Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Way Of Life

Truth -- indeed, most sought after by most everyone. But most are conditioned to *think* that they already know the Truth or they fashion some notion that they call the Truth -- and kill and cheat and steal because they *think* that their Truth is better than another's Truth. Each culture, each country, each individual has their own brand of Truth. But the fact of the matter is, that Truth can not be sought nor fashioned nor held by anyone. Truth can not be sought because it can only be Realized. Truth can not be fashioned because it IS as it IS. Truth can not be offered because it can not he held or possessed. AFTER all conditioned notions, AFTER all contents of the mind, have been Silenced or discarded, THEN we can Realize Truth. But it is not my Truth or your Truth, but rather simply Truth.

Such Realization can not be imparted to another, for we can be but Pointers so that others may Realize Truth as well. And there no *past* Truth or *future* Truth, there is only Truth AS the Moment, Moment to Moment. So we Study and Learn and gather all sorts of information so that we can Openly and Honestly Look into the Mirror of Truth and See the hideous conditioned programmed automatons that we ARE and Vow to Cleanse ourselves of these Veils to our Awakening. THEN we can Realize Truth. For no one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to The Path, but we ourselves must Walk The Way. So do not Seek for Truth, Seek out your conditionings and discard them. THEN you will Realize Truth.

The question is, "cleansed" of what ? Cleansed of belief systems ? Cleansed of the influence of organized religions ? Cleansed of the Sleep in our Eyes ? Cleansed of The Grand Trickster's conditioned notions ?

True Religion is Awakening from the delusions of organizations and belief systems that we *call* religions that we cling to for some sense of security and seeming safety (unfounded as it may be). To practice such Awakening without any deviation (religiously) is indeed the Religion of Sages and offerers of Wisdom and Truth AS it IS, as What-IS Moment to Moment. It is the Realization that no organization or belief system can ever lend itself to Awakening, for organizations and belief systems have an unspoken agenda of control and manipulation of it's adherents.

But is not *desire* man's pitfall ? Is not his lack of Understanding and Awareness due to his insatiable Search outside himself for Illusions that he is conditioned to *believe* ? That for which he seeks will never be found because he seeks for some outer form to Save him, to protect him, to believe in. Yet no one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way. When he Openly and Honestly looks at himself in the Mirror of Truth and sees the conditioned and controlled and manipulated automaton that he is, and sheds his dependence on these false masks that he has been conditioned to wear, then he can Observe Within for that which he Seeks. For it is our Inner urge that we Awaken from the delusions that we are conditioned to cling to outside of ourselves and Dwell Within a Pure unconditioned state of BEing. Perceiving What-IS AS it IS, and not how we are conditioned to believe it is.

There is no need for "validation" when one IS Awakening. It is only in Sleep that we need some tangible agreement that others are Sleeping also. Conditioned controlled manipulated automatons, we wish for other to also be conditioned controlled manipulated automatons as well. Awakening, we ARE. And that is a Realization that needs no "validation".

So is it the answer that we Seek for, or is it the question ? I would say that it is more important to question than to have an answer, for questions lead to Awakening whereas answers are dead-ended and lead to Sleeping. It is in the questioning and Observing of ourselves and our conditioned notions that we are able to Save ourselves from the defilements of The Grand Trickster the conditioned mind.

That would depend on whether we are still Sleeping or whether we have let go of the comfortable conditioned notions that control and manipulate our thinking and behavior and perception. For if we are still quite conditioned automatons, then looking within will only reveal our conditioned notions. First we have to let go of the conditioned notions, then we can Look Within and See Truth and Light and Awakening. Otherwise, looking within or without will avail the same conditioned perception.

To be intelligent and *know* much, we have to ardently learn something new each day. To be Wise and Awaken, we must forget something each day. "Pass down" or simply *pass*, for opinions are like butts -- everyone has one, and it's best use is to set on.

