Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


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God IS, as we ARE -- all is perfect which IS what it IS. It is when we harbor dualistic notions such as the frog being other than the jump that we lose sight of the fact that the frog BEing the frog jumps. As we lose sight of the fact that *There can BE only One*. Your answer, then, is in your question. The Grand Trickster the conditioned mind can rationalize anything. Freeing ourselves from the grip of the Grand Trickster, rationalizing is for naught.

Each Moment is anew, as the Direct Experience AS each Moment is anew. Is that not change from the preceding Moment ? Is there anything in the manifested realm that does not Unfold ? Where there is no change, there is past that prevents us from BEing the present which carries us into the future. The Moment is anew each Moment from Moment to Moment, and to greet the present Moment with less zeal and freshness than the past Moment would indicate our grasping of and clinging to that past Moment -- not wanting to change.

How do you listen to yourself ? Do you talk to yourself ? The higher power ? Higher than what ? All seriousness aside, most do not *go with the flow* of those Inner Urges mainly due to their conditioned notion that *if it is not in their program, they should not do it*. They should operate as programmed, like all good programs -- if not operating as programmed, call the society help line, for they will get you back on the right track. Going with the flow of those Inner Urges will get you in trouble with the Programmer the Grand Trickster, but what the heck, it might lead you to Alice and the White Rabbit. For those Inner Urges are signs of your Awakening trying to surface, and if you do not allow it to surface you will stay fast Asleep. We are conditioned not to let those Inner Urges surface, we are conditioned to operate as programmed. May I offer that you throw caution to the wind and *Go With The Flow* of those Inner Urges -- you may be surprised as to what you may Realize. One thing for sure, you will Realize that Trusting those Inner Urges makes you feel a lot better about yourself than not. Especially when those Inner Urges are not tainted my conditioned ideas and images and meanings.

If I may, the conception that bodies and personalities remain the same is based on ill thinking. If one would look to see that the body that remains steady is not other than the environment that it is thought to be in, and continually changes, the concept of a non-changing body ceases. Likewise, if one can come to see that the thought that is continually offered is not different than the environment in which it is offered, and that is always changing, the idea of a persistent personality ceases. Though the action *Deep Bow* or *Roaring laughter* might be often repeated, it does not, can not, remain the same. The *Deep Bow* or *Roaring laughter* offered here, is not the same as the earlier. The entire Universe has changed utterly, and the bow or laughter in either instance is not different than the entire Universe.

Do not be a negative energy generator/mirror yourself. Another tried and true cleansing method. Because you can not combat negativity with more negativity. When negativity enters your abode, greet it with open arms as a long lost friend. Much vital force is in negative energy, so use that force constructively to transmute your energy to a positive emanation. We can use adverse situations to strengthen and fortify our own continence, our own state of BEing. Do not react to negativity with hostility, but rather respond to negativity with understanding and Compassion. Fires are better fought with water than trying to fight it with more fire. If you allow the negative energy to control and manipulate your own energy, what you are doing is precisely what you are trying to combat. BE the positive energy that you want in your abode. Do we kill for peace ? Do we break the law to uphold justice ? Are we negative to fortify the positive ? As the Niki ad so aptly puts it: "Just DO It !" Just BE it !

Indeed, the difference between our *self* and our *higher self* is but an Illusion contrived by our conditioned notions of *self*. In fact, *self* is itself a conditioned Illusion to establish our so called *identity*. When we discard these conditioned ideas and images and meanings we Realize that we simply ARE. Ego is part and parcel of that conditioning glorifying the self and establishing it's importance, it's drive for superiority, it's drive to possess and cling to and attach to. Freedom is the Realization that All IS and that we ARE and that it is all One.

May I offer: *try* not, do or do not, but do not *try*. *Trying* gives us the fail-safe loophole not to succeed, and most often we will not succeed because of this loophole and so we can rationalize our not succeeding to "it was not meant to be". When actually, due to our conditioned notions, we knew we could not succeed so we established an *escape route* by simply *trying*. There is far less stress in *doing until it gets done* or not doing at all.

