Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


You Must BE

Life is to Directly Experience. By Directly Experiencing life AS it IS and AS we Truly ARE without the conditioned nonsense that we have to empty ourselves of, Awareness does Unfold. The Key is to Directly Experience life Purely as undefiled elements of life, instead of the automatons we have become. Do you remember in the Garden of Eden, there was only Utopia or Bliss or Peace or Contentment ? And the Fall of man was not in eating the apple, but rather in thereafter desiring the apple that he ate. So life has become a struggle of emptying ourselves of false notions to get back to a point where we can continue to Unfold Awareness. The shame of it is that we immerse our young in the same stagnant cesspool that we are in. And so the beat goes on...........

Unconditioned, we are without judgement, so there can be no "unconditioned judgement". Only in our conditioned mind is there good and bad judgement. The whole concept of good and bad or right and wrong requires judgement. Sleeping, we make such judgements and call them good or bad relative to our conditioned notions. Awakening, there is no good or bad as there is no judgement as to either. Whatever IS simply IS, neither good nor bad, so Awakening we would have nothing to judge. Discernment is not good judgement, but rather the Recognition of that which impedes (What-ISNOT) our Awakening and what aids (What-IS) our Unfolding Awakening. It is not a judgement as to What-IS and What-ISNOT, but rather a Recognition of the two and responding to What-IS. Only Awakening can we Recognize the difference. Awakening, we can Recognize What-ISNOT because that is where we WERE and Recognize What-IS because that is where we ARE. Sleeping, there is no Recognition because our understanding is limited to What-ISNOT. Sleeping, we respond to What-ISNOT, conditioned to *think* that it is What-IS, because that is all we can understand. This is the seat of all wars and conflict amongst the various cultures and religious groups. And so, Sleeping, we are *denying* What-IS. Sleeping, we are the Slayer of What-IS. Awakening, we are the Slayer of the Slayer of What-IS.

And the collective conditioning of the society controls and manipulates us. There will always be a collective, a sort of brotherhood or respectful understanding among those who share and help each other, but there is no need for a fraternal body or group to dictate one's thinking and behavior. Indeed, there are times and there are those that need a *social order* or conditioned code of standards. But we must Awaken from that need and BE an independent or free element whether in a group (society) or away from the group. Sleeping, there is a need. Awakening, there is no need. For Awakening, there are well defined Laws of Nature that govern our every thought and every action. So which would be of greater precedence, the Natural Cosmic Laws that regulate the whole of manifested form throughout the Cosmos or the petty conditioned dictates of a social group who are always fighting with each other and stealing from one another and falsely representing their intentions? We each of us are associated to a given group or society......... by others. And we are conditioned to accept clinging to that association. We cling to it and it Causes our Suffering. The Path of Awakening is a solitary Journey that only we can Walk. And their are no footprints to guide our Way. What great Teacher of yore, including such personalities as Jesus, considered themselves a part of the social order? Does their example not tell you something?

Sleeping, we thrive on the dictates of our society and expect others to do the same (when in Rome do as the Romans do). Yet, Awakening, we will be guided by mutual respectful Compassion AS the Moment so such social customs or dictates are of no consequence. We must respect another even in his delusions, but we can not cling to those illusions also in doing so. We have wars, and discontent, and greed, and suffering due to those social illusions -- and we can not avoid the wars and discontent and greed and suffering as long as we cling to those social illusions. Which is full circle back to the fact that we are conditioned to *think* that the Suffering is worth clinging to the Causes of that Suffering. Simply: when we eradicate the Cause, we eradicate the Suffering.

You can fool some of the people all of the time, which includes yourself, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people (other than yourself) all of the time. Awakening, such foolery is quite obvious -- for Wisdom is not found in the printed word, but rather Realized in the space between them.

Now we have to work on dying to each hour that passes, then each minute, then each instant Moment and embrace each Moment as the very first Moment of the rest of your Awakening. As one of our new participants said (in so many words), words are but preludes or Pointers to what we can Direct Experience and some are preliminary steps toward greater steps in a Wondrous Journey.

