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Criteria for Acceptance of Sites into the Ring

So, you are considering joining the Ring ? First, you should meet the Light Mission theme of Awakening. This site is dedicated to offering vital information relative to Unfolding Pure Inner Consciousness (or the Inner Higher Spiritual Self). There will be found here on-lines books, Meditation manuals and exercises, Insights into the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Alchemy, Astrology. The Light Mission WebRing is for sites which are sophisticated, intelligent, and thought-provoking. Sites should also be well-designed and a pleasure to explore. Contents should include exploration of at least one of the following: Philosophy, Scripture, Psychology/Psychoanalysis, Mythology, Spirituality, Wisdom Teachings, Meditation, and most any area seen at Light Mission. In particular, sites that best fit will explore the Balance between Awakening and everyday Life, in creative and innovative ways. Sites which are insensitive to the diversities of cultures, religions, and ways of life will not fit the criteria of this ring. No pornography. No messages of hate. So long as you meet these criteria, it will be a pleasure to have your site in the Ring !

To get an idea of the diverse topics one can find on this Ring, take a look at Light Mission @ www.Light-Mission.org. Or you can look at the sites listed already in the Ring by clicking on the Ring below.

How to Join

Simply fill out the form and submit it. Be sure all the information on the form is accurate before you submit it. Once you apply to be admitted, e-mail the RingMaster, at Web RingMaster so that he can visit your site to assure that you meet the criteria. Once your site is admitted, you will receive an e-mail confirming that you are in the cue.

Once you have submitted the above form to the Light Mission WebRing, you will receive an e-mail which will contain the information that you submitted. If ever you have to edit your site information, e-mail the Web RingMaster. There will also be a very important code, an HTML fragment to be placed on your page, containing the code for the WebRing images.

You must cut and paste this HTML fragment onto your page in order to be admitted into the ring. If you have problems, e-mail the Web RingMaster.

The graphics need not be uploaded onto your site.

This is how the Ring should appear on your page:

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