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Subject: MindLessNess

From: (E.J.)

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 20:36:40 GMT

Greetings Group,

Well, it has been. And a while. Yet when the chatter Stills and all through the Attic not a creature stirs and Silence pervades, is the mind really vacant or is it merely not? What is MindLess? Less the mind or less the processing? The mind obviously IS, thus MindLess must be the Potentiality alone of the mind. Likened perhaps to the UnStruck Cord, the Sound of Silence, the ever Present NonPresence, the FormLessNess of Form, the Full Eternal Infinite Void, The EndLessNess of Beginning and the BeginningLessNess of Ending, the Multiplicity of NoThing, the Perfection of ImPerfection. Only when What-ISNOT ISNOT then What-IS IS, thus only Potentiality remains Potential as All else must pass away. Even yourself.

From the peaks of the Himalayas or in the wooded bush, or even on the street corner of busy Manhattan, can you marvel at the appearances your eyes are looking at? Without projections or names or meanings or even knowing what you are looking at, just Look. Where are you? You have vanished. The mind processing the visual only thus all else is Void. You are Present thus not present. Mindful yet MindLess. It has happened a zillion times in everyday life in most any situation, though fleeting vacant times. Overlooked as some anomaly of the mind or environment. Yet there you are, nowhere. A state untapped yet ever occurring. Blissful, Serene, Peaceful, Free, unencumbered by thoughts and worries and tensions and fears and concerns. Some chase that fleeting Moment trying to cling to it, yet it only IS then they are NOT. Some avoid it for Fear of the loss of so called 'control', yet plagues them by occurring.

This is the natural state of the new born, a sort of first person Apperception without thought, the mind only processing the data from the senses. All is a Singularity, a Potentiality, nothing separate from the new born (to the new born). Present Moment Presence, continuously and constantly, a state of no 'other'. Mindless. Vacant. Ever Present. NoThing. "Be as little children". What is missing from the new born to cause this Present Moment Presence? That many chase yet Fear due to its inherent Mindlessness. Conditionings are missing. Conceptualizations are missing. Intellectualizations are missing. Identity and Identifications are missing. A Clue to MindLessNess?

Anyone have any observations on this, that they would like to share?

Subject: RE: MindLessNess

From: "Johannes" <>

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 05:37:08 +0000

Thank you for that post EJ.

Those experiences are too fleeting, have had quite a few, but the longest one was for about an hour or a little more.

Subject: Re: MindLessNess

From: (E.J.)

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 08:01:00 GMT

Greetings Johannes, you wrote: ->Thank you for that post EJ. -> ->Those experiences are too fleeting, have had quite a few, but the longest ->one was for about an hour or a little more.

So you have noticed, good. Few do notice or they do not understand what did happen at those times when they just got totally mentally lost while gazing at an awesome sight or looking at something with absolutely no interest and not thinking about anything else. And when they look at their watch they notice that time has gone by and they have no clue as to where the time went. So they just look around to make sure no one is looking and go about their business. They do not like that lack of control or lack of memory (they think). Yet Wisdom Teachers and Zen Masters have been trying to get people to do that consciously for centuries. Thing is, if we think about it, we do not have to try very hard because we do it naturally if only we would be Mindful of ourself. And though 'adults' do not want to admit it, the Wisest Teacher of the MindLessNess practice is the new born Guru. They Live it, until they are bogged down with a major burden of Baggage. Then they Forget. The lucky ones Realize/Recognize that they have been conned with all the Baggage so they have to work very hard to get rid of the Baggage so they can get back to the state of MindLessNess they were in before they started gather all the Baggage.

Thank you for your observation and input.

Subject: melting into now

From: "Johannes" <>

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 11:36:25 +0000

Quite frequantly now, present moment presence is entered/revealed when I pay attention to the slightest flickring movement in the mind/body complex, and relax into silence. The monsters floating around in my blood stream have been spotted, and are now being starved. If anyone would like to share some of those experiences, I would be thankful. Would like to write more, but duty calls.



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