chasing the Future that we do not notice these *minor details* about our Situation. But then when we Discover this, we Fear moving off the Wheel and out of the Cage *thinking* that some Evil Lurks beyond our Prison. Most hurry and get Running again. A few say, "screw this, I'm getting outa here". Then when they Realize that the Price of Freedom is Everything they Thought, most go back Running. Fewer still say, "when you're at the Bottom, there's nowhere to go but Up, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, so what the heck". Leap ! The Price is Steep, but the Payback is Awesome {8->

Thank you for joining in Dear Friend, you should *Step Out* more often.

~ Bliss Untold ~

You always come and go Traveling wide and far Yet can be nowhere other than where you ARE, You always Seek the Divine to attain to the Wise Yet you'll not See Wisdom 'til you Open your Eyes.

It's a matter of preconceptions that you do not See As Awakening is an Apperception of what must BE, You wonder how to Enter the Kingdom of the Lord Yet you're already there to Leave you can't Afford.

You Desire the conditioned notions to be the Truth Yet nothing can ever make the aged be the youth, Just Let Go of conditioned notions and you'll Glean That you have been looking at Truth yet not Seen.

You must Let Go the baggage of thought and form Though continued addition is the conditioned norm, It is a heavy burden that always robs your Energy For Awakening is the Essence of Seven's Synergy.

You have to get beyond this Phenomenal Realm And Evict the Grand Trickster thus take the Helm, Do not Rationalize or Conceptualize just simply BE So that you can Embrace and Enjoy BEing Free.

You can't See the Forest there are too many Trees Because the Grand Trickster is your very Disease, You won't know there's a Bee 'til you feel the Sting So close to the Picture can't See the whole thing.

If you do not like Suffering then just Dwell WithIN Because Projecting Perception without is your Sin, Mandate Letting Go conditionings so you'll Unfold For AS your True Nature there is only Bliss Untold.

Subject: Re: Surface Skating


Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 09:49:37 EST

Ilurk quite a bit and I love to read your pointers I have applied it many times there is just sometimes when I fall back so often I look in the mirror and observe my behavior and reactions I am trying to find good about myself but having a hard time doing it I realize now that people are just trying to help me there are many amends I have to make I am tired of living in the squirrel cage I want to be myself =) Susan

Subject: Re: Surface Skating

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2001 16:22:56 GMT

Greetings Susan, you wrote: ->Ilurk quite a bit ->and I love to read your pointers ->I have applied it many times ->there is just sometimes when I fall back ->so often I look in the mirror and observe my behavior and reactions ->I am trying to find good about myself but having a hard time doing it ->I realize now that people are just trying to help me ->there are many amends I have to make ->I am tired of living in the squirrel cage ->I want to be myself

It is indeed True that Pure Observation without Reaction or Response of any kind lends itself to True Listening and thus perhaps an Insight or two, so there is a time for lurking and Introspection. And if this was a Perfect world and likewise we were Perfect there would be no need for Salvation, so no need to Work On Ourself. Our harbored conditioned notions plaguing us continuously, world and social and economic upheavals, and a Guru on every street corner selling their wares, everyone trying to control and manipulate everyone else, are the ingredients of converting Saints to Sinners so do not be dismayed by stumbling and falling now and then. Jesus and Siddhartha and Muhammad and all others at times had misgivings and thoughts that the Path of Awakening may be insurmountable and thus perhaps not worth the Struggle and Pain and continual Attentive Mindfulness AS the Present Moment. If the Path of Awakening was easy everyone would be Enlightened Masters. But it is not easy, it is most Arduous and Painful, so most stay conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons. So stumbling and falling and skinning our knee all comes with the Territory Dear Friend. Yes, the Path of Awakening is rough Terrain studded with pitfalls and jagged rocks. And then when you get to the top of the mountain, past the ruts and rocks, then the True Climb Begins.

