Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Take Heed

The *I* is the "common ground", making both the same and both as invalid as the other. As long as there is an *I* there will always be a particular condition and someone in particular to identify with that particular condition. The conditioned *I* substantiates the conditioned particularity, so when the *I* is let go of so too is the particular condition. IN/AS such state of BEing non-particularity there is only BEing and nothing else for there is no such varmint as "else". No such varmint as this or that or neither or both.

All such natures are most interesting. But the Real interesting one, we could care less about and even avoid. That is, our own True Nature. When we can not Understand our own True Nature we can Understand nothing. Do we not have to clean up our own back yard before we go snooping around in another's ? The difficult part is Understanding ourSelf, AFTER that all else is most easily Understood. On a falling star ? Or perhaps with a penny in the well ? Most needed circumstances, so it is said, for wishes to come true. BUT Awakening is not a wish.

Yes, it is easier to Talk, but actually there is no "doing" by us but rather BEing. IN/AS the Moment there is nothing to do and no one to do it, All simply IS as it IS. There is just YOU IN/AS the Moment. That is, we are not an individual entity separate from all else any more than whatever is done is separate from all else. We ARE what is done. So there is doing and there is that which needs done and we do it, but not as separate from all else that IS. A Flow, a Dance, an Eternal Infinite Continuum of What-IS (which is what has been and what is and what will be, as well as what has not been and what is not and what never will be). There is nothing lacking IN/AS the Present Moment -- nothing to regret or remember or desire. No Pain, no Suffering, only the Pure Heart of the new born. Only the awesome NonDual Wonder IN/AS Whatever-IS. The best that anyone has been able to communicate such state of BEing is *All IS One*. Which actually means nothing, for it has to be Directly Experienced to actually Realize/Recognize/Understand it.

So, paradoxically, once we ARE that state of BEing it becomes more difficult to Talk about accurately for words are insufficient. IN/AS the Moment, IN/AS the Direct Experience of it, and the communication of such state of BEing are not the same thing. Though indeed such Talk is quite Recognizable by those Walking that state of BEing (whether it be from the Direct Experience of Walking it or just Talking it). As there is but One Truth, there is but One Moment -- Eternally Infinite as it IS.

Intelligence is a most valuable tool, but can be quite limiting when it impedes actual Awakening. This is not to slight the intellect, but rather that there comes a point where intellect brakes down and must be nonexistent AS BEing Awakening. This is when the complex becomes quite simple. Education and learning of this sort is most valuable in interactions daily and Work AS Awakening, yet I have seen so many contrive mountainous structure to climb to Awakening. Amounting to little more than Towers of Babel, yet are most misleading and instills yet further false security. Something further to cling to.

Indeed, that which is named is not that which is named. The only thing we can do is Point. Most everyone knows what a given flower smells like, but they would be hard pressed to verbalize that fragrance. So for any Walk we can only Talk as Pointers, yet the only True Talk is the Talk that IS the Walk. When we limp and stumble as we Talk, so too the Walk will be fraught with limps and stumbles.

Seeking Awakening is like Seeking a needle in a hay stack when the needle is not even in the hay stack. When we Seek Awakening we only see our own projected conditioned notions *thinking* that it is Awakening, yet when we stop Seeking for Awakening and work on our own conditioned notions we Realize Awakening.

