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Subject: Creator or Creation ?

From: Ma <>

Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 06:46:25 -0700

"Where is God? He is In this Moment This right now.

The breath as it slips through my nostrils stretching down to push my lungs out then released to rejoin the air surrounding me That is God.

The twinge of an itch the tickle of a fly walking on my arm the sweat sticking my shirt to my back That is God.

Even the stranger who pushes past me then cusses me for getting in his way in that moment even That is God.

But the memory of yesterday's sunset or last week's sorrow the grudge held on to for far too long the fear of tomorrow's stresses the dream of yet to be That's not God and That's not God and that's Not God.

God IS here with me now and now and Now. But he does not linger in memories of the mind He Isn't Then or Yet to be He is only Here

And if I want to be with Him in the joyous union I need to be present Here In this moment This ever-changing Right Now."

- Rumi

Subject: A Ray Of Light


Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 04:33:16 GMT


YOU are everything, YOU ARE, YOU ARE THAT, YOU are ALL, as only YOU are between NonDuality and Duality. It is AS the Awakening that we Realize God. It is AS the Awakening that we Unfold Grace. The Awakening form the conditioned notions that there is anything apart form us is the Realization of What-IS AS the very instant Present Moment. The Moment leaves room for Directly Experiencing What-IS, and not much else.

Subject: A Ray Of Light


Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 04:51:11 GMT


It is when we are not, that we ARE.

Subject: A Ray Of Light


Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 04:37:30 GMT


Enlightenment is not given, nor is it received. Enlightenment is a State of BEing and can not be Recognize ourselves, but rather is only Recognized by others as our State of BEing. Awakening from the Dualistic conditioned thinking and behavior we Unfold a State of Enlightenment.

Subject: A Ray Of Light


Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 05:35:25 GMT


What-IS, True Life, Truth, Reality, can only BE Realized once those conditioned notions (Illusions) are no longer controlling and manipulating us by our clinging to them. It is Illusion that keeps us from Truly Living Life. You speak of existence, not Life. You speak of surviving, not Living. There is a vast difference between existing/surviving and Life/Living. The Illusion is that they are one in the same.

Subject: A Ray Of Light


Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 04:44:08 GMT


Sleeping, Sight most Blinded, ever in Darkness, I would say that we all could use a *Ray of Light* reflected from the *Mirror Of Truth*.

Subject: A Ray Of Light


Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 04:52:52 GMT


Only seemingly a personal path, only seemingly a gate, for The True Path has no Gates, though thousands of routes enter it. For the seeming "Temple" is YOU this very instant Moment.

Subject: A Holy Journey

From: (E.J.)

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 16:23:05 GMT

Greetings Community,

Amazing. We keep tripping in the same hole over and over again. Sleeping, we trip in a hole, pick ourself back up, turn and curse the hole, and be on our way. Further down the Road we trip in another hole, pick ourself back up, turn and curse the hole, and be on our way. Seemingly another hole but actually it is the same hole, because Sleeping we walk in circles chasing our own tale. We never take care of the defilement we keep tripping on so we keep tripping on it. Awakening, we trip in a hole, grab a shovel, fill in the hole, and be on our way. Further on down the Road we trip in another hole, grab a shovel, fill in the hole, and be on our way. Obviously not the same hole or it would not need filling in, so indeed it must be that we are Free of the Vicious Circle.

You must come to terms with yourself. You have been conditioned programmed controlled manipulated used abused and lied to, but you must resolve it. Only you can resolve it. Observe yourself, Witness yourself, Watch yourself, be Open and Honest with yourself, and drop that which you would not want to see in another. THAT is the first step in this resolve. The pain and the hurt will fade as dismal memories of a bygone era, and indeed let them fade for the memory of what was is the seed of distraction and dissuasion. And we can not be distracted or dissuaded in our Pilgrimage to Eldorado. Come high water or even Hell, nothing must be allowed to stand in our Way (especially ourself). We must Slay the Slayer of the Real, annihilate the mindset of *other*, and BE Present. Simply BE.

Perhaps a daunting undertaking, unmarked, uncharted, even unknown. The Path is narrow, and though the Gateless Gate is wide it is so narrow that you can not take anything with you. But is the Cause really worth the Suffering ? The Cause of conditioned ideas and meanings and notions of all sorts. The Suffering of hatred and anger and conflict and unease and crime and deceit and greed and corruption and all manner of ills faced each day. Only you can resolve it.

Oddly, the insurmountable Battle turns out to be a simple matter of Recognizing that you have been duped and doing whatever needs done about it. Simple but not easy. The fact that it is not easy is the Adventure. So yes, you have to be a bit Adventuresome. You have to be willing to venture off into hitherto unimaginable realms of Consciousness. You have to be willing to leave the herd and be willing to Dance to a different Drummer, your True Nature.

So Work on ourself is really quite simple, but it takes Total commitment to that Work. By 'Total' it is meant that Work on ourself is our only preoccupation, no matter what we are doing because whatever we are doing or thinking is relative to that Work. In fact, it IS the Work. Work on ourself means scrutinizing every self-arising thought and resulting action/reaction and eliminating the defilements therein. It is most generally a slow and tedious undertaking and can be most Painful eliminating some of those dearly beloved conditioned notions. Especially our self-contrived sense of identity/individuality/separation, our dependence on our conditioned perception, our lack of Openness and Honesty with ourself.

It is time to stop rationalizing and start coming to terms with ourself so as not to keep tripping in the same hole. It is time we stop seeking some Teacher to convince us of that which we already sense is so. The Urge is ever present, like the Potentiality of a seed ever pressing to transform into a beautiful flower.


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