The parent conditions the child. Francis of Assisi said, "give me your child for two years, those formative years, and it will be mine for the rest of it's life". That is, during those formative years we can be brainwashed or programmed to a point of a total automaton controlled and manipulated by the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind. IF, on the other hand, the parent would learn from that little Guru infant who is yet undefiled by conditioned ideas and images and meanings, perhaps we could learn that we should be letting go of some of our own conditioned notions.

It is to *Unfold* rather than *expand*, for What-IS is What-IS and can be no greater or less than What-IS so expansion would be out of the question. It is AS the Void that What-IS does Unfold such that we are finally able to Recognize it AS it IS. When we are empty, projecting nothing into/onto whatever we experience, we can Recognize What-IS as it IS. We can not serve two Masters at the same time. Life is not this and that -- in fact, is neither this nor that. Life, as God, simply IS. AS the Silence we Hear, AS the Void we See, AS Awakening we ARE. And in that Realization there are no names, there is simply the Realization.

Emotion fluctuates and is misleading in that emotions arise from memory which is based in the past. When we leave it alone and do not fall prey to the whims of our emotions then it can be no Cause of Suffering for it simply IS as it IS and nothing more. It is when we fall into it's sway that it controls and manipulates our thinking and behavior. And so by chained to emotion, our emotions will turn upon us and offer us up to much Pain and eventual Suffering. The heart (heart chakra) is actually the seat of the energy of Real Love and Compassion, not mere physical attraction or emotion. Many confuse Love/Compassion with emotion and use the heart as a symbol for both. Yet Love/Compassion requires no attachment where as emotion does, so they can not be seated at the same table (so to speak).

It is our desires and lack of mindfulness that are problems and not chocolate or drugs or crossing the road without looking. We must moderate our desires, keeping them in check such that they are not a major problem to us or those around us. If those desires are most deeply rooted and seem to defy moderation, then we switch modes and be the experimenter or Observer and give in to the desires and let them run their greatest height (as long as it does not harm any living thing other than our own ego). And Observe what happens to YOU, the experiment. You are the experiment and the experimenter Observing the unfolding of the experiment and what effect the desire has upon your thinking and behavior. And, of course, what effect the elements experimented with have on your physical body, and why moderation is not such the bad idea. Would this experiment not show us the value of moderation ? Would this experiment not show us the value of being Mindful of the insignificance of our desires and being mindful when crossing the street ? It boils down to *Who is in control, your desires or YOU ?*

That for which we seek will always elude us, for God can not be found or called forth by a name. That which we name, we lose and are left with simply the name. Only in our arrogance do we think we can capture or possess something by naming it. So, I would offer that we let go of both the opinions of others and our own opinions and Work On Ourselves so as to Unfold the Realization of both the difference between the two and What-IS Fact or Truth. And that we also let go of trying to determine *this or that* (Niti, Niti, not this or not that) and Dwell AS the Silence to Hear and Dwell AS the Void to See and Dwell Within to BE............... Awakening.

Indeed, *considering* that *perhaps* by some odd stretch of the imagination that we *could* have some minor deficiency that *perhaps* impedes our Awakening gets us at least looking in the right direction. Then, in not projecting any conditioned ideas or images or meanings into/onto those deficiencies which we Openly and Honestly Observe, we then and only then can Realize how these deficiencies control and manipulate our whole life and every aspect of it. Which should be enough to urge further investigation and thereby further understanding into these *possible* deficiencies. When we have taken our observations that far, without closing our eyes in fear, without turning and running from such Open and Honest observations, we Realize that our so called choices have been reduced to One. That One choice being, regardless of the pain of letting go of dearly held preconceived notions, to nihilate the observed deficiencies.

