Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.



How does the mind Realize Freedom when the mind itself is wrought by conditioned delusions ? Can the mind Free itself from itself ? Is True Realization only an activity of the mind ? What about the rest of the form, is it not Conscious ?

"Anguish" ? "Prospect" ? "Ending" ? But if "With the mind realizing freedom of all delusions wrought by words, progress toward direct apprehension of Creation can begin", how can there be "anguish" or "prospects" or "ending" ? For my Friend, IN the Reality of the Moment there is no "anguish" or a "prospect" of some mythical "ending". "Anguish" is left over from not completely Awakening from emotion, and "prospects" for some future event that is not IN the Moment and therefore not Real is clinging to wishful thinking, and to think that there could ever be an "ending" to the Direct Experience IN the Moment (which happens to be the only Reality that we can Directly Experience) is but the fear of losing what we think we have.

The Grand Trickster "entertains", Awakening we Dwell IN the Moment of What-IS AS it IS. To bend to our conditioned ways would keep us from Directly Experiencing whatever that Moment IS. It is mere dualism to think that "life and awareness" are separate, for Life IS Awareness and Awareness IS Life. And how could such Awakening be "opposed" to "minerals" ? For all manifested form IS Life and Awareness ? Ask "minerals" and they will readily attest to the Fact that "minerals" are just as much Life and Awareness as any other form (human in this case). Though indeed, it is hard to distinguish many humans form rocks. But "nonlife" ? A term invented by the Grand Trickster to trick us into thinking that there is no Unity in the apparent Diversity of manifested Form. At the most subtle Observations, all manifested form is One, and therefore Life and Awareness.

And what did "awareness" do to bring about this Enlightenment ? For all of us here would like to "become enlightened" too, like your Venerable One ! But for the fish to discover water, the fish would have to "consider" itself separate from the water -- yet could there be fish without water ? When the fish Realizes that it IS water (a mere diversity of Unity), then the fish would not "consider" the duality of separation.

Is the fish Aware that it is a fish ? Or is it simply BEing a fish, BEing Aware ? Likewise, is the Universe Aware that it is the Universe ? Or is it simply BEing the Universe. May I offer, that only conditioned humanity dualistically "considers" that there is a self to be Aware of. Awakening, humanity would Realize that there is only BEing Aware -- of, I might add, no particular thing including oneself.

The Grand Trickster the conditioned mind is the one who "tricks" us to *believe* the Illusions of ownership and fear and emotion so rampant in this physical manifestation.

Under the condition, of course, that we ARE unconditioned. For pretending that we are supposed to be the conditioned controlled manipulated automatons that we are, is prostrating ourselves in front of the Grand Trickster, worshiping our conditioned mind as god.

Discarding the conditioned ego *leads* to equanimity, but there are many more conditioned notions to discard before we reach any Inner Balance. The Scales will always be tipped one way or the other until all conditioned ideas and images and meanings are set aside and we embrace the Moment AS it IS and what the Direct Experience IN that Moment Reveals to us. There is Meaning IN each Moment, but we have to Recognize that Meaning by not projecting our own conditioned notions into/onto it. But Equanimity is not a "phase" but rather a state of BEing, for a state of BEing is Limitless but a "phase" is confined to the limits of our conditioned thinking. How can a "phase", engendering limits, be Limitless ?

"AnyPlace" ? Are there *places* ? May I offer, that there is but One Place and that is right where we ARE right NOW this very present Moment. All other places are but props set up by the Grand Trickster.

If I may, the conception that bodies and personalities remain the same is based on ill thinking. If one would look to see that the body that remains steady is not other than the environment that it is thought to be in, and continually changes, the concept of a non-changing body ceases. Likewise, if one can come to see that the thought that is continually offered is not different than the environment in which it is offered, and that is always changing, the idea of a persistent personality ceases. Though the action *Deep Bow* or *Roaring Laughter* might be often repeated, it does not, can not, remain the same. The *Deep Bow* or *Roaring Laughter* offered here, is not the same as the earlier. The entire Universe has changed utterly, and the bow or laughter in either instance is not different than the entire Universe.

No phenomenon is repeated, as no Moment in it's entirety is repeated and the two are the same.

