Here are a few selections of the prolific Poet
Sri Swami Yogajotii's Inspirational Poems

True Love Is True Devotion

Do you know what is most Tender
Do you Understand True Surrender,
Have you 'er Felt Total Submission
Or Given away rights of Permission.

Have you Held a Child as a Mother
Or Laid Down your life for another,
Have you given Total Vulnerability
Has Sight been Fixed on a Reality.

How selfless have you ever Been
Was your world Suspended Then,
Longing only for any Single Word
Thus nothing else could be Heard.

Been Preoccupied with a Mission
That life's Sustained by its Fission,
Naught else matters or any Worth
Is Understood it seems from Birth.

How Unselfishly have you Cared
How Open and Honest is Dared,
Have you Removed every Mask
Have you Disappeared in a Task.

Have you been One with Infinity
Have you Namasted to a Trinity,
EnSlaved self to Self Completely
Always AS Present Indiscreetly.

Only in the Heart can Love Swell
Heart's Love and Devotion'll Tell,
To BE This's Love minus Emotion
Thus True Love is True Devotion.

Relieve The Stress

Why are your eyes so Shut Wide
Why're you Standing on the Side,
What is this that you should Hide
Why're you just Along for the Ride.

Nothing Ventured nothing Gained
An Open Window can't be Paned,
Crops won't Grow if it hasn't Rained
Can not Go if you've been Chained.

Don't you believe this can be Done
Thus that you can not be the One,
That you'll have to Retire and Run
Knowing the Adventure will be Fun.

Why don't you Do it you really Can
It's just in your Head there's no Ban,
Your own Fire is what you must Fan
Go for that from which you've Ran.

It is in the Open Now Bluff no more
Gain that which has Gone Before,
Steadfast with yourSelf is no Chore
Do or Die let your Abundance Pour.

Everything to Gain nothing to Lose
Do you think life's forever to Choose,
Then why continue to Sing the Blues
Think you'll use a CreditCard for Dues.

BottomLine's that you're such a Mess
To yourself this you have to Confess,
Your Loneliness is a Duality's Duress
Your Wholeness'll Relieve the Stress.

The Other Shore Yonder

Who is it who Hears all the Blame
Who is it who Bears all the Shame,
Who is the one Making the Name
Who is the one Playing the Game.

Who Slays the Slayer of the Real
Who's the Auctioneer of the Deal,
Whose Feelings do you really Feel
Whose Thoughts hold any Appeal.

Who is that Designer of your Fate
Who is it who has Taken the Bate,
Who will Allow your mind to Berate
Who Stops you at a Gateless Gate.

Who will Judges and will Chastise
Who is the only one who'll Realize,
Who's the one you'd Characterize
Who is it who Wears the Disguise.

Who is the only one you can Save
Who's Become a Trickster's Slave,
Who thinks a King but is the Knave
Who's Taken more than they Gave.

Who do you Really Think you Are
Who Wishes upon the Falling Star,
Who'll Shop at that Glittery Bazaar
Who is it who Travels near and Far.

A Few Questions you might Ponder
In that Impermanence you Wander,
To Find self and BE Self is Fonder
To Sail to The Other Shore Yonder.

Glitter Will Beguile

In Armor there's no Man or Beast
There is no Pomp or Grand Feast,
On the Path Dreams have Shrunk
A Simple Way and a Simple Monk.

Build a BonFire toss in your Wares
Watch them Burn such He Dares,
Dance Around the Fire with Glee
It is the Sign that makes you Free.

An Obelisk Stands in Solitude Still
Times can't Plunder its Silent Will,
The Stone won't Defile its Name
In the midst of a Duration's Game.

Yet that Weakness of The Flesh
Is a Test to see it doesn't Refresh,
As the Shape of Things to Come
Gorgiles Smile not only at Some.

Do not be Afraid to be the Dime
In a herd's Nickel Jar all the time,
The Differences will be Magnified
Within your Walk Stride by Stride.