We are conditioned to follow others and not lead ourselves ourself. It is the *quick fix* for us so we will not have to go through the trouble to *find out for ourself*. Though we are conditioned to rely on another's opinion (which is actually a judgmental belief), an opinion is an opinion whether it be another's or our own. For an opinion is nothing more than a judgement based on our conditioned ideas and images and meanings, whether it be of another or our own. A sorry substitute for Realizing Fact or Truth or What-IS. Opinions are like butts, everyone has one and much crap is dispensed via one and the best utility of one is to *sit on it*. I would also offer that reason is little more than mental gymnastics, and it is only AS the Silence and Stillness of the mind that we are able to Realize Fact or Truth or What-IS.

The question might be whether we *react* or *respond* to experiences. The acquisition of correct/accurate knowledge is not a fault, but rather it is our clinging to that knowledge that impedes our Awakening. And when we Truly Listen rather than simply hear, it is not a knowing at all but rather an Understanding or Realization of that knowledge. In that Understanding, we know nothing yet can access knowledge in our embracing the Moment at hand. It is in knowing nothing that we can access All. We must know what we know and know that we know it, and know what we do not know and know that we do not know it, and Understand the difference between knowing it and Understanding it.

All True Scriptures, bar none, were written such that the profane, those not Awakening, those Sleeping, could not Truly Understand them. And all True Scriptures, somewhere within that Scripture tells us that. Yet, conditioned to *think* that we are Awakening, we read and interpret them. And alas, there is much confusion and argument and non-understanding. Would it not behoove us then, if we feel that these are True Scriptures, that we Listen to at least the statement that they all make about them not being written for the un-Awakening ? That is, a True Scripture can not be Truly Understood until we let go of our conditioned notions and start Awakening. A True Scripture is a useless text UNTIL we start Awakening. So I would say, as all the True Scriptures say, Awakening is the first and foremost step in Understanding a True Scripture.

Aside from that, the only translation of a True Scripture that is of any use is the one closest to it's original. The original writing is the most useful but we may have to settle for a close translation if we do not know the original language. And second, and third, and fourth, and so on, translations of translations of translations are less and less useful and of much suspect. For translations are not mere translations, but also redactions. That is, each successive translation was transcribed to suit those who had it translated. That is, it was changed to suite the translator. Is it any wonder that so much confusion and contradiction is found in Christendom's Bible? The contradictions are not due to the writing but rather due to the re-writing and redactings. Some history of that book's compiling might be of use as well. For if you do look into its history you will find that the book you hold in your hands is not even a good rendition of the book compiled some two thousand years ago.

Do not enjoy Slumber, for desires and such cravings are but Sleeping Pills. In the observation of these maladies controlling and manipulating your thinking and behavior, what does such observations serve if nothing is being done to remedy the malady ? You know how difficult it is to let go of the Causes of our Suffering. It is not that they always seem to be there, but rather that we always project them into/onto our observations. When we observe conditioned notions and cravings and desires (which are also conditioned notions), causes of our being controlled and manipulated automatons, if we are not too brain-washed to Realize this, are not these observations to serve our ability to let go of such ? These defilements are given reign or dominion over us by ourselves. WE inflict our Suffering so WE must Save ourselves from such Suffering. It almost appears that you glorify the Causes of your Suffering, which is a line directly from the Grand Trickster's script. Observing the Causes of our Suffering is one thing, turning one's back to them and giving them impetus is a waste of self-observation.

Again I point to the infant and say that the infant has no craving or desires beyond physical survival. Which is actually not craving at all, but rather the form struggling to survive. Infants live AS the Moment, where there are no desires or cravings. Desires and cravings are part of the conditioned notions that we must let go of. We can always observe the infant to see what our conditioned notions are. If the infant does not have them, then they are not natural and therefore part of the conditioned baggage. Those little Gurus are marvelous resources of information about who we Really ARE. IF we Openly and Honestly Observe them, without projecting any of our conditioned notions into/onto such observations. For we tend to *read into* just about anything we observe. This is where the Open Honest Observation is, not reading our conditioned notions into/onto our observations whether those observations be of an infant or ourselves.