Indeed, every Sleeping sentient being on Earth *thinks* that by shunning the traditional organizations and belief systems that he will *create* his own path and be Saved. The fact of the matter is that they just simply start a new religion and fall into the same self-made traps and vices of the old one. The fact of the matter is that there is no path, that there is only Dwelling AS the Moment, Moment to Moment, projecting nothing into/onto our Direct Experience of that Moment AS it IS. AFTER, that is, we Wake-Up.

So we are lead to *believe*. And in a very real sense, if we are still conditioned automatons, we would create an anarchy for everyone would have the Power to use at their own whims. So indeed, Sleeping, they should give up that Power to another. Awakening, on the other hand, we must take back that Power for such Power must be in the hands of the Awakening and not in the hands of the Sleeping. If we want an Awakening governing body, then we must see to it that Sleepers do not govern us. On an individual level, if we give the power away then we do not have the Power to Awaken. When we cling to the bondage of belief systems and organizations, this is making a *pact with the devil*. Truth needs no validation, Truth needs no authority, Truth just IS.

Though your offering is of sound foundation, why struggle with an Illusion ? Is not the seeming *remedy* as much an Illusion as the Illusion remedied ? Are we not replacing one Veil with another, or one Illusion with another ? Hence, still Sleeping and only *believing* that we are Waking-Up ? May I offer, that you are treating the Suffering but are not treating the Cause of the Suffering. So there will always be Suffering. To end Suffering we must root out the Cause of the Suffering, which is conditioned notions and not so much "negative energy".

Yet, why not simply root out the Cause of Fear ?

If we can not Recognize our conditioned notions, and therefore root them out, likewise we will not Recognize Love or even Heart. And so we band-aid the wound and avoid immediate pain, but the wound still festers to give us pain at another Moment. We can avoid an Illusion by focussing our attention on another Illusion, but we can not get rid of an Illusion by substituting it for another.

And what does this generic catch-all word *love* mean to you ? An open acceptance of any conditioning and influence offered you ? Does it indicate some attachment to this or that ? We love our car, we love our house, we love our clothes, we love this or that. A loosely used word that has come to avail little value or meaning.

First, what is "positive" and what is "negative" other than judgements of conditioned thinking ? If there were neither, would we be perplexed by either ?

We can sense and even feel variation in the quality and quantity of energy. Yet there is nothing to "overcome", for such variations are not What-IS our BEing. Only by Opening to and Focussing Attention on those variations are we "influenced" by them. As we are influenced by our conditioned images and ideas and meanings, so will we be influenced by most everything else. May I offer, that we must Dwell AS our own BEing of Pure unconditioned notions and therefore only Observe and Sense and Feel variations in energy but not be influenced by them.

The quality of energy is Self-Perpetuating or Self-Generative. That is, it feeds and breeds upon itself -- all evolves in random order, there is no such thing and de-evolution. Awakening, we are what we ARE. Sleeping, we are what influences us or what we dwell AS.

All manifested form is in it's natural state when it is AS it IS, without conditioned notions of right/wrong or good/bad or positive/negative. We are products of our state of BEing, we are products of our conditionings, we are products of our influences. Only when we discard the influences or conditioned notions are we able to Dwell AS our Natural State of BEing.

But First we must Truly Understand our True Nature. And First we must Truly Understand Will, for only in Sleeping is it *free*. "Free will" is another generic catch-all term that we use so that we will not have to Truly Look into the Mirror of Truth and See the conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons that we are. When we Realize that the Direct Experience AS the Moment directs our response to that experience at that Moment, we Realize what Jesus meant by "thy will be done, and not mine".

So is *thought*. Yet, when Guru + Disciple or Master + Pupil meld there is a certain synergy that is a merging compliment of True Teaching and True Learning. For the True Guru/Master IS the True Disciple/Pupil. If the Teacher can not Learn, he can Teach little. If the Student can not Teach, he can Learn little.

