Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


A Pointer

What you see is not all of What-IS. What you see is but an Illusionary figment of what we are conditioned to *think* What-IS but is far afield of the Truth and Reality of the matter. Nothing is separate from anything, as there is no dual nature of ourselves. There could not be manifested form (existence) if we were not that form. We ARE the consciousness animating that body that we ARE.

I am afraid that we have no choice in the matter, for all will BE as it IS regardless of our feeble notions *thinking* to the contrary. But "supposed to be" is a judgement via our conditioned notions therefore rendering our judgement invalid. For each Moment, from Moment to Moment, is anew and therefore IS What-IS and nothing more or nothing less. Anew and fresh each Moment, clinging not to some past, is the first Moment of the rest of our lives and should not be burdened by what we are conditioned to *think* is "supposed to be". Embrace each Moment AS it IS, without projecting our own conditioned notions into/onto it.

NOW is the only time that we can Recognize/Realize anything, for NOW is our only connection to Truth and Reality. The past is Illusion for it no longer is, as the future is Illusion for it is not yet. So Reality can only be Realized in the very instant present Moment NOW. It does not take time, it takes Waking-Up from our Illusions that we contrive via the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind.

Yes, both Karma and Reincarnation are so. But they are not a *belief*, rather a Fact of What-IS. One does not have to believe in Karma or Reincarnation for it to be so. As one does not have to believe that the planet Earth is round for it to be so. When one treats such Laws as a belief, they have miss the point. Neither Karma nor Reincarnation can be objectified and turned into something to believe in. When they are, the believer has missed the point that Karma and Reincarnation are simply aspects of manifested form, a polarization if you will, of situations and reoccurring situations of What-IS.

An Up-welling and Up-surging, a Reckoning, of the Force of Awakening beseeching Recognition. Let if Flow, and let it Flow Naturally. The pain is like the pain of removing a splinter, and once the splinter is out there is such the Relief. The pain of removing conditioned notions is likewise much Relief. Directly Observe the Grand Trickster. This is important, for we must Openly and Honestly Observe ourselves in order to know ourselves. That is, Observe our reactions and responses, our every thought and action. This is to "know thyself".

A *belief* is one following another's word (perhaps just another belief) rather than finding out for oneself. For we can not Realize anything as Fact until we let go of beliefs. Beliefs bind or attach us to whatever belief we cling to. Since there is no need for us to cling to anything, likewise there is no need of a belief. We can learn and study and gather information of all sorts as well as lean heavily on meditation, and all are but tools we use to Free ourselves of the conditioned need to believe anything until we have Realized it ourselves.

There is no completion, nor goal, nor accomplished end. The Journey IS the Goal. For there is only the Path, and the Journey, and Unfolding Awakening. You have no Truth, so you can not say "MY Truth". Truth can not be found, nor gained, nor given, nor received, nor held, nor let go of. Truth IS. *Our truth* is but our conditioned perception. We will never find that which we seek, for it can not be found. We can Realize Truth AS What-IS, and nothing more. Truth can not be our Truth, as the Moment can not be our Moment. The Truth will BE the Truth regardless who Realizes it, as the Moment will BE the Moment regardless of who is AS it.

Indeed, the evolution of manifested form is but a series of mutations by the organism to adapt to it's environment. And indeed, the involution of manifested form is but a series of refinements of the awareness of an organism of it's environment. But those who *believe* that this ever unfolding evolution/involution of manifested form is without direction or intent, that it is all a matter of happenstance, they do not Realize What-IS. Likewise, those who *believe* that manifested form was placed on this globe as a Divine Creation for some Divine Purpose beyond themselves, also do not Realize What-IS. For What-IS is that the unfolding of manifested form (evolution) in it's given environment (the planet Earth) experiences it's environment initiating an involution that directs the unfolding or evolving manifested form. At this point, a branch of this Tree of Life has evolved as humanity. At this point, this branch has involved to a conscious state. At this point, this branch is very conditioned to the ways of control and manipulation -- each element (person) trying to control and manipulate the other. Some are Realizing that these conditioned notions are not part of the *original* natural state of an unfolding evolution/involution of manifested form. That is, not a natural aspect of humanity. Hence the Causes of humanity's Suffering. It is not natural for humanity to Suffer, that he brings on himself. It is natural for humanity to BE, which he is conditioned to avoid.