Worldly King and Jester Embrace
In the Dominion of the Rat Race,
UnTempted by that UnHoly Pair
Seeing God's Light Everywhere.

Your Route seems to be so Long
Yet it has made you quite Strong,
You're Ready for the Longest Mile
When no longer Glitter will Beguile.

Right Here

Reality does not bite it's in perception
Best armor is to keep out of detection,
Self-denial is indulgence in a profane
Fear guides more than that mundane.

People give credit for what's believed
All people're single nations conceived,
Cardinal rule for hitters with two strikes
Never trust your self or trust your likes.

A multitude of books distracts the mind
Just trying to make a picture of a kind,
There's so little time and so much to do
Empires of a future are a mental chew.

A handful of common sense every day
Is worth bushels of learning so we say,
Man's the only creature that will refuse
To be what he is thus will always lose.

A man who removes a mountain alone
Begins by carrying away a small stone,
Love is the triumph of Heart over Head
Though Wisdom of Heart is rarely read.

Loss is nothing else but change in sight
And change is always a Nature's delight,
When the water reaches the upper level
Don't just follow the rats within their Evil.

A fugitive of the law of averages changed
We're not lost just locationally challenged,
Anticipating what's to come for it's so dear
Then we ignore what's actually right Here.

Rational World

Be Caviler a Critic of your own Deeds
Change thoughts change your Needs,
Gems can't be polished without friction
Nor man perfected without Redirection.

A proverb is the Great Wisdom of many
And the Wit of one Offerings Of Plenty,
Be whoever you are without the shame
And without projecting so much Blame.

Nothing shows a man's character more
Than what he Laughs at and what for,
A life lived for others is a Life of worth
Our basic True Nature right from Birth.

Cowards falter but danger is overcome
By who Nobly Dare as few have Done,
Memory tempers prosperity of a Sleuth
Mitigates adversity and controls a youth.

Gratitude is the most exquisite courtesy
Future lies ahead it's not an emergency,
When your work speaks for itself let BE
Don't interrupt you'll be surprised to See.

Serious in the world is refuge so shallow
Seriousness in Self is Ground of Hallow,
Good people're good not for an overture
They've come to Wisdom through failure.

Failure comes in times when we Forget
Study and Practice we haven't done yet,
Time is an illusion and a 'self' is doubly so
Insanity is that Rational World you know.

Ultimate Absolute

The weak can never forgive it is wrong
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong,
Trait of Wisdom is not do the desperate
So to maintain that nothing is Separate.

So long as we always live amongst men
Cherish humanity thus never fight again,
If you can't convince them then confuse
A Way of the herd in their everyday use.

Be a Good Listener because your ears
Won't get you in Trouble over the years,
Herd is divided into horrible or miserable
Though to Self neither is too Acceptable.

Laugh when you can it's cheap medicine
And in Facing Gloom Sorrow can't get in,
A route of many roads leading to nowhere
Are Frowns of a world that's always There.

Is there really some Life before our Death
If you Find yourSelf before the Last Breath,
Music is the Refuge of genuine happiness
The Song of the Heart Removes Distress.

An eye for an eye will make the world blind
History will be Kind to those who are Kind,
Man is a dog's idea of what God should be
So get out of the Basement and get Free.

A little good deed's better than grand intent
Kindness Done is better than those meant,
The Way of the Warrior is mostly Resolute
Acceptance of Self as Ultimate Absolute.

The Great Sages Found

As all the Great Sages of yore Said
To Find God get out of your Head,
You Find God in the Heart they Say
You'll only Find Seeking The Way.

Sit down right Here to Contemplate
The True Nature of things to Date,
Cosmic Revelations're what to Seek
The Nature of God's Universal Peek.

Enter the Void and Dwell in the Bliss
Embrace Emptiness to Glean a Kiss,
Mingle with God and Goddesses too
Where no one has gone before you.