Sleeping, we react to inputs due to attachments and memory. Awakening, we respond to inputs due to the offering of the experience of the Moment for there are no attachments. Our thinking and behavior is controlled and manipulated by such attachments. Modus Operandi IS Sleeping or Awakening, there is no such thing as *switching of modes* at will -- except in our conditioned minds. It is not a matter of *detaching* ourselves, but rather not attaching ourselves -- or better, de-attaching ourselves. Sleeping, conditioned, there is no way to do this -- Awakening, it is our Natural Modus Operandi. There is no such thing as *choices*, Awakening we simply respond to what ever IS the Direct Experience AS the Moment. It IS, so we ARE.

And a wondrous web we weave once more. For the ego is part and parcel of our conditioned thinking and behavior. So to discard our conditioned notions, we would also be discarding our ego. Is it not our conditioned ego that does not allow us to live Peacefully and without threat of conflict and war ? Is it not our conditioned ego that urges us to use and abuse others for our own sake ? Is it not our conditioned ego that drives us to kill and maim others to get them to believe as we do. We must take down the screen of belief. One will believe in God, and another does not believe in God, so our beliefs separate us from each other. So, ego, which is conditioned belief, becomes a means of escape from What-IS, from the fact of confusion. Do we not know those who repeat certain chants and words, and who in their daily life are dominating, cruel, ambitious, cheating, dishonest ? Is this not ego ? To "lubricate" the ego is to perpetuate it's control and manipulation of our thinking and behavior. Where there is ego, Awakening is not. Where there is the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind, Awakening is not. So indeed, "the task at hand" is to discard our conditioned notions and thereby indirectly discard our ego. That is, IF we are to be Awakening form the delusions of our conditioned ego.

So before you can Dwell AS the Present NOW, and before you can Realize Oneness, you must first BE Free of your conditioned notions. For THEN and ONLY then can you Truly Go Within and "BE a Lamp unto thyself".

Telling one to go Within is not cruel or ego based but rather simply a Fact that must be Realized. I stress however, that one must first discard, let go of, our conditioned notions the we are so fond of clinging to. To go Within before first getting rid of our conditionings, all we will realize is our conditioned notions. All of the answers that people seek are Within, but can not be Realized until AFTER we discard our conditionings. Psychology, behavior modification, conditioning, subliminal conditioning -- areas of study that will give you an idea of the influences that control and manipulate our thinking and behavior, and how it comes about that we so willingly give up our Freedom for this control and manipulation.

After you have an understanding of the influences and conditionings that shape our thinking and behavior, then Observe these conditioned notions and influences in your thinking and your behavior. You will startto recognize what a automaton you are. If you want Freedom, if you want Awakening from the delusions that you have been conditioned to *believe* all your life, then the Task is to discard the conditionings by Observing them in yourself and one by one discard them. It can be a long and arduous Struggle, for some of them are to dear to let go. Siddhartha said that we would give up everything including life itself for some cause whether it be Noble or not, but would refuse to give up even a minor Cause of our Suffering (which is the control and manipulation by our conditioned thinking and behavior).

Zikr Meditation IS the practice of Self-Remembering. Mindfulness Meditation IS Dwelling AS the Moment, the Present. But we can not Self-Remember or BE Mindful if we are conditioned automatons. If you wish to Realize What-IS, then there can be no thought of the past or of the future. But *want* nothing, for in your *want* you keep pushing both the Present and Oneness away form you. Do not want, either Do or Do-Not, but never *want*. In *wanting* you are dwelling in the future -- simply Do what must be Done. Think not about where you have been, nor where you want to go, just Do what has to be Done right NOW.

It would seem, that if you were to discard the conditioned notions of individualism and judgement, Realizing Oneness would be *second-nature*. Are you observing these conditioned notions in yourself ? You may Talk about them, but do you see them in yourself and see the hideous vermin that they are and you a hideous being for harboring them ? Are you a worthless conditioned controlled manipulated automatonic puppet ? WHEN you Realize this, and Openly and Honestly see yourself in The Mirror of Truth AS this hideous vermin, and are willing to confront the greatest struggle humanity ever has to face (ie., let go of the Causes of his Suffering), as Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita reveals, THEN and ONLY then will you let yourself havethe opportunity of Awakening and Oneness.