No matter what metaphor we use, it took half a lifetime to ingrain our conditioned notions so deeply that they are *lived* unconsciously (in fact we are convince that those conditionings are life) that it will take more than just blanking them out to *make them go away*. They will not go away on their own, one really has to work at it to root them out. Every person Truly Awakening since time immemerable has told us this, yet we are conditioned to avoid that part of the Wisdom offered and just look at the easy quick-fix part. Indeed, Awakening IS BEing IN/AS the True Nature we ARE IN/AS the ever anew Eternal Moment, yet to establish such BEing one can not avoid or cover up or suppress or otherwise not acknowledge our conditioned modus operandi. Not only do we have to acknowledge it, we have to wrench the notions out by brute force because they have become the very foundation of *life as we know it*. Either people do not know what they are up against, or they avoid it because it is too painful to deal with. Either way, the quick-fix of not paying any attention to it and imagining that it just somehow goes away from neglect is just another way of fooling ourself. And not only do we have to get rid of the already firmly rooted conditioned notions accumulated most our lifetime, we have to be Mindful that the continuous bombardment of conditionings of everyday life never get to take root. Do you really think that Great Yogis of yore went off into caves to meditate sometimes 24 hours a day sometimes without food or water sometimes for many years because conditioned notions were *no big thing* ? For someone to go to such lengths, do you really think that working on ourself is *no big thing* ? Do you really think those Yogis were fools because they did not realize that it was *no big thing* ? If it was *no big thing* everyone would be Enlightened, we would not have to "know thyself", we could just blank-out. Though it is not very feasible for most of us to go off into caves, we do not get to enjoy the Rainbow unless we put up with the Rain.

You do not possess the clothes or jewelry you wear, when you "walk in the streets" ? Are you going somewhere to possess something else, food or whatever ? It is all in the mind. Possession is all about what you cling to or attach yourself to or Identify with as something of belonging. The Grand Trickster never runs out of reasoning, always maintains an intellectual prowess. Always maintains the game. And mental activity IS the reasoning and the thoughts and the game. Sleeping (conditioned programmed controlled manipulated robots), the reasoning and the thoughts and the game is endless.

Full of conditionings, the mind is a wondrous tool to grasp most anything. We can intellectually understand anything. But it is all in our head. We can even intellectually understand Enlightenment, but it is just a concept. Now when the mind is Empty of conditioned programs we can then BE that Enlightenment that previously we merely understood. We are conditioned to *think* that it is safer to keep it in our head. Indeed, no Pain. Only the Pain of not being able to BE it. For to BE Awakening we have to let go of those dearly beloved conditionings, and that can get very Painful. One of the conditioned notions to start with is "belief", for it simply shows what we do not understand and can not BE.

My offerings are but a Pointing to the defiling dust on the mirror. And not *my* sense of Truth, but rather a simple Truthful Pointing to the Truth of the dust on the mirror. Not *my* Truth, but rather Truth AS it IS. The Fact that everyone seems to have their own rendition of Truth is the very foundation of war and conflict and selfishness and ills of all sorts. When we let go of *our* truth and Realize Truth AS it IS, without our conditioned projected notions, we might get to ridding ourselves of the very Cause of our Suffering.

Do not chase it, and do not Seek to have and hold it as your very *own*. Work on letting go of the defiling conditioned notions that Veil you being able to Recognize it. Truth is a sneaky playful devil, it waits until you are not looking and whacks you on the head {8-> You can be sneaky too, just stop looking for it and sure enough it will give you a whack. And another clue is not to look at it once you get whacked, because then it is gone again. Just Dwell IN/AS the Bliss of the whack. When you do just Dwell IN/AS the Bliss of the whack... guess what... it will whack you again... and again... But then, few can handle the whack... or even handle the constant Bliss. That is, the whack can be very Painful, and the Bliss means that there are no dearly beloved notions. Perhaps that is why few ever pay much Attention to the whole Truth thing -- do you suppose ?

Yes, most mental people, especially if they have any ego at all, are in that *Master Game* category. And by your route to the Path most of your undertakings have been mind oriented. We catch a glimpse that something is wrong but we do not know what. So we establish a Quest for ourselves and so we establish ourself as the Warrior Seeker. We all do. In retrospect, however, to ourselves, we look more like Don Quixote warring with windmills. For indeed, that is what our Quest and our Seeking turns out to be. Do not get me wrong, the Quest and the Seeker are very important preliminary steps in our Awakening. We must see this Game of social life to be of some error or we would never Seek. We must set up a Quest so our Seeking will have direction and bearing. We must be a Warrior for the battles we face are most fierce for we must Slay the Slayer of the Real. And we must Seek or we will never find. But eventually we must Realize that what we Seek is the Seeker, to "know thyself". For no matter where we go, there we are. Our Quest turns out to be nothing more than us running away from ourself, for we are what we glimpsed to be wrong. So we contrive a whole list of Games, hence the article "Self-Actualization". For you see, when we can determine what we have become (the games we play) we then know what we have to let go of to finally take the First Step On the Path.