Awakening is not about exchanging one belief system for another, or converting from one to another, it is about seeing the control and manipulation in belief systems and no longer leaning on them as a crutch or false sense of security. It is about telling yourself that you do not have to believe in anything because you are going to find out for yourself. This is not to say that you oppose beliefs (though it would seem), for opposing beliefs is as much a belief as beliefs. It is about beliefs being non-existent. It is about letting them go. It is about non-recognition, rather than opposition. It is about letting go of anything that controls and manipulates your thinking and behavior.

Indeed, in questioning our own beliefs we question the whole conditioned concept of beliefs. Though such questioning may seem attacks to those entrenched in beliefs, such questioning is but a Mirror of Truth for those who are willing to Openly and Honestly look into that Mirror of Truth. Such a reflection is painful to most and so they *react*. Those who are also in the process of Unfolding their Awakening see such a reflection as useful information as a tool if nothing else. For it is in the questioning that we Realize answers, as answers are actually quite useless. It is the questioning that is the answer.

Yes, those fleeting Moments when we have a lapse in our conditioned thinking makes us realize that we are missing something. It comes and goes -- where did it go -- it whizzed by before we had a chance to seize it, COME BACK ! So we lost the opportunity to Dwell in that Moment for we tried to *grasp* it, *hold onto* it. May I offer that you let those fleeting Moments float by the same as you let thoughts float by in meditation. As those fleeting Moments float past simply sigh a comfort and let it drift on. For when we let go of each Moment, yet a fresh and new Moment washes over us. And again there is a sigh of comfort, from Moment to Moment. Do not miss the Moment, by chasing after a past one. That is the Key to maintaining the Moment: to let it go, and embrace the next Moment with as much comfort as the last one.

Until we let go of the last strand of conditioned thinking we can not rely on anything about us for it still is controlled and manipulated by the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind. As long as there is a single fiber of conditioned perception, our perception will be tainted. The Grand Trickster wears many masks, so can appear to you as anything you wish. Be leery of that for which you want, for you might get it. Getting it, you have missed it.

When we stop monitoring ourselves, when we rest assured in our conditioned notions, when we are Sleeping, there will be no questions for we *think* we have the answers. When we Realize that there are no answers and therefore no questions, THEN can we BE AS the Moment. But as long as there are answers there must be question.

Compare = this as to that, whereas comprehend = aha. Sleeping, everything is compared. Awakening, nothing is compared. We must understand the past and how it robs us of truly experiencing the present. There is something quite special about things the way they ARE, all by themselves, with no comparing them with anything else, with out projecting our conditioned ideas and images and meaning into/onto them. Though the past is a foundation for the present, it should not reflect the present, nor the present reflect the past, for the present is not the past. Sleeping, the past is the present because we keep our focus on the past, making the past our present reality. A false reality, an illusion, for the past is done and gone. Clinging to the past simply prevents us from experiencing the present Moment, and therefore prevents us from establishing the future. Oh yes, there was a past and there will be a future, but neither is real for we are not in the past or the future -- we are right Here right NOW -- and this is the present -- so this is Real.

Indeed, our answers are in our questions. But we can only be tricked if we want to be tricked. Sleeping, our greatest fear is to Wake-Up so we maintain our own Dreams. Fear not isolation, for the Journey is a solitary Journey -- no one can Walk it with us or for us -- we Walk it Alone. It is something that we must get used to.

