Herein lies the enduring Wisdom of the Ages, from many sources and schools of thought. All of which are Pointers for the True Seeker of Truth and Awakening.

"Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways" Adheres to Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind and Pursues the Unfoldment of Pure Inner Consciousness. We are not here to be another "One True Religion". We are here to help Illuminate, for There is No Religion Higher than Truth...... It is in your own personal relationship with The Divine Source of Consciousness that Truth is Realized. That which you Live after all of the talk is done...... is your own personal Inner Consciousness Within Manifesting Without.

You Are Invited To Join Us

Beyond Mere Seeking -- Awakening

Thank you for your interest Dear Friends,

I have been asked many times "Where to Start". Yet, if you were directed to Light Mission and you find it comfortable here, you have already started. So the question is "How to Proceed". With no further ado:

Those interested in -- exploring the experience of Awakening, and experiencing the Insights along the Way of Awakening, and willing to Openly and Honestly look at your reflection in the Mirror of Truth, and do whatever needs to be done to start Awakening are invited to participate in Light Mission's Study.

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I can only offer What-IS Truth and Reality. So, I offer all that I can be offered for that is all there IS. And, of course, an outstretched open hand to all those who wish to Walk a spell. I would say that a start is the Light Mission mailings, such as the short daily *Ray Of Light* and the twice weekly *Private Teachings* and the weekly *Newsletter*. I would gladly add you to the mailing lists if you would like, and you can let me know if or when you wish to be removed from any one or all of these lists and I will take care of that also.

There are Gurus on every corner gathering followers. But I am not a Guru and I am not gathering followers. I do not even ask people to believe me, little lone be devoted to me. I only ask that they Openly and Honestly *consider* that which I offer as a tool or Pointer to aid them in their own Awakening. For I can not Save you, you must Save yourself. All I can do is Point to the Path and Help and Serve you in your Journey on that Path. The Path of Awakening. Beyond that, a mere Servant, I am nothing at all.

I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I will always tell you Truth. Not *my* Truth, or the Truth *as I see it*, but rather the Truth AS it IS. Truth can be one of the most painful experiences of our lives, and most often IS if we acknowledge it AS it IS without projecting our conditioned images and ideas and meanings into/onto it. With that said................

Awakening can not be Truly Understood via the intellect or any aspect of mental activity. Awakening is all about *ceasing the intellect as Observing What-IS, AS it IS, without projecting our conditioned notions into/onto it. An intelligent person can indeed grasp Awakening faster than the non-intelligent, though intelligence is not a prerequisite. For the intelligence Helps us in our Awakening but can very well be a block to it. So I offer, understand Awakening with the mind BUT you will not Awaken through the mind. Awakening will not be in the *study* of Awakening, but rather in the BEing Awakening. IN the Silence of mind, we Hear. IN the Void of ideas and images and meanings, we See. IN Awakening from the chatter of the conditioned mind, controlled and manipulated by the images and ideas and meanings contained therein, we ARE.

Attached to the conditioned images and ideas and meanings (the contents of the mind) IS the Causes of our Suffering. Our cravings and desires are our conditioned thinking and behavior -- THAT conditioned automatonic perception narrows our perception on that which is transient and ever changing. Though Awakening IS Observing each and every Moment, Moment to Moment, anew -- it is very constant, and very Eternal.

The *intellectually* mistake the practice or the study for the Truth, whereas the practice or study is but a Pointer to the Truth. That is, what the Wise Sages of yore propounded (in quite antiquated terms) was that we were machines that were conditioned and programmed to be controlled and manipulated by the very social order that we ourselves sat up. I of course teach much more, but it is my foundation. I simply take the Wisdom of the Wise Sages of yore and translate them into the language of the day, I can do no more, or no less. So I am but a translator offering that which I have Realized to be so, but none of what I offer is what I can call my own for it was not contrived by me or first Realized by me. I am but a Servant to those Awakening.