The best way that I have found is to dig out the old fashioned hardware of a bucket of hot soapy water and a scrub brush, and have at it. A tried and true cleansing method. OR: Do not be a negative energy generator/mirror yourself. Another tried and true cleansing method. Because you can not combat negativity with more negativity. When negativity enters your abode, greet it with open arms as a long lost friend. Much vital force is in negative energy, so use that force constructively to transmute your energy to a positive emanation. We can use adverse situations to strengthen and fortify our own continence, our own state of BEing. Do not react to negativity with hostility, but rather respond to negativity with understanding and Compassion. Fires are better fought with water than trying to fight it with more fire. It would appear that you have allowed the negative energy to control and manipulate your own energy, so what you are doing is precisely what you are trying to combat. BE the positive energy that you want in your abode. Do we kill for peace ? Do we break the law to uphold justice ? Are we negative to fortify the positive ?

As the Niki ad so aptly puts it: "Just DO It !" Just BE it ! No one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way.

Indeed, the difference between our *self* and our *higher self* is but an Illusion contrived by our conditioned notions of *self*. In fact, *self* is itself a conditioned Illusion to establish our so called *identity*. When we discard these conditioned ideas and images and meanings we Realize that we simply ARE. Ego is part and parcel of that conditioning glorifying the self and establishing it's importance, it's drive for superiority, it's drive to possess and cling to and attach to. Freedom is the Realization that All IS and that we ARE and that it is all One.

May I offer: *try* not, do or do not, but do not *try*. *Trying* gives us the fail-safe loophole not to succeed, and most often we will not succeed because of this loophole and so we can rationalize our not succeeding to "it was not meant to be". When actually, due to our conditioned notions, we knew we could not succeed so we established an *escape route* by simply *trying*. There is far less stress in *doing until it gets done* or not doing at all.

"Good or unpleasant" is again our conditioned judgement system of right/wrong or good/bad or pleasant/unpleasant. May I offer that ALL Direct Experiences are of great worth to us, for it is in the True Open Honest Observation of those Experiences that we come to "know thyself". The present instant Moment IS, and is established by what we do the previous Moment. And so, what the next Moment will BE is established by what we do NOW. So you see, we establish what is "meant to be", not a predestination sat up by some imagined *higher power* to teach us some imagined lesson. Conditioned, Sleeping, we respond to the Direct Experience IN the Moment with conditioned notions and so what is "meant to be" is also of that same conditioned nature. A *Vicious Circle of Blindness*. Awakening, not conditioned, we respond to the Moment as it IS without projecting our conditioned notions into/onto that Direct Experience and so what is "meant to be" IS What-IS -- IS Reality, IS Truth.

Self, yes... understanding of Self is less important than Recognition. Recognition gives rise to responsibility and responsibility to a Realization of Freedom.

It is common, it seems, that there is a great mistake made toward Self, that being a clinging to instructions and practices designed to destroy only our work a day conceptions about Self. This results in an adherence to a belief that Self is not. These exercises and practices, when used correctly as tools, may result in the removal of many limiting and problematic beliefs about Self -- this is Good. It may arise that Self is not what we may think it to be. Further, it may arise in the Recognition that Self need not be ANY-THING at all (this is an excellent understanding !). But when these exercise are misunderstood and result in a belief that Self is not, we are left with much of the insupportable and unreasonable rhetoric observed

Self is that which is Self throughout. When it is seen that the Authentic Self that is Self as you, is the Self throughout All, and that you are the All throughout, then this is Self.

Self is neither in nor out, but AS. Self is not AS any-thing, but AS this, now this, now this. Self is AS the denial of Self. Self is AS the Recognition of Self. Self is infinitely responsible. Even responsible for believing in non-responsibility. Self is utterly inescapable. Self is all efforts to escape.

Ego is what Self does (or becomes) and ego (those behaviors categorized generally as ego) exists only as Self is it. Ego is not an entity or an energy of itself. Ego is not responsible for any action, can not be responsible for any action, is not the creator of any action, knower of any thought, doer of any deed. Ego is what is done.

Though it is often that ego is created (conceptualized) to overcome, ego exists nowhere but in the struggle to over come ego. Ego is you, you are what you are doing (being). To escape from 'you' is to run from your own feet. Ego is not over come, it is given no thought. Ego disappears as a fist disappears when the hand is opened. Ego is the enemy that gives purpose to happy Gurus. Ego is the excuse in the pretense of non-responsibility. Ego exists only as it is conceptualized.