Why settle for half when you can have the whole enchilada ? When we are hungry, do we just take a couple bites of food and go about our way ? No ! We eat until we are satisfied -- or as the parents of yore used to say, "eat everything on your plate". To satisfy the urge to experience, we can not just have a hap-hassed experience, we must experience it and set it aside. Hap-hassed experiences leave a vacant spot in our very being therefore we will always be longing to go back and experience it again. But we can not go back, for the past is no longer real. If it is not experienced NOW, in the Present, you have missed it. There is no instant replay like on monday night football. For each and every Moment is anew and fresh. This is why it is important to stay focussed AS the Present Moment, to give our total Attention to whatever is to be experienced AS that Moment. So there is never a longing for completeness, a longing to go back and try again. Otherwise, our experiences, and therefore our lives, tend to be hap-hassed.

There is only one Way, and that is the long arduous painful way of letting go of those cherished conditioned notions we have harbored for years. No short-cuts, no quick fixes, just stone cold-turkey let go and take a leap into your Awakening. Not a secure leap for sure, for it is a leap into what might be termed the unknown. But we have found that we can not trust the known for it is but our own devised illusion, so this seeming unknown could not be any worse. When you reach the bottom of the Pit there is but one way left to go -- back out of the Pit.

All is Real AS this very Moment, yet is anew the next Moment and unreal the preceding Moment. Which include the entirety of the physical realm. It always IS yet always IS-NOT, for it is always in a constant Unfolding of Renewal.

Now IS the Moment. For is not a question an activity of thought ? And does not thought prohibit attention to the Moment ? Therefore does not the very question reveal that we are not AS the Moment ? AS the Moment we would not question, we would embrace the Moment and all that the Direct Experience of that Moment has in store for us. A newness and freshness in each passing Moment. Since there can not be questions AS the Moment, there is no need of answers. When we respond to whatever is experienced AS the Moment, the seeming questions are already answered. When the mind is Silent, Void of thoughts, the Clarity of our Observations are such that we Recognize the answer before we ask the question. So it is in letting go of the question that we Realize the answer. So the statement should be "Now !" rather than "Now what ?"

It is indeed the answer for most of our ills. But it is not a matter of actual "non-thinking", but rather a matter of not being controlled and manipulated by our thinking by thinking before we experience. There is a certain anticipation an instant before the experience that allows thoughts to be projected into the next Moment's experience. For as we embrace the Moment, we are going to have to call upon thinking to respond to whatever is AS the Moment. The difference is WHEN we allow thoughts to arise. When thoughts arise before an experience, during the anticipation of the experience, we are projecting those thoughts into/onto whatever we experience tainting the experience with conditioned notions. When we call upon thoughts during the experience, once we have embraced the experience, thought is a tool and nothing more. It is a matter of understanding the whole process of thinking, of how and when and why thoughts arise, and adjusting the way we have been conditioned to let them arise.

The truth or god that is found is not Truth or God, but rather the truth or god we were looking for. In our conditioned minds we make sure that we find that for which we seek, as a security blanket to cling to in times of stress or threat. For Truth and God are closer to you than you yourself are, so it makes little sense to look for them. It is not a matter of looking but rather a matter of BEing, and not projecting any of our preconceived notions into/onto that Direct Experience of BEing. Only AS the Silence do we Hear, only AS the Void do we See, only AS Awakening we ARE. When we ARE, all else IS What-IS. And this very instant Moment in the only Moment that BEing will be of any relevance, for it is the only Reality that we have to work with. So when we stop looking and start BEing, when we let go of the past and the future and dwell AS the Moment, then and only then can we Realize Truth or God. Only in losing ourself do we Realize ourSelf.

