Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


The Secret IS

It is the nature of the physical realm to be in constant flux, ever changing Moment to Moment. And indeed, physical death is "a complete loss of existence" as far as the physical form is concerned. Physical form is quite mortal -- you can not take it with you. But science will tell you that energy (Potential Consciousness) can not be destroyed yet is always displaced. So WE, our Consciousness, our Awareness, can not be destroyed but is simply displaced other than in physical form. THAT is our Immortality, for it can not die. Dwelling AS that Awareness, BEing that Awareness while still in physical form, physical death is but another *day in the life* and so not much concern is paid to it. So the *displacement* is simply on to yet another physical form in yet another incarnation -- which is usually referred to as Reincarnation (Re-Incarnation). So WE (the Immortal Consciousness) evolves (sometimes referred to as *involution*) and the mortal physical form evolves to accommodate that involving Immortal Consciousness.

WE do not *change*, only the animation of the physical form changes -- or rather the physical form ceases to be animated. And at that point the physical form entropys back to it's natural elements of carbon a water (and a few trace minerals). And so the Energy, the Consciousness, the Awareness, WE displace to other more subtle levels of Immortality before animating yet another physical form. AS Awakening, this will make more sense. For our primary concern should be, I would say, Waking-Up -- and has been said by another, "be a lamp unto thyself".

AS the Moment, there is no past and no future. The major *ignorance* of death is our Fear of it or basically the Fear of the Unknown. YOU, the displaced Consciousness, animates the physical form that someone named, for the Need to Experience what you have Experienced and is brought about by the Influence or Tendency toward those Experiences (which some refer to as Karma). So you see, WE Realize what WE are DOing and Need to DO though the physical form (due to it's elementary nature of construction needing animation) can not. For you see, the physical form has no inherent Awareness of it's own, save what our True Nature gives it. Figuratively speaking, a mere lump of clay fashioned to OUR Needs.

Since it is of little concern to US what happens to the physical form after death, should it be of any more importance as to how it's existence was happenstance in the first place ? Good information so WE can keep the physical form in as good a shape as possible as long as possible, but this is not why WE are Experiencing this physical realm. Could Consciousness manipulate the physical realm without animating the vehicle of a physical form, any more that the physical form could manipulate the physical realm without Consciousness animating it ?

For this Realization is a Key factor in the recognition that we are toxically conditioned. First, most people will not accept that they are conditioned. If they do accept it, they *think* that it is not all that bad and that it is needed as *human beings*. And before they will be able to Wake-Up (as I term it), they have to recognize that they are conditioned (products of their surrounding lives) and that some of that conditioning is toxic to their Unfolding of Awareness. Then and only then will they be able to accept Help in that area. Many times, this recognition is Realized due to some seemingly random Experience that makes them question the amount of control and manipulation that they are victim to. You have obviously taken a first step in relieving yourself of this malady (toxicity of thoughts).

*Chance* is the activities in Las Vegas casinos and not the activities of the Cosmos so *coincidence* is an alien word AS Awakening. "Things are not what they seem to be" in the physical realm are what some refer to when they say that life is an Illusion or is not Real. What you see is what you get, but what you see is not what it is all about -- because we see with eyes founded on Toxic conditioned thinking and behavior. We are conditioned to *believe* that what we see is important and should be held onto (attached to) -- even though we can not take it with us. How can we be attached to something that we can only use for a short while and then we are off to elsewhere, leaving it behind. If we are to be attached to anything, I would say that it should be what we do take with us -- Inner Awareness, involution. We will be able to enjoy the physical realm *next time*, so why be concerned with it *this time* -- it will be here when we get back. Influences and Tendencies toward Needed Action in any given situation will be established and we will interact therein/therewith (Karma).

There is no *choice* at all. Karmic Influences and Tendencies will draw one to situations that we will interact in and we will Act therein. The seeming choice of Action is what our particular state of Awareness (or lack of same) warrants. AS a given situation, AS a given state of Awareness, AS a given Moment, there is only A given Action that we can take. Yes, these *seeming* coincidences will seem to be more frequent the more you Awaken, yet they were always there though you did not Realize them. It is that you can more readily Recognize them the more you Awaken. Until the time comes when they are Seen no longer as coincidences but rather your ongoing Realizing or Unfolding or Awakening. With the physical eyes we see a facade, a covering, of What-IS, and with Inner Eyes we See beyond that facade into the Reality of What Really IS.

Wake-Up -- which is actually a redundancy because it is obvious that is what you have started doing. But do not *think* that there is a *quick-fix* and you will magically be Awakened one day -- it does not work that way. Do not rush it. For it is like a domino effect -- once it starts it just keeps going and going and going and...... By the way, your disenchantment with yourself and your life is not unique to you -- it is something that we all go through just before taking that first step onto a Journey that will Enchant us forever. That Journey is called AWAKENING.

Indeed, there have been a number of so called *contemporaries*, and still are, very Awakened. And we can revere them for their Awakening, but they can only Point us to the Path and not Walk it for us -- No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way.