They teach that we are conditioned programmed machines. They teach that due to this, we lie and steal and cheat and falsify ourselves to others and ourselves. I would offer that you Understand what you *intellectually* study before disputing it. Conditioned, we dispute everything that does not go along with our conditioning. Awakening, we do not project our conditioned notions into/onto what we study but rather acknowledge what we study AS IT IS. If we do not understand it, we set it aside until we do Understand it. Once we Truly Understand it we can then readily Realize that it is True WITHOUT PROJECTING THE CONTENTS OF OUR MIND ONTO/INTO IT.

The route is not the Path. We must take a given route toward the Path, but then drop the route in get onto the Path. But all routes, including your own daily life, is a correct route -- but no route is the Path. *Blame* no one for your shortcomings or conditionings, not even yourself. But blame yourself if you do nothing to rectify those shortcomings or conditionings. The route you took throughout your whole life was correct and enhancing for you. And on that route you have come to a point where you Realize that the route is no longer of meaning -- so now what ? Has your route not led you to Light Mission ? So would that not be a correct route ? There is no *kwik-fix* in Awakening -- inch by inch, Realization by Realization, letting go of conditioned notions one by one. Then there will come a time when Fact or Fiction starts being quite Obvious. Before then, we are Blind controlled manipulated conditioned programmed automatons led by the nose by any wind that happens to blow our way. Walking through the Door of Light Mission was the First Step in the rest of your Awakening Life, but there are many more Steps to take. Awakening is an ongoing process of discarding conditioned notions and Realizing the resulting Insights. And if done Openly and Honestly, you will enjoy Awakening. If you are not Open and Honest with yourself, you will be further deluded. Do not *believe* or even *accept* what I offer, but rather Dwell on it and let it feed your Awakening, and see what YOU Realize.

Too often we mistake the frog for the jump. That is, we think that there is a frog and that there is a jump that the frog does. When actually the jump is nothing more than the frog BEing the frog, so the frog and the jump are one. Likewise, what I offer (through Light Mission, the mailings, the discussions, etc) IS who I am. Likened perhaps as Jesus said "THROUGH me shall ye be Saved" -- not BY him, but rather THROUGH his offerings of Insights and Wisdom. For Jesus can not Save you, yet through the Help that he offered you can Save yourself. And so it is, THROUGH my offerings of Help, one can Save oneself. In the case of Jesus, people have missed the Wisdom and the Help because they became attached to the man, became attached to the words of Wisdom. It is my intention that this does not happen with my offerings. It is in my offerings that one will find *importance* and not in me at all, for I am of little importance (save perhaps that I am offering my offerings). I used Jesus as an example, but there are so many Gurus and Enlightened Teachers on every street corner SELLING their wares and proclaiming themselves the New Messiah. Light Mission is not a new religion and I am not a new messiah -- I am a Servant of those who Truly want to Awaken Within, and so I offer Help for them to Save themselves.

*Try* not, *Do* or *Do not*. Awakening is not about gathering new beliefs, but rather in Honestly and Openly looking at the old ones.

Again, Thank You for your interest in Light Mission. IF you are sincere, and up to the task, Welcome and Help Light Mission as it Helps you, Yogajyotii

BE Well and Mindful Wonderful Friend, Shanti, Namaste, Metta, Zikr

As Namaste is to say *may the Divine Essence IN me Embrace the Divine Essence IN you as a Divine Essence of One*, so too Metta is to say *may the Loving Kindness IN me Embrace the Loving Kindness IN you as Loving Kindness of One*, so too Zikr is to say *may the Self Remembering IN me Embrace the Self Remembering IN you as a Self Remembrance of One*. So *may the True Nature IN me Embrace the True Nature IN you as a True Nature of One*. It is in the Inner Embracing of each other that we Realize that we are all cut from the same bolt of cloth yet most do not Realize it yet.

0====[::::::::::> Sword of Truth <::::::::::]====0


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