Truth -- indeed, most sought after by most everyone. But most are conditioned to *think* that they already know the Truth or they fashion some notion that they call the Truth -- and kill and cheat and steal because they *think* that their Truth is better than another's Truth. Each culture, each country, each individual has their own brand of Truth. But the fact of the matter is, that Truth can not be sought nor fashioned nor held by anyone. Truth can not be sought because it can only be Realized. Truth can not be fashioned because it IS as it IS. Truth can not be offered because it can not he held or possessed. AFTER all conditioned notions, AFTER all contents of the mind, have been Silenced or discarded, THEN we can Realize Truth. But it is not my Truth or your Truth, but rather simply Truth. Such Realization can not be imparted to another, for we can be but Pointers so that others may Realize Truth as well. And there no *past* Truth or *future* Truth, there is only Truth AS the Moment, Moment to Moment. So we Study and Learn and gather all sorts of information so that we can Openly and Honestly Look into the Mirror of Truth and See the hideous conditioned programmed automatons that we ARE and Vow to Cleanse ourselves of these Veils to our Awakening. THEN we can Realize Truth. For no one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to The Path, but we ourselves must Walk The Way. So do not Seek for Truth, Seek out your conditionings and discard them. THEN you will Realize Truth.

We are not "of" the world, we are *in* the world. Indeed, a world of our own making and therefore our responsibility to accept the consequences of our handy work. Though our handy work always causes more ills than reliefs, due to the fact that we are guided by our own Illusions (conditioned thinking), we have been programmed to *believe* that we have correctly *chosen* a *lesser of multiple evils* and even *enjoy* our seeming *choices*. So the *desire* to both BE this world and attach ourselves to it IS our Suffering. Yet, when we stand back from the world and gaze upon our handy work and Observe the mess we have made of an otherwise Garden of Eden, we Realize that the Causes of this Suffering is not in our handy work or our acceptance of it, but rather in our Desire and Attachment to be "of" it. BEing Observers we Recognize the ills of another's handy work, and though not our own handy work we can Help Wake-Up those who do Cause these ills and Help to protect ourselves and others from such ills. Simple *wishful thinking* will not eliminate the ills, for the ills do reek much havoc in our daily lives. But replying to a passer-by who threw a stone at us by throwing the stone back at him, would be a bit foolish when we ourselves live in a glass house. I am simply saying to catch the stone thrown at us and hand it back to the passer-by and Help him Understand that we both live in glass houses.

The so called "negative energy" is not an entity in itself but rather the emanation of our own conditioned ideas and images and meanings -- fear being but one of those self-generating self-perpetuating self-fulfilling conditioned notions. Indeed, the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind is more Real than most would like to admit -- for WE ourselves are the Grand Trickster harbored in our conditioned notions. This is why the Grand Trickster is so hard to find, for we will not go Within and root out this Cause or our Suffering. We will give all even life itself for some cause honorable or otherwise, but will refuse to give up even a minor Cause of our Suffering. There will always be Suffering as long as we cling to the Cause (conditioned thinking) of that Suffering. When we get rid of the Cause (conditioned thinking) of our Suffering we will no longer Suffer. A very simple equation, but the most arduous and painful task humanity will ever have to face because the *Cure* is more *Painful* than the vermin we must wrench out.

"Judgments", "critical thinking" or otherwise, IS conditioned thinking. The flesh can burn or decay or change into some other form without the slightest effect on it's doing so, *pain* is in the mind. Pain is not recognized by the form, it is the mind that recognizes pain. Hence the saying: *it's all in your head*. Hence the saying in Alice In Wonderland: *Feed your Head*. "As a man thinketh, so is he".

Indeed, a baby has embarked upon a new adventure that is some times called *physical manifestation*. Being quite dependent on others also engaged in the adventure, the baby will rely upon others for is comfort and lack of pain for the baby has better things to occupy itself with than such inconveniences, for the baby has no way of manipulating the circumstances that it is in. Depending on the age of the baby, the younger the baby the less the concept of comfort or pain. All the baby "knows" is that it needs no inconveniences because it has this new adventure to Observe. We should take note of such offerings of this Wise Sage the baby and BE more of an Observer than a generator of the Causes of our Suffering. Indeed, animals are more Inwardly Awake than conditioned humanity, but not more Evolved. Humanity is just Sleeping, and the animal kingdom is not.