Do not imagine your self as anything -- do not imagine, just BE. But your Observations OF yourself are very True. Why *label* who you are, why not just BE who you ARE by giving no energy to the outer form ? Why not give energy to the Unfolding of your Awakening, and who you Really ARE will be quite Clear to you ? No one can tell you who you are -- you must Realize that yourself.

If I may offer, what is missing is perfection addressed directly. We are of course perfection, in that what ever it is we are doing (BEing) IS perfectly, unquestionably, and utterly unchangeable -- the absolute epitome, of that state of BEing What-IS. And yet in your comments you point out that there is a Progression toward Awakening.

To BE is to be perfectly what you ARE. Each Moment is perfectly as it IS and what it IS. There is no mistake, no flaw, no taint, to the Moment that IS as it IS, even in the Moment that is being the denial of this Truth. That denial is perfectly that denial and will never be improved on or subtracted from -- to BE is to be Perfect. The question is, is a given state of perfection progressing Awakening or stifling it. The Moment that is the escape or the Recognition of our imagined imperfections is also Perfectly what it IS. This sentence is perfectly this sentence, that thought that is now the reader is perfectly what it IS. What you ARE, you are wholly and perfectly. The fact that we ARE and that we are Perfect as we ARE, does not negate the fact that Awakening is a progression away from Sleep. So in our perfection, our progressing IS our Awakening.

The movie is indeed a distraction of fantasy, but the *total absorption* or the *total attention* or the *total concentration* is a definite characteristic of one who is AS the NOW. So in a very real sense, it is quite correct in viewing the situation as being in the NOW. Now, if you can use that same *total absorption* or the *total attention* or the *total concentration* and not have distractions of thoughts or movies or whatever, and Dwell simply AS whatever the Experience AS the Moment IS, without projecting any conditioned notions into/onto the Experience OF the Moment, THEN you ARE focussed AS the NOW.

Consider it a *dry run* or *practice* for the Real Thing, for I would say that you are *partially* there with the *total absorption* or the *total attention* or the *total concentration*.

Actually it is the most Natural Experience you will ever experience, but you are not used to it due to all the years of conditioning that you have been bombarded with. *The Day of Reckoning* for such conditionings is Unfolding for you however, so Greet it with Open Arms.

Any so called "realization" that is part of thought and words -- and therefore part of the game you are playing, it helps maintain the status quo. It will never, ever, make for any change for you do not sign your own death sentence, you just establish it's offering. We do not want any change here, yet we strive for it. That is what is responsible for the neurotic situation we find ourselves in. What we are interested in is a "dialectical approach to Truth" -- a sophisticated form of blah-blah, for that will help us stay what we are and feel we are getting somewhere anyway. We are not honest enough to admit that either to anyone else or to ourselves.

Honesty seems to be no less of thought than all of the negative qualities you seem to suspect thought is owner of. Be at ease. Thought holds no sway over any-thing, has no effect, causes no results. Thought, like non-thought if non-thought be the instance, is simply what you are being and what impetus you give it. Indeed, negative thought, if you choose to be negative thought, is negative thought, but never doubt that thought, as it is, is no danger, no threat, no demon or spoil. I can imagine no deeper hell than the endless circle of thinking that thought is an insidious monster that has stolen away our lives ! This is but a distraction to blame thought for our Suffering, for it is the conditionings that are the Causes and not simply thoughts. Many of our Wonderful Friends would release one's own tail and burst with glee at such a conception !

But the question is, do the thoughts and words Veil our Awakening or are they handy tools to interact with the world at large ? As I usually stress, we must have dominion over the thoughts and words rather than the thoughts and words having dominion over us. Sleeping, the thoughts and words arise automatically causing us to react to any given experience. Awakening, we bring forth thoughts and words as tools to aid us in responding AS the experience. The difference lies in the automatically arising thoughts and words before we get a chance to experience causing us to react, and experiencing first then bringing forth thoughts and words to aid us in responding. This is experiencing the Moment without projecting any thoughts or words into/onto the experience of that Moment, then bring forth thoughts and words to aid us in responding AS that Moment.

I have spoken much of "conditioned thoughts and behavior". I have not linked thoughts and conditionings together as much as in the past. For it is necessary, once we start recognizing the conditionings, to Realize that the *result* (thoughts for example) of our conditionings are not necessarily the Cause. A thought is a thought, and mind is a mind, a brain is a brain, and they all are being what they are. A thought, a mind, a brain, a conditioning IS What-IS, DOing and BEing What it IS. And all are entities within themselves. Could we function or communicate without thought or mind or brain ? Could we study and learn and eat without thought or mind or brain ? We do not through out the baby with the bath water, so we address the Cause (conditioning) of the problem so that we can still have thought and mind and brain. It is not thought or mind or brain that we must discard, it is the conditionings. Just as the thoughts and mind and brain are instruments of conditionings, they can also be instruments of Awakening. It is not the instrument we must discard, it is the conditionings.

A general statement -- whenever reading an old text from a different time, and from a different culture, and a different writer than of your own inclinations and trainings we must first study the era and the culture and the writer and the writer's situation and thinking before we can hope to *receive* what the author *put forth*. This is a general statement relative to any text or scripture. For the True Seeker not only wants to understand what the writer put forth, but also to BE the author as the author was putting it forth (or to Realize the Intent of the author). Then, one will Truly Understand and Know.

