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Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Still Sleeping

P.T. Barnum's famous line "there's a sucker born every minute" comes to mind. All good showmen, including many of our modern day Gurus, know that we are easily beguiled. They know this because they know the foundation of that which influences our thinking and behavior, and the drawing mystery of what is called the unknown. They feed on those influences. Though it is a good study to dig deeply into the various forms of conditioning, especially the behavioral sciences and subliminal conditioning techniques, we can look at how we train our young or train animals to do as we want them to do. That is, given a particular situation or stimulus a given response will be elicited. Take that as a basis and apply it to humanity as a social creature, with advertising or fear engendered propaganda of organizations and governments. Then see how these various *influences* control and manipulate our thinking and behavior. The real joke is that we do not even realize this is happening to us. In fact, we are conditioned to reject the notion of being conditioned programmed robots entirely. A few are trying to find out why after ten to twelve millennia (as recorded history's limit) we as a humanity keep getting more depraved and more sadistic in our wars and conflicts and crimes and violence or all sorts. Not to mention increased corruption and greed in all level of society and government and organizations. We have not gotten better with our so called advancements, but rather worse. Why ? Because we have become our own worst enemy, because we have become the Grand Trickster Tricking ourself, because we have become the Slayer of the Real.

And is it any wonder that progress back out of the vile nature we have established as ourself is so slow with the Fact that we are plunging ever deeper into the Kali Yuga Cycle (the Darkest of the Dark Ages).

This is the essence of True Meditation -- to Still the mind. Regardless of what particular practice one uses, getting the mind not to operate the programs stored there. Of course, it gets easier the less conditioned thoughts are there. So as we let go of conditioned notions the fewer thoughts are there to arise. The mind is our operating system, being a mind doing what the mind does. We would not want to get rid of the mind, it is too vital a tool for our very existence, we just want to Silence it. Of course once this is accomplished in the meditation session, we must then emanate that meditative state of mind into every aspect of our life. In this way meditation becomes a way of life rather than just a means of Silencing the mind for a while. There are many positive side effects of meditation, but the main thing is that it is the first step in establishing a continuous constant Peaceful Open state of BEing our whole life.

Indeed, in meditation and establishing your ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment wellBEing, there can not be automatic arising thoughts for there are none IN/AS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment. IN/AS the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment we are but a Witness of that which we see and hear and touch and taste and smell. An Awesome experience, that once experienced one spends the rest of his days making it as permanent as possible.

Ah yes, at first we know everything there is to know, then after a few more Insights we admit that PERHAPS there are a couple of items we did not know, then further down the Path we Realize that we really have a lot to catch up on, then further yet we wonder whether we ever knew anything, then there comes a time that we Realize that what we know is Nothing. Likened to the cliche "the smarter we get the dumber we are". If we want to be intelligent we have to learn at least one thing new a day, yet if we want to be Wise we have to forget something we have learned each day.

Indeed, What-IS is Totality. The Good and the Bad and the Ugly. Totality, Oneness, Wholeness, Completeness, is the Key to What-IS. Problem is that too many too often separate the multiplicity of United What-IS into various parts and *think* (are conditioned to think) that it is the whole enchilada. I may stress Awakening and the Painful Struggles with conditioned notions more than phenomenality, yet phenomenality is just as Real/True as non-phenomenality just not the Whole Reality/Truth. We have been conditioned to acknowledge phenomenality too long as the only reality, so my feeble efforts are more in Balancing the Scales a bit.

This is the crux of many not starting Awakening. Unlike good wine, Awakening is not dependant on phenomenality and IS ever anew and Eternal, does not simply Unfold without a little nudge of letting go of conditioned notions. Like the Michelangelo painting on the chapel ceiling, god with arm stretched out desperately trying to make contact and man's haphazard reaching. Oh sure, as enough people start Waking-Up (when and if they ever do) those around them will *follow* as they have since time immemerable. But that is not Awakening, that is going along with the program as we have for way too long. No one Saves us but ourself, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourself must Walk the Way. Those who *think* that getting rid of the conditioned notions is simple "Nothing to do and no one to do it" have a Rude Reckoning yet to face.

As stated earlier, once Awakening there is nothing to do for it all has been done. Thing is, we had to do it so we could start Awakening.

We can BE the Oneness True Nature we ARE, but the Moment we open our mouth to communicate to others what they are missing we step into the dualistic realm of concepts. We must Understand this, as others must Understand this also, for all we can do is Point. Anything we say is not Reality and is not Truth, though the words may be Realistic and Truthful they are only Pointers. Those who ARE the Light have to do something with it, as even those who went off in caves for a greater part of their life to unfold the True Nature they ARE and therefore BE What-IS always came forth to Help and Serve with words knowing full well that their words were but mere Pointers toward Reality/Truth and are not to be *believed* as Reality/Truth. We must be IN the world but is not advisable to be OF the world. So in our conversing, as in any conversing for example, we are only Pointing. The Key is not to get mesmerized by the finger.