Sit as long as it takes to just Realize
Blank the mind and close your eyes,
Enter the Soma for a Divine Access
The Pure UnDefiled Consciousness.

Scripture is Word Practice is Action
Knowing and Doing's just a Fraction,
The Key is with you Eternally BEing
The Great Sages Found this Seeing.

When you Seek God you Find Belief
In all the Major Places without Relief,
Yet Seeking yourSelf you'll Find God
The Great Sages Found this not Odd.

The Secret to All This is quite Clear
Really for those with an Ear to Hear,
Truth IS What-IS Present right Now
The Great Sages Found this is How.

LifeLong Romance

Do not Hesitate for Life will Pass you By
Always just leaving you to Wonder Why,
It's so UnBelievable what people Believe
And UnConceivable what they Conceive.

Being Moral isn't just in seeing Immorality
BEing Real's only when you ARE Reality,
Life is too important to be taken seriously
Seriously Pursue your Self Relentlessly.

Truth is more of a Stranger than a fiction
With self Truth Causes so much Friction,
Humility is the Substitute for a personality
Wholeness Within Substitutes for Frailty.

Mistakes are those Portals of Discovery
Just as the Path is the Way to Delivery,
Hell hath no fury like True Self Scorned
Nor hath Sorrow like True Self Mourned.

Never Suffer the Prejudice of The Eye
In order to Determine your Heart's Cry,
There are many more Fools in the world
Than there's people in their Folly Curled.

One's character is his Guardian Divinity
Which is so Guided by his Divine Trinity,
We can never tell what is in store for us
But can avoid getting on the Wrong Bus.

Oh what tangled webs we often weave
When we most often practice to deceive,
To Love one's Self is the very Beginning
Of a lifelong Romance of Merry Grinning.

Acts Of Kindness

To Love is to Get a Glimpse of Heaven
Like Bread putting in too much Leaven,
Belief is looking Reality right in the eye
And Denying it is so without being Shy.

Be True to your Work also your Word
Also be True to the True Friend Heard,
Nothing of this world is very Permanent
So neither Success nor Failure Lament.

Freedom's a word for naught left to let go
Especially stuff about yourself you know,
There really is no Security on this Earth
You just have a Chance to be of Worth.

Time's Nature's way to keep it Together
In spite of Man's Inner Stormy Weather,
Don't get all your Exercise just with Talk
Might behoove you to take a little Walk.

Can't take part in what a Sangha meant
Thinking you've attained Enlightenment,
You are an Actor in a Play on the Stage
But is not Seen that the world is a Cage.

If you focused on the Eternal you'll Grow
There's nothing else you need to Know,
Come and go just like ripples in a stream
Do not be Two with Nature it is a Dream.

There's more to Life than gaining speed
And you can't just let it grow like a weed,
Acts of Kindness to another will Increase
Acts of Kindness to yourself as a Peace.

Steadfast And Real

You have Played this Film Before
So you already know what it's for,
It is just a ReRun after a Season
You even know its very Reason.

Tiresome is all of that Repetition
Seems it'd end through Attrition,
It is always right there to Return
Quick to set fire bridges to burn.

Makes for a very major SetBack
Then you have to go BackTrack,
Carrying that Baggage is a chore
Waking-Up is lessening not more.

We think we are over that hump
Then we hit the proverbial bump,
Stop and recoup it's the same slip
A century ago you made that trip.

Self-impose Discipline keep it right
That Straight Passage is very tight,
You'll have to use all your strength
To stay Stable for the whole length.

This Path is long and hard to Stay
And you can't give in to Old Sway,
Those clever ones do pretty good
Yet do not make it as they could.

Don't Compromise your Self at all
Focus on the Path or you will Fall,
Sit with your Self and make a Deal
Promise to be Steadfast and Real.

Go Where Self Vision


When you always stay so well dressed
You can't pass for being hard pressed,
Takers do not really get but givers get
So Giving of the Heart is your best bet.