Most are so subtle and seemingly go unnoticed. But the eye saw them, and the subconscious recorded them, so they were added to your *program* whether we *think* we see them or not. UNLESS detected at the time of sight and record. Mere detection vaporizes them where they are and so can not be entered into one's thinking or behavior. Perhaps start with t.v. commercials but do not stop there, for everywhere you go and everything you do and everyone you meet and interact with are also bombarding you with the same conditioned notions. The only difference being that the commercials are made to do that, whereas people are generally not aware that they do it to others. So extend your observations of the various conditionings you are bombarded with everywhere.

Beware -- Caution -- Serious Damage to Slumber WILL occur. Yet....... "'ride, boldly ride', the Shade replied, 'if you Seek for Eldorado'".

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*Daily Meditations*

Your Salvation is in Purifying your BEing acts and thinking Just Purified by Nothing left to let go or left for any linking, We must Empathize with those who can not Understand Because we can not Save the world though in Demand. -- Yogajyotii

We are not a Superman and we are really not ten feet tall After we Realize there is a little tare in our cape so we fall, What we thought was the cape was conditioning's abuse Realize a halo only has to fall a few inches to be a noose. -- Yogajyotii

We are Sleeping automatons getting light from an unlit fire Blindly thinking that to be Saved all we need is the Desire, Just Wake-Up a time or two and you will most easily See That if you want Awakening it is Awakening you must BE. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Compare = this as to that, whereas comprehend = aha. Sleeping, everything is compared. Awakening, nothing is compared. We must understand the past and how it robs us of truly experiencing the present. There is something quite special about things the way they ARE, all by themselves, with no comparing them with anything else, with out projecting our conditioned ideas and images and meaning into/onto them. Though the past is a foundation for the present, it should not reflect the present, nor the present reflect the past, for the present is not the past. Sleeping, the past is the present because we keep our focus on the past, making the past our present reality. A false reality, an illusion, for the past is done and gone. Clinging to the past simply prevents us from experiencing the present Moment, and therefore prevents us from establishing the future. Oh yes, there was a past and there will be a future, but neither is real for we are not in the past or the future -- we are right Here right NOW -- and this is the present -- so this is Real.

Why settle for half when you can have the whole enchilada ? When we are hungry, do we just take a couple bites of food and go about our way ? No ! We eat until we are satisfied -- or as the parents of yore used to say, "eat everything on your plate". To satisfy the urge to experience, we can not just have a hap-hassed experience, we must experience it and set it aside. Hap-hassed experiences leave a vacant spot in our very being therefore we will always be longing to go back and experience it again. But we can not go back, for the past is no longer real. If it is not experienced NOW, AS the Present, you have missed it. There is no instant replay like on monday night football. For each and every Moment is anew and fresh. This is why it is important to stay focussed AS the Present Moment, to give our total Attention to whatever is to be experienced AS that Moment. So there is never a longing for completeness, a longing to go back and try again. Otherwise, our experiences, and therefore our lives, tend to be hap-hassed.

There is only One Way, and that is the long arduous painful way of letting go of those cherished conditioned notions we have harbored for years. No short-cuts, no quick fixes, just stone cold-turkey let go and take a leap into your Awakening. Not a secure leap for sure, for it is a leap into what might be termed the unknown. But we have found that we can not trust the known for it is but our own devised illusion, so this seeming unknown could not be any worse. When you reach the bottom of the Pit there is but one way left to go -- back out of the Pit.

If the Void was filled then there would no longer be a Void. Emptying oneself to establish the Void opens a vacuum that tends always to fill back up -- then we are back to the emptying again -- a vicious circle I would say. When we establish the Void AS our emptying of our conditioned notions, we should simply Dwell AS the Void and BE at peace because we established the Void. Stand guard so that the Void never gets re-filled.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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