As coins are minted as a re-arrangement of materials (I doubt old coins), so too the new born fashions from existing materials. And as in coins, impurities of the materials are inherent in the new born. Physical impurities and maladies. Unlike coins, adults refashion the new born after we get them. For unlike coins, the new born has an Empty mind that we have to fill with our conditioned notions.

This is the conditioning spoken of above. A conditioning in the example of "do as I say and not as I do" so the conditioning is opposite of what we think. For the parent to condition a new born not to lie is ridiculous because a new born can not lie, they are taught to lie more in what they see than what they are told.

As learned (conditioned) attitudes from others and the parent. Children mime adults, so "from out of the mouths of babes" is a reflection of what the adults and others *show* them. The odd thing is that it is shocking to the parent because the innocence of the child is revealing the parents defilements and conditioned notions.

Children mime adults, so "from out of the mouths of babes" is a reflection of what the adults and others *show* them. The odd thing is that it is shocking to the parent because the innocence of the child is revealing the parents defilements and conditioned notions. What the parent obviously did not *show* the child in your example was *Respect*. Respect for All and Compassion for those Suffering.

Though DNA and physical make up of the individual is called a certain conditioning, these structural attributes and/or shortcomings are not the psychological/mental conditionings that stand in the way of our Awakening. It is the *added baggage* that we acquire throughout life with our social and parental interactions. It is the added conditioned baggage we have to let go of, not what we are made of. Perfection is not in the physical form, that is as it is and can not be perfect. But we can Perfect our thinking and behavior by not being conditioned programmed controlled manipulated robots of the contents we harbor mentally. This sort of argument about conditionings being inherent in the form is but an *avoidance response* away form the problem of *added conditioned baggage* we carry around with us.

I often Point to the new born because they are so IN/AS the Moment, perceiving Life AS it IS right there on the spot. No conditioned notions of this or that, in a state of Pure Wonderment and Awareness. They show us many things defiling about us. They show us the Purity of Life we have forgotten. Before the new born is conditioned in *our* ways, there is no Hate or Greed or Racism or Nationalism or Desire or any of the defiling characteristics that keeps humanity in conflict and war and crime and corruption. Ah, as Jesus said, "be as little children" BEFORE we adults mess them up.

Naturally, without a conditioned mode of thinking established, we would take responsibility for our Suffering. Take a look at the new born and very young children. Before they are taught to lie (conditioned to lie) they take it on the chin and Learn by the experience. After they are taught to lie (conditioned to lie) it is always someone else's fault. Gurus for us adults, those young ones.

If Suffering brings about Enlightenment, since we have been Suffering for hundreds of thousands of years, we would all be Enlightened by now. No, Suffering begets Suffering. And until we deal with the Causes of that Suffering we will continue to Suffer until our sun super novas again. No Wise Teacher of Sage ever said that Suffering by itself leads to Consciousness, but rather that by embracing the Suffering and addressing the Causes of that Suffering we can BE the Consciousness we ARE. It is where the finger Points that we must pay attention to and not the finger.

Sleeping you do not have a choice because you are controlled and manipulated to do whatever to are conditioned to do. Awakening you have no choice because you do whatever needs to be done. Only in our conditioned need to have some control over our lives do we *think* we have volition of choice.

No, Suffering is not necessary, but rather simply IS a Fact of conditioned life. Again, take a look at the new born as a time-line of existence (a microcosmic glimpse of the macrocosm). We start out with no conditioned notions and no Suffering (other than the inconvenience and discomfort of physical life), as humanity started out with no conditionings and no Suffering. Then as we teach our young to follow in our footsteps, condition our young to be like us, we add to them the burden of the Suffering (conditioned thinking) that we have carried around and have Suffered with. As humanity contrived ways of controlling and manipulating others for one's own greedy selfish benefit we established our Suffering.

As said, our masks are what we hide behind, and most times they even fool ourself. But you can not hide your True Potential, even in the written word. Due to the Fact that most pay attention to the word, any word will do as a mask. Yet, the space between the words is where we See the True Nature behind the words. As in True Meditation, it is the space between thoughts that we glean Insights and not in the thoughts themselves. Indeed, words can only be Truthful and are not actually Truth but rather Pointers to where Truth IS and can be Recognized/Realized/Understood.

We are never anywhere other than where we ARE. No matter where we go, there we are. And there is no tomorrow where we are, as there is no yesterday. Just be careful not to keep Sleeping after getting out to bed. Walls are hard on the nose.

First, *you* can not achieve Awakening. Secondly, there is nothing to *achieve*. Thirdly, it is not a feat that can be pursued or undertaken. You have to let go of the conditioned notion that there is an entity to achieve some feat. And you have to let go of the conditioned notion of achievement. And you have to stop Seeking or pursuing this seeming goal. So, Awakening is not a *goal* but rather the Way or the Path. Now, Awakening, you ARE your True Nature which is the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment. Observations in such a state of BEing are as awesome and wondrous as the new born's first sight -- totality without any conceptualizations or intellectualizations -- it All IS AS it IS -- and we have nothing invested in it -- and it owes us nothing -- it is just *there it is* -- WOW. "Be as little children", let go of the conditioned baggage that has been acquired throughout our life and *get back to* the state of BEing as the new born. So it would seem that a "recommendation" would be in letting go of something rather than achieving something to establish True Nature Seeing.