Happiness in people is the rarest thing
Because if they are Happy they'd Sing,
More important to Love Unconditionally
Than Loved without Returning it Really.

Respect your fellows and they'll do more
Respect your Self and not ask what for,
The most exciting happiness on the Roll
Is happiness that is beyond your control.

A morning glory at your window satisfies
More than the metaphysics of many lies,
Just tell whom you think are your friends
So you can be told where your life ends.

Neither success nor failure is ever final
Do what you can in spite of your denial,
Don't just Talk about life first Live it Too
Step by Step is the Way to make it True.

If you don't give everything to Simplicity
You have given up nothing to Spirituality,
Just look for the Wondrous in everything
And you'll find it Everywhere in Anything.

Those who trust to a Chance must Abide
By the results of chance and take a Ride,
As Herd rises to a level of incompetence
Go Where Self Vision is Common Sense.

Ride The Storm

In the Moment we just Watch a lot
Just the Actions in the Movie Plot,
You partake because you're there
And not because you ARE There.

You seem the same on your face
Though Within it's never the Case,
You are Alone and Whole Within
Needing only your Heart to Begin.

'Out there' is just some Hologram
Looks real but it's just any Scam,
Little sense in any Mooring there
It will Drag you about to nowhere.

No Entanglements thus no Debt
No Approval or Acceptance Yet,
No Manipulation nor Controlling
Thus has a very Rare Consoling.

No longer is there some Demand
So Now you can take Command,
There's nothing more in your Way
Listening to what True Self'll Say.

Nothing can ever Touch you now
Residing in Self's Sanctuary is how,
A Chamber in the Heart is a Place
A Peace and Serenity is the Pace.

Those who want to Go any Faster
Travels the Old Road to Disaster,
Your Heart will keep you so Warm
Fly with the Wind Ride The Storm.

Without A Second

A certain Sadness can Overtake
It's an Emptiness One can Make,
Joy is in the Connectedness of All
Though UnNurished there's a Fall.

The Fall isn't Great just the Same
It is just the Number and a Name,
It can't be Otherwise it is Destiny
Just never Noticed in that Litany.

Interest in that Sphere Adjacent
Raises Questions of Placement,
Thus there is a needed Sacrifice
To Undergo Transmutation's Vise.

The Consoling Touch of Ecstasy
Rises Energy from Complacency,
Renews the Germ of Potentiality
Forces Together Present Reality.

The Force within Travels so High
A Power Released can be Why,
In the Making of this Blissful Fire
Is a Beautiful Plucking of a Lyre.

And so it is you have to be Ready
In the Burning you can be Steady,
Purge Defilements thus Undergo
Rejuvenation you'd Never know.

Just Once in Creation can this BE
A Vital Cord Connecting a Three,
Those Three are Two and One
Without a Second then it's None.

BE Your Self For Real

In Wise words and Scriptures long
From therein Emerges a Vital Song,
That UnStruck Chord of Involution
Subtle Drive toward Renunciation.

Renounce that pleasure and pain
Renounce the personal self's Gain,
Give an inch and He'll take a mile
Grand Trickster Smiling all the while.

Renounce that which you are Not
What is it you 'think' you have Got,
Renounce everything you Think
Who is it there in that Roller Rink.

Renounce your personal Identity
Exchange it for This True Reality,
Make no fuss of a personal Image
Open the Book and Turn the Page.

Renounce what is Caesar's Things
From out of a Mire an Evil Springs,
You're IN the world but not OF this
Don't get sucked away from Bliss.

Renounce the game and the guise
Renounce that which is not Wise,
No mistake you'll feud to your End
In the Last Breath there's no Friend.

Renouncing self can't lose Self too
Renouncing only which is not True,
What is it in your Heart do you Feel
Surely it's just BE your Self For Real.

Will It Be So

Does a Nightingale Hear its Song
Or notice that something's wrong,
Though some seed or something
Would be nice it just sings to sing.

Hopes all will be of joy by its voice
As the Nightingale has no choice,
Just leave some water and bread
All it needs is just to be a little fed.