For True Meditation IS the polishing of our stone or Mirror of Truth so that we may see our own defilements and rid ourself of them. For actually meditation must be a constant continuous state of BEing if one is to start Truly Awakening. That is, we practice meditation via sitting sessions to establish what I call the *Meditative State of Mind* or *Meditative State of BEing*. Next we must emanate that State of BEing into/as every aspect of our life. Then the sitting meditation session is a practice to delve deeper and deeper into ourself but is no longer needed as a practice for we then ARE Meditation. So, True Meditation is in BEing that Meditative state of Mind IN/AS everything we do or say all the time. Some refer to this State of BEing as BEing IN/AS the Moment, BEing IN/AS NOW all the time.

Our task then is to BE this State of BEing IN/AS our interactions in everyday life, not just in those meditation sessions or even just when we get away from it all. For you see, those meditation sessions and *it all* IS life and it is IN/AS life that we must BE Meditative State of BEing. That is, not a coat we wear once and a while or even at certain times of the day, but rather a coat we wear AS life itself. Wisdom IS zazen, and zazen IS Eternal Infinite Meditative BEing. IN/AS sessions as well as IN/AS Life.

Yes, the rules for the Grand Tricksters's game is the same regardless of what game we contrive. A sad fact is that it not only applies to the usual religious games but also to the more Eastern Spirituality games. Basically none of these games are actually games UNTIL we apply the Grand Trickster's (our) rules to them and fashion them to our liking. And interpreting Scriptures and Wise words filtered by our conditioned modus operandi. We get in trouble in discussion groups when we Point out these hypocrisies, these obvious misrepresentations. We are seen as heretics trying to start trouble, even though all we are doing is trying to Lovingly Point to the Moon that they only see the reflection of in a pool of water *thinking* it is the Moon.

Their dedication to their Illusions are awesome, without a lull in energy. If only they would apply that dedication and energy to their own Awakening they would not continue to spin their wheels in the mire they themselves generated with the games. I never cease to be amazed at the Evolved/Involved capacity of the intellect to work overtime to complicate that which is simple. We are always re-inventing the wheel because we do not understand how it works. We have this notion that Wise Sages of yore are insane recluses devising traps for us. So, as Frank Sinatra sang "I'll do it My Way". He made millions with that line, we just make the mire we stand in deeper.

Yes, by not playing the games we have the opportunity to Observe the workings of the games. Not being a part of the problem, it is easier to be part of the solution. And Pointing is about all that can be done, though few will take note. That can not discourage our Pointing, however, because their lack of seeing where we Point can not be taken on as our own burden. We can Empathize and have Compassion for those stuck in the quicksand, but when they would rather sink than take hold of the rope we Point to we can not take it personally.

I would offer that only in man's conditioned arrogant self-importance does he *think* that he has some Divine volition to *create* anything other than the Illusions he is conditioned to think are Real. Most positive thinking efforts most often feeds humanity's folly. For it is not in filling the head that we Truly Awaken, but rather in Emptying it. It is not in individual self-importance that we Awaken, but rather in our insignificance. It is not in our separation that we Awaken, but rather in our Unity. It is not in our Duality that we Awakening, but rather in our NonDuality. It is not in taking on more conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts that we Awaken, but rather in our letting go of the conditioned baggage that we have already accumulated throughout our life.