*Fear* is the Illusion, though so is the *release from fear*. Though fear and illusions do Cause us much Suffering, it is the conditioned ideas and images and meanings of fear and other conditioned notions that are THE Cause of our Suffering. Fear, like other conditioned notions, are but tools that others use to control and manipulate our thinking and behavior. Indeed, conditioned notions are not us, they are but Veils so that we can not BE ourselves or Understand ourselves or start Awakening to who we Really ARE. Conditioned notions are but *tools* that we use to control and manipulate each other. We are programmed automatons Sleeping until stirred by some conditioned notion such as fear to initiate some predictable reaction. WHEN we Realize THAT, we Realize that it is time that we stop reaching over and hitting the *snooze button* when the *Wake-Up* Alarm goes off.

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*Daily Meditations*

A multiplicity AS Unity when we Realize the nomenclature Is a facet/aspect of the Unity/Totality of our True Nature, We tend to it's needs but give it no more real importance The attention on the Whole rather than parts' endurance. -- Yogajyotii

There is your answer there is no one to care or to shout There's no one identified with whatever it's to care about, When each multiplicity is more important than the Totality There is divisiveness and self-importance and not Unity. -- Yogajyotii

When Unity/Totality is more important than it's very parts Then there is only What-IS AS Unity/Totality that starts, How can it be otherwise an Illusion of your permanence Memories are but collected photographs not inheritance. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


I would say that all elements in Nature are Alive and Alive AS the very present Moment. Nature is indeed quite resourceful and *seems* to plan for some future event, but every Action is taken AS the present FOR the present and BECAUSE of the present Moment. And to get back more in line with the original offering, Nature Observes Completely or Totally or Intently, undistracted by some petty conditioned concern. It is when we Intently or Totally Learn and Listen and Observe, undistracted by our conditioned notions, that we See. Otherwise we simply see our own projected conditioned notions. What is important to Nature is NOW, so it would seem that NOW must be Reality or What-IS -- according to this Wise Teacher we call Nature. Nature, offering such a Wise and profound Teaching, is it any wonder that many have and still do worship Nature ?

May I offer, that to *fight fire with fire* will simply bring forth increased flames. An opposing force only invites yet another force to oppose the opposing force. When a force is applied, and we step aside not offering an opposing force, perhaps the force not having an opposing force to sustain it will fall on it's face. Is it not one of the problems of the world at large that opposing forces struggle, causing Suffering and Pain and strife and conflict ? Do we have so little to do that we would maintain the Illusion of permanence and value in such struggles ? Sleeping, there is always struggle in the Dreams of those Sleeping because they will Rationalize any Truth offered -- and so can not be Rational about anything. Awakening, there is only What-IS in any given Moment so there is no struggle nor Rationalizations -- and so no need to be Rational about anything.

Are you an *Atheist* or a *Theist* or an *Agnostic* ? Is there a difference ? For *believing* there is a God and *believing* there is no God, is really of the same *belief system*. For Awakening is not a matter of *what* you believe, but rather *that* you believe. The problem is in *belief*, and not in whether one believes one thing or another. As long as there is *belief*, there is no Awakening. So the fallacy is not in one's particular belief in God, but rather that there is belief at all. It is neither this, nor that -- it simply IS. Sleeping, we believe that there is some so called Higher Power or that there is not. Awakening, we Directly Experience the Realization of ourselves -- which IS a far more Higher Power than our conditioned ways of thinking and behavior. It has been said that Self-Realization IS God-Realization.

Indeed, Awakening must be continually Realized *religiously*, Dwelled AS the Moment form Moment to Moment, for the Direct Experience of Reality and Truth IS continually anew each and every Moment. As Life and Compassion and Empathy and the Moment must be continually Dwelled AS and Realized *religiously*. Yet, indeed, *practicing* even these as a *religion* is nothing more than *belief*. So it would be the habitual practice of any conditioned notion that evolves into a religion based on beliefs, which is just the opposite of Awakening because Awakening IS the Direct Experience of What-IS (Truth, Reality).

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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