"Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways" Adheres to Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind and Pursues the Unfoldment of Pure Inner Consciousness. We are not here to be another "One True Religion". We are here to help Illuminate, for There is No Religion Higher than Truth...... It is in your own personal relationship with The Divine Source of Consciousness that Truth is Realized. That which you Live after all of the talk is done...... is your own personal Inner Consciousness Within Manifesting Without.

Awakening Is THAT -- The Journey

The Journey

We are born mere mortals, some advantaged and some not. But all are exposed to the Glitter of Pleasure and Instant Gratification. Most cling to these worldly tangibles, yet a few grow weary of them noting their Shallowness. Those few are those Urged by their very True Nature to break Free from the Prison of the manifest realm. Yes, there comes a day for those few that it dawns on them that 'there must be more to life than this', watching while the whole stream of past and present delights march through their consciousness. A Sallow uneventful mere existence, not Life but rather a self-contrived gilded Prison and little more. 'What is it all about', the few demand. With no answer forthcoming they Realize/Recognize that they must find out for themselves. Once the few Realize/Recognize that, the Quest Begins.

Shocked from the conditioned Illusion of Sleep and the Folly of the Glitter, for perhaps just a Moment, the few Realize/Recognize that there is a Sword of Truth to Cut away defilements on The Path to Awakening. Awakening is not leaving life but rather Seeing most Clearly the Entry to Eternal Infinite Present Truth/Reality, which is the Totality of Whole Life both manifested and unmanifested. Once the few Realize/Recognize that, the Quest Begins.

Is it Destiny or Fate, that the few, Evolved/Involved True Nature, Hear the Beckoning of Awakening ? Listening to the Immortal Sound of the Essence of All that IS. Harkening to the Call to Unfold, a Solitude unsurpassable AS What-IS. The Task is Clear, but the Journey must be Walked as each Present Moment Transforms Moment to Moment into the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment. Thus Unknowing, Wayless Way Pathless Path.

The Quest involves letting go of all those dearly known conditionings and activities, Viewing the Sleeping realm from sort of a distance, uninvolved and unattached. Everything is Strange and we Realize/Recognize that we are the only ones on this Journey. We are Alone. The Quest involves Seeking for ourselves, so we leave the person we are conditioned to think we are for an uncharted Trek to find who we Really ARE. A hazardous Journey because many Dragons cross our Path. Dragons, Slayers of the Real, that we must Slay. There is no Map nor articulation of the Dragons, we must Walk the Way Step by Step leaving no crumbs along the way for there is No Return. Daunting to be sure, but all we need for Provisions is to BE Open and Honest with ourselves and Embrace What-IS AS it IS and not as we are conditioned to it.

Not an easy Quest, nor any quick fixes. An Arduous Painful Undertaking that will last for the rest of our Life. And even beyond this incarnation. Letting go of dearly beloved ideas and meanings and notions of all sorts will Strain our very Fiber. But once we crack that Door of Awareness just to Peek, thus get a glimpse of Light, we will never be able to quite close that Door all the way tight. So yes we can turn away but the Music has been Heard thus we are Drawn to the Dance. So the Quest is for the Dancer to BE again the Dance. We have no Choice, Locked into what must be done. Sleeping we Dream our Journey and Fanaticize our Quest, thus can Choose this or that. Awakening we do not Dream, we ARE the Quest as we ARE the Journey as we ARE the Way as we ARE the Path.

Though there seems always to be a seeming Goal in mind, it soon becomes obvious that the Journey is the Goal. That the seeming Treasure we Seek to Find is the very Seeking itself. Thus it is Painfully Realized/Recognized that the Seeker is the Search. No matter where we go, there we are. Thus the Agonizing Realization/Recognition that the Journey leads right back to ourselves. So the Way is about Gathering Vital Information about the malady of conditioned thinking and behavior and applying it to our very Core. Then, doing what needs done to Correct the malady.