But you can BE Truth. You can Recognize Truth, and you can Realize Truth, yet Truth will evade you *knowing* Truth. If you want to be intelligent and *know* much you must learn something every day, yet if you want to be Wise and Understand Truth you must un-lean something every day.

For you to BE Truth, there can be no separation from Truth. Either we ARE Truth or we are NOT Truth. And if we are NOT Truth, all we will understand is "other than Truth". In our conditioned state of mind we separate ourselves from Truth and place dual representations together to decide which we will judge to be Truth. Yet since both are "other than Truth" our judgement will be "other than Truth". So we settle with a conditioned half-baked idea of what we want to be Truth, yet is just another version of "other than Truth". And we reek much havoc in the world maintaining a self-constructed integrity of this "other than Truth" conditioned to *believe* that it is Truth. Beguiled by our own B.S.

You would be looking at non-Truth and deciding which none Truth to believe. For you will never find Truth where you look because Truth will evade being found and is quite shy so refuses to be looked at.

The Sleeping are those who look and judge, and their learning by which they judge and observe is none other than their own conditioned ideas and images and meanings projected into/onto that which they look upon and judge.

A wondrous sight I am sure, but if you hold the light to close to your eye you will see nothing but the light and thereby see nothing that the light would reveal. We are many times blinded by what we are conditioned to believe is light.

I would query by what conditioned notion does one understand himself ? Would our understanding of ourselves be the understanding of a conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automaton, or one who *knows* nothing and IS oneself ? This a vital flaw in the Sleeping *believing* that they know themselves, for all they know is their conditioned notions. Present company not necessarily included.

We must face the Mirror of Truth and accept that we are conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons and accept the responsibility to do something to rectify such a reflection. Until we let go of the Causes of our Suffering, there will always be Suffering. Until we discard these Causes of our Suffering, our perception and resulting judgments/choices will be "other than Truth" for we can not Recognize or Realize or Understand Truth while trifling with various variations of "other than Truth".

For our individual truths are not Truth, but rather our conditioned notions about Truth. Real Truth can not be harbored as our own, it simply IS and we can only Realize it when we ARE Truth. So since I have been referring to Truth rather than one's individual truth, perhaps my above offerings are not applicable.

For there will come a day, not in the too distant future, that humanity will let go of the fantasy of religion and BE a religion unto himself. Are we not to be a *Lamp Unto Ourselves* ? Likewise, we will be our own religion. Awakening is not about *following* but rather about *BEing*.

Awakening is BEing "all aspect in the one" Moment, Moment to Moment. Awakening, the viewer or Observer and the view or Observed ARE one in the same. This is the underlying Unity in All diversity. Sleeping, they are separate -- hence Duality. Likewise, the doer and the deed done are one in the same for without a doer there could not be a deed done. It is in the Flow of this physical manifestation that deeds are done, as physical manifestation IS the Flow. And in order that this Flow is Smooth and Easy, each Element in this manifestation must do as the Flow does. "Go with the Flow", as it were, of this physical manifestation and not our particular conditioned notions. To do so, we must BE the Flow as we must BE the Observed as we must BE the deed done.

Would not a purging of conditioned notions of both, then a melding of the two halves equal a Whole -- equal Awakening ?

And so the cheese gets more binding. Is this not reversing the saying *simplify the complicated* ? Does not an infrastructure hide that which we would like to reveal ? Is it our task to find a way through the maze, or is it our task to find a way to eliminate the maze ?