It Sings from its Heart you can tell
Its Music makes one's Heart Swell,
Every Moment it issues out its Call
Yet on deaf ears does its Voice fall.

Listen if you can to a subtle Tone
This will Chill you right to the bone,
Even Singing the Silence is Heard
Would still Sing if it's the only Bird.

Don't miss the Song or Nightingale
Don't settle for the moon in the pail,
Lend your ear and your Heart also
The Melody's the finest you'll know.

Sweet Sounds you'd never known
If the Nightingale had not Shown,
Be thankful for the Songs it Sings
And the Serenity that it sure Brings.

On the winds the seasons regulate
Even the Nightingale Knows Fate,
Know that in time it must Fly away
Will it be so Remembered anyway.

Walk The Walk

It is just the same old Song you Hear
To Cut the Bread and Pass the Beer,
What is it that is most Important Here
What could be Held so Valiantly Dear.

That Rain Maker is all over the Roof
The Cows are no longer on the Hoof,
The Sages Disappeared with a Poof
And All the Mice ate up all the Proof.

Sitting Lost or Lonely no one in sight
Given to Sadness in that Daily Flight,
Thinking how nothing could be Right
Wondering if there is only This Night.

Beware Snakes Beguiles with Dream
An Apple Bitten's not what it'll Seem,
The Moon isn't made of Whip Cream
A Falling Star without a Light Stream.

When the self lingers you do not Win
Mostly a self-concept is your only Sin,
Your 'personal self' is Trickster's Kin
So you will wind up in the Loony Bin.

Now here's the Secret of Ages Past
Impermanence is really all that'll Last,
Don't Play your Part in Illusion's Cast
Sail away in Raising True Self's Mast.

Get rid of 'self' and Remove the Yoke
It's so simple just look past the Stroke,
Cut down all the Chatter and the Talk
Fearlessly Unreserved Walk the Walk.

Back To Go

It is a Widening Gap you are IN
Harps Playing along with a Violin,
Ever present how can you See
Never Present thus will never BE.

It's when you don't want anything
So just Let Go and Grab the Ring,
It's when you Let EveryThing Go
All is Clear so don't have to know.

It'll be Far Beyond This and That
Yet Nearer than where you're At,
World disappears at Other Shore
So then there won't be any More.

Clash of Titans to cross a Stream
Making it Clear it is just a Dream,
Thus Go All the Way to The Sun
Don't Stop anywhere to have Fun.

You did not Start yet did Diminish
You'll not End for there's no Finish,
Just Do Whatever must be Done
Yet there will be no Trophies Won.

Just Climb on Down Off that Horse
To Meet your Maker with all Force,
Don't Flinch at all or you'll be Gone
A world's sunset will be your Dawn.

Go seek a Glimpse to See the Tail
Then the Tracks Appear as a Trail,
Jump on and Ride a Bull at Rodeo
Then the Rider Returns back to Go.

Devotional Love

It is surely a lingering Question
As to what is all the Deception,
What's Illusion and what's Real
Can't you go by what you Feel.

Illusion will Seek Illusion for sure
Thus Reality can never Endure,
The mind Processes a Thought
Bringing Forth which is Taught.

Reality will Seek Reality's Take
Don't make the Eternal Mistake,
Robots do not know what to Do
They can not guess what's True.

Listen for a Word so you can Tell
In its Sound your Heart will Swell,
That's all you ever need to Know
Open your Heart and Let it Flow.

There can BE only One Rhyme
You can not Sing Two at a Time,
With the Noise naught is Heard
Only a Rhyme's Melodious Word.

All you See is a Symbol or a Sign
Just a simple Gesture will be Fine,
It is the only Sight that you'll See
Whatever it Takes you'll be Free.

You'll Long for just One Glance
And just for That you will Dance,
You know there's no Way Faster
Than Devotional Love for Master.

All Poems © by Yogajyotii

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