Openly and Honestly Embrace any practice that may seem a Route to Help in your Awakening. A Total Commitment to find out by Direct Experience what practice indeed Helps and Serves this purpose of Awakening. It is through such Trials and Tribulations that we See Glimmers of Light that Guide us as *A Lamp Unto Ourselves*. Never to be discouraged by seeming failings of this practice or that. For in every Sow's Purse there is a Silver Lining. Mark these words well, for through Persistence and Perseverance we Prevail. For it is at the very point of Total Surrender due to the seemingly insurmountable Battle with the Grand Trickster that we are Free. Free to BE. Freedom is but another word for nothing left to let go.

It is in the Deep Shadowy Forgotten Abyss of despair, worn weary by the Search that we start Awakening from the Dream that is the phenomenal realm. A Dream in that it is not Permanent. Life, each Moment, is to be Lived with the gusto that it is the only Real Moment of Life. And with the Positive assurance that each anew Moment is most Eternal and Infinite. To fathom Life you must BE Life. Life will ever evade you when you are separate from Life. So Awakening is Life Lived AS it IS, with no encumbering projections seemingly influencing Life. There is not Two. As long as there are conditionings there will also be one who is conditioned, a Dynamic Duo. Thus when the conditionings are eliminated the Two is again made One, a Dynamic Uno (not Two).

Our Salvation lies in the Crucifixion of the *other*, thus Death to ourselves, thus Ascension to BEing the True Nature we ARE. And BEing it the Way we ARE, without the conditionings. It can not be seen, nor heard, nor felt, nor tasted, nor even thought about. You can only BE it. But to BE it you must unceasingly untiringly unselfishly Commit yourself to it. Total equals Zero. Zero equals Awakening.

When the Stick gets too Hot, Drop it. Dare ye not to let go of dearly beloved beguiling Veils. Can the eye see itself ? The Eye will never know, because it never wonders whether it can. What matter does it make, it IS the Eye, because it IS the All Seeing Eye. It is the Tree of Self-Knowledge, without any knowing. It is the Wheel of Birth and Rebirth, without return. It is the Cycle of Life and Death, without mortality. It is the Totality of BEing. Mindful of What-IS, continuously, in every aspect of Life, whatever that Life might BE.

A daunting Task, the Battle with the Grand Trickster. The endless stream of mental chatter, of likes and dislikes, of Judgements and Desires, of grief and sorrow, of conflict and hate. The continuous self-arising thoughts of even a Moment could fill the Taj Mahal. This we must be very Mindful of, and how it effects our very thinking and behavior thus how it generates our reactions. And mostly how it Veils our Awakening. We must scrutinize every thought and every action, Observing ourselves as though we might Witness someone else. And Openly and Honestly Witness ourselves as the conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automaton we have become. To acknowledge our shortcomings. Not as a condemnation, but rather to Truly See Sleeping AS it IS. Seeing it in ourselves we must do whatever it takes to Cure this malady. It is Knowing yourself, thus Knowing the Sleeping state, thus Knowing those Sleeping.

There is no one to Blame for our conditioned condition, yet we are to blame when we do nothing about remedying it. So Salvation is not from some unseen force external thus separate from ourselves, but rather from ourselves. We must be our own Devil's Advocate, and Listen to our own detached examination. We must objectively Apperceive our own True Nature, and give up everything even ourselves for it's Unfoldment. This is the Observer BEing the Observed, neither having any vested interest in the other, thus either is BEing the other. Neither being separate form the other, not Two.

The Causes of the Suffering of humanity is not the myriad physical ills that burden all the manifested realm, but rather the very conditioned ideas and meanings and notions of all sorts that we so dearly harbor. Not to be scheduled by a periodic agenda, but constantly by the Moment are these Causes the very fabric of our daily life. There are times of Suffering and of NoSuffering, yet even the times of NoSuffering Causes others to Suffer.