Wholeness or Totality is the foundation of NonDuality -- All Is One, a Unity of Multiplicity. But "divine volition" ? What is volition other than the ability to choose ? Volition, choice, Divine or otherwise, is but a contrivance of Duality. If All Is One, who is to choose ? If All Is One, what choices are there ? So who is there to create ? Even Einstein said that nothing is created but rather rearranged. There can only be One or Two, the seeming mixture is folly. If you are to be Wholeness or Totality or Oneness, may I offer that using Duality to do so is a hypocrisy and contradictory and will only add to already established delusion.

It is one's Understanding or Awareness of What-IS that must be inclusive of All that IS. For "individual importance", even if you say it is "who's singular presence is the universe", connotes possession. Who is there to possess ? What can be possessed ? "Singular personage integrity" is counterproductive to Oneness or Wholeness or Totality.

We are conditioned to "self-validate" via our conditioned notions. We are conditioned to *think* there is permanence ? These are our conditioned notions. There are aspects (Laws) of the Cosmos that are seemingly stable or permanent in our limited short duration in any given incarnation. Yet, as each Moment is Eternal and Infinite, each Moment IS anew and always in flux or change.

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*Daily Meditations*

Your Study and Practice must not just be for some show For True Awakening is getting off the Stage and then Go, BE Mindful of not only your own Dedication AS a Serenity Also of the Sleeping world you're IN with seeming Identity. - Yogajyotii

You aren't a babe any more so put away the childishness For your Attention must transmute to certain Selflessness, A misguided Intentions no matter how honorable they are Is nothing but a Delusion as though it's a wish upon a star. - Yogajyotii

Awakening is not about you or any of your arrogant ways Trying to Serving Two Masters is as the end of your days, Who do you think needs you for you are the one in need So it is you who must Truly Listen consider and take heed. - Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


What I refer to as "routes" are none other than our particular course in life, with all it's experiences and learnings and conditionings. This is the "route" we take in life. There are as many routes as there are people. These routes, due to the very nature of Evolution/Involution are headed for The Path. Problem is that we get side-tracked with all of the attachments and desires that defile our getting to that Path. So we contrive a path of our own, with it's own truths and own concepts of god and love and right and wrong as a justification for us not getting to The Path. After all, though sentient we are quite intelligent beings so we have to have a reason for not getting to where we were naturally supposed to get to in the first place. Our conditioned rationalization being that we do not have to get to "The Path" because we have one of our own. Which suites us quite nicely. We are comfortable and safe and secure in "our path" (so convinces the Grand Trickster). Bottom line is that if we are not Awakening, we are not on The Path but rather a comfortable contrivance of what we are conditioned to *think* The Path is.

And as has been obvious since time immemerable, if we are not on The Path we are not Awakening so we are Sleeping automatons. Reaping transient seeming rewards for our folly. And we can not Hear the AlarmClock to Wake-Up when our Ears are plugged with our conditioned contrived notions that control and manipulate our thinking and behavior. And I have yet to see an organized religion that has a remedy for getting this conditioned contrived filth out of our Ears.

Truth can not be altered whether it is experienced or not. Truth simply IS as it IS, and that is the only way we can experience it. The truth that is altered is but the contrivance of the conditioned mind. Obviously yesterday's truth was not Truth at all, or it would still be Truth today. As everyone has their conditioned ideas of truth, that differs form person to person, is obviously not truth at all but rather each person's conditioned notions and nothing more. Though they are conditioned to *think* that THEY understand Truth, all they understand are their conditioned ideas and images and meanings and nothing more. When they Understand Truth, the Truth will be the same Truth from person to person. When they get rid of the Causes of their Suffering, when they get rid of their conditioned notions, THEN they can Understand Truth.

Life is most Wondrous. Perhaps the problem is that people are not Realizing this until genomics tells them so. We may be getting at the root of our Suffering here. For indeed, people do wait around for some *authority* to tell them this or that otherwise they just keep bumping into walls. Through a *genetic engineering* with the help of genomics, they could simply alter the genes of the parents and therefore breed Blind Followers and not have to be bothered with conditioning them later. Sounds like a step forward in Genetic Engineering, we can not be Watchful of that which we know nothing of. The Grand Trickster lurks EVERYWHERE.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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