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Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


You Forget

First, Realization is no less a dualistic term than Experience, as in order to Realize there must be something to Realize and someone to Realize it. As in Experiencing there must be something to Experience and someone to Experience it. It is an inherent aspect of language to seem dualistic. You see, one can BE IN/AS Present Eternal Infinite Moment and the Moment that one opens one's mouth and utters a word that word no matter what it is it is dualistic because someone had to utter it. This being so, one can not look at the language and determine dualism for even one word is the expression of dualism. Such as, when your NonDualistic teacher tells you something there was something said and someone to say it. So by your own *logical deductive reasoning* you represent her as a Dualist. Just an example, to show that NonDualism or Oneness is not in the language or words but rather in the space between the words. This illustrates my constant harping on not focussing attention on the finger but rather to where the finger Points.

Now, the state of Oneness. First, IN/AS Oneness there is not even One. We simply ARE Whatever-IS. Again, language deluding understanding for in order for there to be Oneness there would have to be other than Oneness, which is dualistic and not Oneness. BEing IN/AS the Moment is "brief and fleeting" because of the conditioned notions we harbor. And as also Pointed out, Wise Teachers have told us that we *must* embrace the Moment while in this phenomenal realm. After we leave we will be concerned with more important items, so it is indeed something that we really should establish Here and Now. In fact, the whole body of Wise Teachers have stressed to let go of the Duality and embrace the NonDuality. Westerners have yet to really embrace NonDuality, mainly because they hold Separation (duality) quite dear. For if there were no separation between one person and the next then we could not hate the next person, or war with him, or steal from him, and we would have to share our beloved possessions if needed. Gruesome thoughts for the Dualists. Do you see that Oneness, do unto to others as you would wish they did unto you, love your neighbor as you love yourself, love your enemy, NonDuality, is what all the Wise Teachers taught ? Would they teach it to us if it were not that we should do it ?

IN/AS Eternal Infinite anew Moment (Oneness) is like Observing with no Observer, or Experiencing without an Experiencer, or Hearing without Hearing. Likened somewhat to the eyeball, it sees without knowing or understanding that it sees and it can not even see itself seeing. So the eyeball does not exist to the eyeball but it still sees. So too, IN/AS Eternal Infinite anew Moment (Oneness) is like being there but not being there. That is why I stress *IN/AS* and *BEing* -- WE are the Experience that we are Experiencing. And do not get hung up on the finger here.

We are what we Seek, yet always look in the wrong places. We are conditioned to *look* outside ourself to *find* what we are conditioned to think is our Salvation or Enlightenment or Awakening, when all the time all we had to do is look into the Mirror (the Mirror of Truth). The Mirror of Truth does not reveal who we ARE but rather who we ARE-NOT. And by seeing the conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons that we have become (who we are not), and doing whatever it takes to rid ourself of such defiling aspects, we ARE who we ARE. Odd thing is, as we let go of all of those conditioned notions as we spot them in our Reflection in the Mirror of Truth, polish the Mirror to Perfection as it is called, the Reflection is Void or Nothing. For you see, THEN you ARE the Mirror.

NonDualism or Oneness is not in *word* or Talk but rather in BEing or Walking. Most so called NonDualists Talk the Talk yet have never Walked Zoroaster's Flame to purge themselves of the very defilements that Cloud their Way so they only partially Walk the Walk (limp along by intellect). None of them have followed Arjuna into Battle. None of them have gone through the Torturous and Painful Purging of all their conditioned programs. So as they Talk their Talk we must *read between the lines* and *between the words* to discern whether they actually Walk that Talk.

Thinking is not natural, but rather an aspect of an Evolved/Involved mental capacity. Natural is Silence of even this Evolved/Involved mental capacity. Thinking is a wonderful tool that we have developed over millions of years but it is usually used unwisely, or programmed to work on *auto-pilot*. It is not what we are, but rather what we have become. Re-establishing Silence of mind, Stillness, a Meditative State of BEing, and using our ability to think to address whatever IS the Moment is quite natural. What we have become is a robot controlled and manipulated by our thinking -- conditioned programmed thinking.

Consider is too big a word for most and is refused to be used in a conditioned modus operandi. We are conditioned to believe and to follow the Grand Trickster and maintain a single pointedness. So even considering that there is anything other than our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts is an ultimate Sin. It is easier to stay Sleeping. There is not inside and outside, except in our conditioned mind. That which is seemingly outside us is nothing more than our projected conditionings. We are the very microcosm of that macrocosm we *think* is outside us. So it is not outside us but rather that we are an aspect or multiplicity of it. Likened to a light in a box with many holes in the box. The light shines forth through the many holes appearing to be many lights. Yet there is but One Source, so the apparent individuality is but an Illusion of our limited conditioned thinking. There is nothing outside us that we do not place there ourself. To "know thyself", we must consider what should not be inside. What should not be inside is the baggage that we harbor and carry around with us, the baggage of conditioned notions. So we must Empty what is inside, for in Reality there is no outside as All is Within us. There is nothing Real to consider *out there*.