Perhaps this picture appears dreary, but only in that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts or confessional booths or prayer meeting salvations. Awakening is Instantaneously Gradual or Gradually Instantaneous. That is, step by step, aha by aha, Insight by Insight, letting go of conditioned notions one by one, and eventually getting to the point that our Attention AS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment no longer acknowledges arising thoughts and finds humor in attempts of additional conditionings. An Apperception, not a perception, of What-IS AS it IS. No Past regrets and emotions or Future longings jerking you here and there. Freedom from the mental chatter. Freedom from the influences of conditioned notions. Freedom to BE the True Nature you ARE. Then the Awesome Journey of Wonder and Discovery Begins, or rather begins to Continue. That is, back to the state of BEing we were before our family and friends and world at large defiled our mind by helping us to be conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons like them.

So the stumbling and falling and skinned knees are but opportunities (many call them lessons) to Introspectively Self-Observe and Glean the True Nature you ARE. Welcome Home Dear Friend {8->

Subject: Re: Changes

From: (E.J.)

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 05:41:31 GMT

Greetings Silent Community,

It has been asked: ->Despite best of our efforts life keeps on taking unpredictable turns and ->twists. Change is the only constant variable. My querry is how ->to cope up with changes which bring more harm than good.

Ah, indeed Change seems to be the only thing that is Permanent. Yet, the True Nature of Change is Change thus even Change will Change. This being What-IS, there is nothing to cope with for What-IS is our very existence. AS the Present Moment Dear Friend, Apperceived AS the Present Moment, we ARE the Present Moment and whatever IS that Present Moment so there is nothing Attached to in order to cope with whatever Changes. We must Die to each Moment and BE the Moment that is Present, thus as the Moment seemingly Changes we Change right along with it. Stuck in some Past Moment we cling to that Moment not wanting it to Change. Let the Past go. The Past is a Prison Dear Friend, that keeps us Chained to our conditioned notions. Each and every continuing anew Moment must be Embraced as though there were no Past Moment to cling to.

Yes, it is hard and Painful to let go of those dearly beloved Past Moments, yet since they are over and done with they are not even Real so it is useless to cling to some Illusion. There are only situations/conditions that we must Greet and Respond to with the sole Purpose/Intent to Glean what Treasures are there to Glean. Oh sure, there are many times much drivel and nonsense to wade through but alas we will always catch a glimmer of that *Silver Lining*. It is there Dear Friend, the Next Step on the Path but YOU are the only one who can Recognize it. Recognize it IF, that is, you are not clinging to some Illusion (Past Moment).

Anyone have any further input ?

Subject: Re: Changes

From: Sharlene <>

Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 05:51:05 -0800

you wrote: >Greetings Silent Community, > >It has been asked: > My querry is how >->to cope up with changes which bring more harm than good.

Shar: Not sure what changes bring more harm than good, and to whom? It's all prospective. It all comes back to doing your best within the moment. We don't know what will or will not hurt others ego, or how they will react or respond to any given situation. Many times change can be painful to cope with, and yet it is only through change we grow and learn. Change is our teacher and our lesson. We can not say what change is harmful and what isn't. What may seem like hell one moment, may or may not be an opening to awareness the next. We can't allow the intellect to judge any situation in any moment. This judgement is a source of our pain.

It doesn't matter what the situation is, the answer is always the same, Live within the moment. Do your best within the moment, let all judgement of past and present go. We can't live in the future, we can't exist in the past, all we have is the moment we are experiencing now.

Trying to shape the future is a waste of energy. There is a difference between trying to shape the future and preparing for it, come what may. We can help prepare our children for college, as an example, but we can't be sure they will go. That isn't our choice. It all comes back to judgement of thinking what changes are right for others.

I have forgotten how busy and tired one gets with a wee babe around. She is smiling a bit now and if she eats any more than she does, she will be a bowling ball with a head and legs.

Anyhoo, time to go again. sneaking in some puter time before our little queen's demands have to be met. If nothing I said makes sense, it's because it probably doesn't.

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