When you see a tree, do you see the tree or do you see the sun that the tree needed to continue living and make it possible that the tree could be seen by you that Moment ? Do you see the water that the tree needed to continue living and make it possible that the tree could be seen by you that Moment ? Do you see the nutrients that the tree absorbed from the earth to make it possible that the tree could be seen by you that Moment ? Do you see the soil that the tree has grown out of so as to make it possible that the tree could be seen by you that Moment ? Do you see the wind that the tree needed to help it get rid of un-needed leaves to replenish those leaves to make it possible that the tree could be seen by you that Moment ? Do you see the birds that sang form the tree's branches and perhaps found a home in those branches ? Do you hear the song that the birds sang ? So you see, All IS One and there is a certain interdependence of All to BE One.

If the Void was filled then there would no longer be a Void. Emptying oneself to establish the Void opens a vacuum that tends always to fill back up -- then we are back to the emptying again -- a vicious circle I would say. When we establish the Void AS our emptying of our conditioned notions, we should simply Dwell AS the Void and BE at peace because we established the Void. Stand guard so that the Void never gets re-filled. What-IS is What-IS and can be no greater or less than What-IS so expansion would be out of the question. It is AS the Void that What-IS does Unfold such that we are finally able to Recognize it AS it IS. When we are empty, projecting nothing into/onto whatever we experience, we can Recognize What-IS as it IS.

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*Daily Meditations*

Why complicate that which is simple Why give credence For addressing the Suffering yet cling is not much sense, An Illusion can not dismantle itself only Sleep is important Because only the conditioned Sleeping say so they Can't. -- Yogajyotii

Physical form is in many respects an island but not a part For this island in BEing connotes a separation at the Start, Physical form is but Unity or BEing AS multiplicity aspects Of One rather than something in something's retrospects. -- Yogajyotii

The so called *human nature* is a contrived popular term And is nothing more than a conditioned operational worm, The Sleeping can step by step go to the water Anointer But will never Drink of Truth/Reality and that is a Pointer. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


You can fool some of the people all of the time, which includes yourself, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people (other than yourself) all of the time. Awakening, such foolery is quite obvious -- for Wisdom is not found in the printed word, but rather Realized in the space between them.

Now we have to work on dying to each hour that passes, then each minute, then each instant Moment and embrace each Moment as the very first Moment of the rest of your Awakening. As one of our new participants said (in so many words), words are but preludes or Pointers to what we can Direct Experience and some are preliminary steps toward greater steps in a Wondrous Journey.

The parent conditions the child. Francis of Assisi said, "give me your child for two years, those formative years, and it will be mine for the rest of it's life". That is, during those formative years we can be brainwashed or programmed to a point of a total automaton controlled and manipulated by the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind. IF, on the other hand, the parent would learn from that little Guru infant who is yet undefiled by conditioned ideas and images and meanings, perhaps we could learn that we should be letting go of some of our own conditioned notions. The seeming insurmountable struggle we face is not AS Awakening, but rather the struggle to let go of that which we are not. It is indeed a cruel hateful vengeful world that we have established, and we did establish that world because we are that world. But we come to a point where we see the crime upon ourselves of this vicious circle that we ourselves have established. Then the struggle begins to dismantle this cruel hateful vengeful vicious circle, and in that dismantling we Realize the Natural Unfolding of our Awakening. That is, the more baggage we let go of (dismantle) the Lighter our step AS our Journey along the Path of Awakening.

It is extremely important for us at the moment to look into what constitutes a belief and what constitutes a fact. We must discover that simply because everybody believes something to be true does not make it a fact. Most people have absolutely no idea of the difference between a belief and a fact. We used to believe the sun went around the earth and that the earth was flat, but both turned out to be mere beliefs. When one is not interpreting through belief systems it becomes obvious what is really happening rather than the 'I's theories, a Truth is Realized by Direct Experience or Observation.

We can Directly Experience whatever as it IS and not how our conditioned thinking wants it to be. Our wants, are they not conditioned also ? Our emotions, our memories, our desires ? AS the Silence we Hear, AS the Void we See, AS Awakening we ARE.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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