*Belonging* indicates a larger whole that we belong to and that such belonging establishes *separation* which establishes *fear* that the *larger whole* may be inadequate for our conditioned need of stability. That is, we are not a *part* of a *larger whole* but rather that we ARE the Whole. And that this *separation* establishes boundaries or walls between the *separate parts*. Separation establishes our *territory* and thus our need to guard OUR territory, and thus establishes our *posession* of said territory, and thus establishes our *attachments* that need to be *protected* for fear of loss. By *defining* ourselves we set ourselves aside from what we ARE. We separate ourselves from what we ARE. We Veil ourselves with Masks that even we do not recognize. If All is One and One is All, if as Above so Below, then we and our experiences are one in the same. We and what we experience is one in the same. We do not *belong*, but rather that we ARE.

Indeed, defining ourselves is important to our conditioned need to attach ourselves to this or that. Our *identifying* ourselves to this or that attaches us to this or that, thus establishing our separate "identity". And so we are our identity -- "as a man thinketh, so is he". Yet we are not that which we identify ourselves with, so we ARE that which we experience. It is a conditioned game that we play with ourselves to be other than what we ARE. For we do not care for what we ARE. And since we refuse to give up these Causes of our Suffering, since we refuse to discard our conditioned notions, we fool ourselves by identifying ourselves with this or that.

There is but Truth, and we can not identify ourselves with it for it simply IS -- we can only BE Truth -- and is not this or that. So in order for us to Realize or Recognize Truth, we must BE -- and not be this or that.

Reality IS only IN the Moment, and has nothing to do with a group or any conditioned identity that we Mask ourselves with. There is Truth only IN Reality and there is Reality only IN Truth -- and can only be Realized without separation and without fear associated with separation. It is a state of mind, it is a state of BEing, it is the jump of the legless frog, that we Recognize ourselves and Recognize who and what we ARE and Recognize that which IS and Recognize that which we must BE. And since our greatest fear is that we may recognize this, we refuse to Openly and Honestly Look into the Mirror of Truth -- which will reveal the hideous automatons that we are conditioned to be. *As a man Experienceth, so IS he*.

"How do I listen to myself" ? Do you talk to yourself ? "The higher power" ? Higher than what ? All seriousness aside, most do not *go with the flow* of those Inner Urges mainly due to their conditioned notion that *if it is not in their program, they should not do it*. They should operate as programmed, like all good programs -- if not operating as programmed, call the society help line, for they will get you back on the right track. Going with the flow of those Inner Urges will get you in trouble with the Programmer the Grand Trickster, but what the heck, it might lead you to Alice and the White Rabbit. For those Inner Urges are signs of your Awakening trying to surface, and if you do not allow it to surface you will stay fast Asleep. We are conditioned not to let those Inner Urges surface, we are conditioned to operate as programmed. May I offer that you throw caution to the wind and *Go With The Flow* of those Inner Urges -- you may be surprised as to what you may Realize. One thing for sure, you will Realize that Trusting those Inner Urges makes you feel a lot better about yourself than not. Especially when those Inner Urges are not tainted my conditioned ideas and images and meanings.


Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Other than not seeing much of a "pre-judgement" in a reply that you are replying to, may I offer that though a True Teacher will discourage a *following* it is us who establish ourselves as *followers*. In many cases our gratitude for one Pointing out the shortcomings in our conditioned thinking and behavior actually establishes a servitude to not the resulting Awakening but rather a servitude to the one Pointing. We have a tendency to look at the finger Pointing and not at what is Pointed to. We can rationalize our adherence to a particular Teaching by convincing ourselves and others that it is merely gratitude, for in Reality we are only solidifying further our lack of Realization that we are following rather than Walking. *Reactions* are based on our false need to protect our conditioned perspective, *responding* is offering what we Realize to be True without a conditioned perspective. We can use the Wise words of another to Point to OUR Realizations for perhaps they say it better, but it is OUR Realizations that are of importance and not another's Wise words. For they are the authority for THEIR Realizations, not OUR's.

Was this observation the intention or the reception. Is this statement not an example of that which you are trying to oppose ?

No words ARE the Truth, regardless of their Wisdom, but rather Pointers so that perhaps WE can Realize Truth. Though statements may be very Truthful and of the Wisest, Truth will never be *found* there. Truth can only be Realized by each and every one of us, when we discard our conditionings. To be very smart we have to learn at least something new every day, but to be Wise we have to forget at least something every day. Referring of course, to our conditioned notions.

This is wonderful Dear Friend, I would only offer that we not fix our Attention on the *finger* and fix it on OUR resulting Realizations. One who always quotes Jesus or Buddha as verification that one has attained some measure of Awareness, I would say that one is only verifying Jesus's or Buddha's Awareness and that one has attained nothing. For it is not the finger that Points that is of importance, but rather what Realizations WE have to offer.


The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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