We are not "of" the world, we are *in* the world. Indeed, a world of our own making and therefore our responsibility to accept the consequences of our handy work. Though our handy work always causes more ills than reliefs, due to the fact that we are guided by our own Illusions (conditioned thinking), we have been programmed to *believe* that we have correctly *chosen* a *lesser of multiple evils* and even *enjoy* our seeming *choices*. So the *desire* to both BE this world and attach ourselves to it IS our Suffering. Yet, when we stand back from the world and gaze upon our handy work and Observe the mess we have made of an otherwise Garden of Eden, we Realize that the Causes of this Suffering is not in our handy work or our acceptance of it, but rather in our Desire and Attachment to be "of" it. BEing Observers we Recognize the ills of another's handy work, and though not our own handy work we can Help Wake-Up those who do Cause these ills and Help to protect ourselves and others from such ills. Simple *wishful thinking* will not eliminate the ills, for the ills do reek much havoc in our daily lives. But replying to a passer-by who threw a stone at us by throwing the stone back at him, would be a bit foolish when we ourselves live in a glass house. I am simply saying to catch the stone thrown at us and hand it back to the passer-by and Help him Understand that we both live in glass houses.

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*Daily Meditations*

The Key is to BE Awakening all the time in your Life Awakening is not about wandering off to avoid Strife, It is about Embracing everyday Life AS it IS without Projecting any silly conditioned notion into the Shout. -- Yogajyotii

Like in meditation we focus and Silence the Chatter And rest in Nothingness but then emanate the matter, That Meditative state of BEing must BE every Day For True Meditation is not just practice but the Way. -- Yogajyotii

Meditation has it's uses and benefits most generally But True Meditation is Meditation AS Life continually, So too True Awakening is not once and a while thrill But rather the Way Of Life if only you would BE Still. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Let go of, discard, do not recognize, do not identify with, ALL conditioned beliefs and notions not Directly Experienced. We cling to conditioned beliefs and ideas and images and meanings and notions as a security blanket. We have grown quite fond of them and it has become Painful not to depend on them. They are our *quick fix* in the hopes that they will Save us from the disaster we sense. We cling to past memories as regrets and joy and cling to the future hoping for better times, all to escape the folly that we find ourself in at present. We can not relive the past nor can be in the future, as the only place we can actually DO anything is NOW this very Moment from Moment to Moment. When actually all they do is get in the way of us Truly Understanding ourself and Truly Understanding our True Nature.

Awakening can not be learned or taught. Awakening can not be wanted or known, for there is nothing to "want" or to "know". Only when Awakening means more to you than learning and wanting and knowing and even life itself, THEN you can Look to where is a Pointer. For I can not Save you, I can only Point to the Path, you yourself must Walk the Way. My offerings are not Wisdom, my offerings are not Salvation, my offerings are not Awakening, my offerings are Pointers that IF you are Open to them and Truly Look to where I Point YOU will "teach" yourself and "know thyself". For my Pointers are Pointing at YOU, to Openly and Honestly Look into the Mirror of Truth and See the defilements that prevent you from continuing to Unfold your Awakening.

Do not recognize, do not identify with, ALL arising thoughts. Just let them arise and let the fall away. Just see that they arise and do not pay any attention to them, let them come and go. We are conditioned to identify with thoughts and give them our attention. So you do not want to or have to "stop all the chatter", you want to let it end all by itself by not giving it any attention. Do not try to force thoughts to stop arising, just let them come and let them go without giving any attention to them. This will take time for they are persistent. We do not Silence the mind actually, we let the mind Silence itself by not getting involved with it's chatter.

Judge your past as you would have others judge it. Do not project your judgements of your past onto others. THEN simply BE What-IS this very Present NOW. YOU are the Slayer of the Real, and it is YOU who must Slay this Slayer. Knowing that the past is not Real NOW, we must not be concerned that others dwell in the past and make it real for them. In their Blindness, if they can not See the Truth of What-IS then their folly is of little concern to us. Let it be their reality yet make sure that it is not your's. By contributing attention to their version of reality you are making it your reality also, which is not Reality. All we can do is BE the Present Moment and do what must be done this Moment from Moment to Moment, and when they are Blinded by some past Moment so as not to be able to See what is done in the present Moment they are not worthy of our attention any more than their version of reality.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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