You must Truly Understand the mind and it's intricate subtle workings. For it processes all our Desires and longings to be other than ourselves. It processes the seeming need to belong and to possess and to gather and accumulate and even move hither and yon. This processing is the very Veil that prevents us from Truly Seeing What-IS AS it IS, thus erroneously Drives us to the Twilight Zone of our very existence. Bombarded Moment to Moment by stimuli invoking predetermined programmed reactions/responses. A never ending Phenomenal Cycle of Pleasure and Pain. Thus the overwhelming consumption of our attention by distractions. This ever changing mental state is thus a resistance to the very Order of Change. This is the haunting dissatisfaction with ourselves thus ever avoiding ourselves. For we Fear who we ARE even though we have no clue as to who we ARE. The Fear of the seeming UnKnown. The Fear of the instability of NonKnowing. The clinging to the conditioned seeming known.

The Chain that Imprisons you thus Binds you to the Grand Trickster is the very Key to your Release. This Chain Binds you to the known thus to memory thus to the NonReal Illusions of your conditionings, Silencing your Song because you have no Voice. There are no self-arising thoughts nor self-arising memories at Present, thus Chained to thoughts and memories limit your Freedom thus limit your Wholeness. Though fleeting and ever anew, the Present is most Eternal and Infinite, thus Free to BE the very True Nature we ARE. BEing Present is the Chain that Binds you to Awakening, for BEing Present there is nothing to cling to nor anyone to cling to it IF there was something to cling to. So just remove the Chain of Connectedness from the Grand Trickster your conditioned condition and Chain yourself to Awakening. You and you alone can Affix this Chain, either to the Grand Trickster or Awakening/Freedom. You and you alone can Cut Through the Illusions. You and you alone can Save you. You and you alone can Walk that Walk.

It is in your letting go of the temporary world that you gain the Eternal Infinite Permanent world. It is when you let go of mortality that your ARE Immortal. That is, Die to yourself and BE your True Nature. That is, Die to yourself and BE yourself. Awakening is just another word for nothing left to let go, but it does not mean that you Lose anything because you have always been who your ARE but you did not Realize/Recognize it due to the Veil of conditionings. The Sword Of Truth only Cuts away defilements so you are still yourself, your Real self. This is the most misunderstood aspect of Awakening, by letting go of everything you lose nothing. So one could say that by letting go of defilements you gain what the defilements hid from your Sight. Not that you gain anything but rather that you Realize/Recognize what was always already there.

THEN there is the Battle of Helping and Serving others in their Awakening. Most times, as Arduous and Painful as Awakening itself. Helping and Serving those Sleeping to start Awakening. A major Struggle of taking such a Mantle ensues, as it is a Heavier Burden than the collected Baggage you had to expel to start Awakening yourself. But a Light Hidden away is of no use, other than a form of self-gratification which is no longer a consideration. Though words are no substitute for Direct Experience you are left to only Point. In the hopes, of course, that others will Look to where you point rather than the finger that you use to Point with. Yet fair be warned that ill Pointing results in repercussions far surpassing any human Torment, for ill fating another is far worse than even ill fating yourself. Pointing is actually no option, though the Pointing must be True else wise the Fate is a Thousand Deaths. It is a matter of Destiny. Set your Path well.

Not all Awakening Embark upon the Travel to the Other Shore, so not all are Fully capable of Correct Pointing. Thus can remain in the Peaceful Solitude of Awakening without taking up the Mantel of Pointing. Yet when Pointing the Pointing still must be True else wise the very Awakening will be encumbered and Darkened. We are all essentially Awakening, we just do not Realize/Recognize it while in the Dream state of Sleep. So it is not really a matter of working on Awakening but rather working on letting go of all defilements, letting go of all ill conditionings so that we can Realize/Recognize it. So the Potential is indeed in place, we just have to UnCover it so we can See it. So the Task of Awakening is simply the unfettering of our True Nature letting it BE, letting us BE our True Nature. It will not be without stumblings and incorrect calculations, yet these are our very Tools for picking ourselves back up and adjusting calculations. As no step is taken twice in the same flowing stream, so too we must Remember where we stumbled and what miscalculations thus assuring our continued Walk along the Way. Heed True Pointing, but also be heedful of ill Pointing. True Pointing Points to you.

OM - OM - OM

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