Beyond that, to clear up the soul thing, in the translation from Sanskrit to English, the "soul" was meant by Patanjali in olden Northern India as none other than the indwelling True Nature Awakening. In Sanskrit the word used would have been more like *Indwelling Essence*, but to the English translator that was the *soul* to him. My caution is, do not get hung up on words. Read for overall content based on NO projected meanings of words.

At first we establish the Silence and dwell AS this Peace and the absence of pestering thoughts. But we have to take it a step further once this state is established. Then we have to expand this state of Peace and Openness and Observe our thinking and behavior, discarding the thinking and behavior that is toxic to our Awakening. You see, not all conditioning is toxic. The conditioning that is necessary to survival and health and vocation I call *learning* (but is actually conditioning). Since it does not stand in our way to be able to Dwell AS the Moment AS a State of Awareness, it is not toxic and therefore holds no need to discard it. We are a product of our environment -- not Nature, but rather the environment that we live in a social setting whether it be family or friends or associates or whatever. Much of the influences of this environment are necessary and some of these influences lead us to be attached to something or some aspect of this physical realm. The attachments are the toxic part because they are what stifle our Awakening -- that is the part of our conditioning that we have to discard to further Unfold.

Getting back on line -- if you seek a *message* AS the Silence, you will never find one. What you *look for* will always be hidden from you. I do not talk of a "special message", but rather a *Clarity* and a *Realization* of what the best course is for you to take. Do not look for a message, simply Dwell AS the Silence and then Expand that Silence to an Open and Honest Observation of your thinking and behavior and the dilemma that you *think* that you are in. And it is not a *quick fix*. And it can not be *forced*. Let it *flow Naturally*, and simply enjoy it in the mean time. Have no fear, we could use a good *Scientist* around here -- I have a number of crazy schemes that we could work on.

Until we let go of the last strand of conditioned thinking we can not rely on anything about us for it still is controlled and manipulated by the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind. As long as there is a single fiber of conditioned perception, our perception will be tainted thus unable to Apperceive.

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*Daily Meditations*

So too the Way is Wayless it is Lighting your Fire And thus must BE if there must be your only Desire, Truth/Reality will never be found in what's Spoken But rather where conditioned notions are Broken. -- Yogajyotii

The Gold you Seek is not actually a True Treasure Nor is the mistaken Identification of Mystic Pleasure, All you can Attain is your True Nature AS it Really IS Without all your conditioned notions of That and This. -- Yogajyotii

Scripture is only Pointers so can't be taken Literally Or one won't See where they Point and Fail Bitterly, Statues and Trinkets will only distract your Retention The Secret IS nothing is Hidden just your Attention. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


There are as many routes as there are people, for everyone's life experiences and particular flavor of conditioned notions are different. But all routes must somewhere blend into a Single Path of Truth and Reality. For there can BE only One. Not mine, not your's, not anyone's, but rather What-IS Truth and Reality.

When we let go of *our* way, the way that we have been conditioned to *think* is our's, THEN we can start to Walk the Way of Awakening from our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts. So I would offer not to mistake the Fact that we must Save ourself with the fallacy that we do it *our way*.

Sleeping, conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons, indeed we have many *choices* as to what we desire or judge to be so. Yet Awakening from the conditioned illusion of choices, we can only do that which must be done AS the Moment. For the Moment, the very instant present NOW, is really the only Reality at our disposal to do anything AS. Freedom is in not being at the end of the strings of the puppeteer the Grand Trickster our conditioned mind. As long as we are controlled and manipulated by our conditioned thinking and behavior we are not Free, but rather imprisoned by those conditioned notions and simply *think* we are Free.

Why choose one or the other ? Such a dualistic approach establishes that existence is not One but many. The *other* is only in our perception, a conditioned perception that we are outside of that which we ARE. Physical manifestation can and does take many forms but it is but One physical manifestation. There is nothing other than that which is manifested either grossly or subtly. What-IS simply IS What-IS, there can be no *other* than What-IS.

Why is it that so many different belief systems in various parts of the globe held by varying peoples are basically very similar ? Could it be that "in the beginning" (the beginning of cognition in what we call now the human specie) that certain Cosmic Laws were quite obvious to anyone who could think at all ? Yet through setting up cultures and group idiosyncracies that the belief systems modified to fit better the particular group ? That in this beginning there was just Truth and Reality yet as we gathered together in bands drifting apart from other like bands that we *decided* that we wanted *our own truth and reality* ? And so we established *our own truth and reality* that was of our own contrivance and was subtly different than other groups' truth and reality ? And generation upon generation, modification upon modification, we have come to a point when we *think* our own contrived truth and reality is more truthful and more real that another's ? And so we war and fight and hate and deceive and try to control and manipulate another to *change* their belief system to our own ? Even though the Wise Sages and religious icons such as Siddhartha and Jesus and Muhammad all said that our Salvation is not in our head but rather in our Compassion for All Life ?

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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