As long as we harbor our dearly beloved conditioned notions, we will see via those conditioned notions whether in our body or out. The body is not the Cause of our Suffering, but rather our conditioned modus operandi. One of the first conditioned notions that we have to let go is the conditioned notion that we have to *thinking* about it and not "Just Do It". IN/AS Silence we Hear, IN/AS Void we See, IN/AS Awakening we ARE. Slice it and dice it as you will, "if it is in your head it is dead".

"Postulate" ? "Theory" ? "I" ? You are postulating and theorizing yourself into oblivion. As long as you cling to that security blanket of programs in your head your reality is only virtual -- a product of your intellect. And all the Grand Schemes can not put Humpty Dumpty back together. You have got to travel lighter, and discard that baggage that weights you down. Why "think" about it ? Why not just let it go and *Do It" ? Let go of the head games, for you are only fooling yourself.

There are no greener pastures than right this very anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment, and we have to get out of our head so as to BE this Moment. For seeming *choices* are contrivances in our head.

Is the Present too Painful to bare, that some contrived conditioned notion of some conditioned future event is more accepting ? NOW is NOW, what about NOW ? The past is done and gone, as the future is not yet, so what is left ? Perhaps NOW ? Your head may be single pointed, not leaving room for the multiplicity of vastness that IS What-IS. Yet there is no point so any pointedness is contrived by conditioned concepts. So I would offer to let go of the single pointedness, let go of the concepts.

It is in Understanding/Recognizing/Realizing who/what we ARE-NOT that we can BE who/what we ARE. Knowing others is Intelligence, knowing ourself is True Wisdom, Mastering others Strength, Mastering ourself is True Power.

Do you not Hear the AlarmClock ? Too much mental chatter ?

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*Daily Meditations*

Don't be so beguiled for not all is what you think it may Don't believe your eyes or senses or what all might say, The Grand Trickster is a charmer so will drag you down You're in over your head you can not swim you'll drown. -- Yogajyotii

Must be Open and Honest yourself before you'll Know That Openness and Honesty of another where you go, Did you think you came from distant stars that will shine Or that you could so determine what is your's and mine. -- Yogajyotii

When it comes to practice you're just window peeping Going through all the motions but actually still Sleeping, Though you seem to have engendered a certain vision Conditioned distortions make it no more than derivation. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


There is a difference between experience and experiencing. Do we not indicate by adding *ing* to a word that the experience is IN/AS the present instant Moment ? Is not our memory a data-base of experiences ? Yet is not experiencing, an experience being experienced at the very Moment that the experience is experienced ? Further, we can be Aware of what we experience or are experiencing for we can Recognize that we are experiencing the experience IN/AS this very Moment. Yet we can also be totally oblivious to what we experience and/or what we are experiencing for we are projecting our conditioning into/onto that given experience that we are experiencing.

Sleeping, we separate ourselves from what we Observe or what we experience. Awakening, we Recognize the Observer AS the Observed, so the experience that we are experiencing IN/AS the very Moment that we experience it we Realize that WE are the experience that we are experiencing. WE are the Miracle. WE are the Consciousness. WE are the experience.

Direct Experiences hold more Reality and Truth than all the Wise words and Wise Scriptures and Wise Sages put together. ONLY the Direct Experience at the very instant Moment that IS that Direct Experience can Reality and Truth be Realized. And IF indeed we have the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear and the Awakening to Understand such Reality and Truth, then all of our study and practice is but discarded building blocks for such Realization or Understanding. But we can not Unfold our Awakening True Nature via the intellect, so the old cliche "it's all in your head" is actually quite profound in that when we Empty our head we start to Hear the Silence and See the Void. For our perception must be of our whole BEing, our True Nature, not projecting any conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts into/onto that perception. When we can do THAT we can START to Wake-Up.

Let go of the dream -- if you do not hold onto the dream you will not have to deal with it. The dream being our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions that Veil our Awakening. The Causes of our Suffering. And indeed that dream is already quite the nightmare and getting worse as we proceed further into Kali Yuga. Therefore it will get progressively more difficult to let go of our dreams. The answer is simple, yet as Arjuna points out in the Wondrous Poem Bhagavad Gita, letting go of those cherished conditionings will be the most arduous and Painful task humanity has ever or will ever have to undertake. Not insurmountable, but indeed difficult for we have come to depend on those conditioned notions to sustain our folly and Illusions. Where would we be without our folly ? Where would we be without our Illusions ? Perhaps Awakening ? Scary !?!

There is no anger IN/AS the Moment, for there is no time for such to arise. A side effect is that there is also no time for conflict or hatred or war or greed or selfishness and the like.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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