Self-Remembering is IT, Remembering our True Nature upon forgetting our conditioned notions. It is BEing the True Nature we ARE, and not the conditioned programmed controlled manipulated robot we have become. When we Empty the mind of the conditioned clutter, there we ARE. No matter where we go, there we are. Nothing lost and nothing found, simply an Uncovering or UnVeiling of the True Nature we always have been. It is just that we pile all the conditioned baggage on our True Nature Hiding it's Recognition/Realization. Clean out the attic, and throw away the book.

It was Jesus who coined the phrase: "I come not to bring peace, but a Sword". This refers to a Sword Of Truth. The Sword IS Truth, as it cuts through deeply rooted/seated illusions and all conditioned delusions. It is this Sword that IS Truth that we use to Slay the Slayer of the Real, our conditioned notions that Veil our Awakening. Truth is the only weapon against our defilements the Grand Trickster. Such a weapon as Truth is referred to as a Sword because engaged in Battle with the Grand Trickster we are Warriors in the War to Save ourself. In the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna is depicted as a Soldier in Combat for this same reason, as he is a Warrior doing Battle with the Grand Trickster (conditioned notions) with the aid of Krishna his Sword (Truth). WE are our own Grand Trickster, so it is WE who we do battle with. Truth is our only tool against our conditioned modus operandi. Such a Sword (Truth) is not "shown" but must be with us always to protect ourself from the onslaught of conditionings we endure each and every Moment. Indeed as this Sword that IS Truth will cut very deep, it will inflict much Pain in having to sever the attachments to our conditionings. It will seem most "violent" to us because this Sword will cut away our very sense of value in this or that and importance of things and deprive us of dearly beloved notions, as cancerous as they may be. Though the word *Sword* is most figurative, most symbolic, Truth must be most actual. It is not "fear" that is actually our motivation for continuing on the Path, but rather *Fearlessness* to persistently persevere in the arduous and Painful Battle with the awesome power of the Grand Trickster with a mere Sword. It is the Sword of Excalibar, and WE are the only one who can pull it from the Rock.

Too, the Sword Of Truth is a double edged Sword. That is, in using Truth (Sword) to cut away our defiling conditioned notions and being Victorious in such we tend to become most arrogant and so claim this Sword (Truth) as our own. Yet *our truth* is only a contrivance fashioned from Truth and so is no longer Truth. So *our truth* must also be cut away with the Sword that IS Truth. For Truth can not be possessed or held or gained or owned or even found or given. Truth IS simply AS it IS.

I would only add, not to think in terms of *words* that have some conditioned meaning attached to them, such as sword for example, but rather where those words Point to. For the finger Pointing to the heavens can show us the Wonders of the Cosmos, yet when we hold that same finger to close to the eye we no longer can See anything but the finger.

Awakening is more than merely sitting meditating for True Meditation is more a Way of Life (which more agreed with the offering). Many are simply curiosity seekers wanting to see what all this ruckus is we are making. For those I offer additions. Of course this may also be of use to the seasoned meditator also, for perhaps they had not gotten to the point of establishing meditation as a Way of Life yet. Though I would also add that many use the practice of meditation for other reasons than Awakening. Even totally Sleeping we can practice meditation to relieve stress and/or tension. So, the short of it is that there is no such thing as too much understanding about meditation. For basically, it has been found for centuries to be the most direct if not the only Way we are able to Truly Know ourSelf because it is an exercise in Silencing the mind and Stilling the BEing.

Siddhartha's "preparatory work" was actually his Quest for a Teacher and Teachings to help him start Awakening and when that Quest turned out to be quite futile he turned WithIN. In his Quest he learned much, which he Realized was more of a distraction than anything for he Realized that before he could Truly Understand the Causes of the Suffering of the world that he would first have to Truly Understand the Causes of his own Suffering. Then is when he Realized that to Truly Understand the Cause of our Suffering he could not find it with Teachers or Teachings but rather WithIN. THERE is where he Realized that THERE is where the Cause of our Suffering IS. That is why his infamous statement: "Believe nothing ! Belief is a confession of ignorance ! Therefore do not even believe what even I tell you ! All I can do is to teach you to enlighten yourselves. Your first duty is to abolish your ignorance, and only you yourselves can do this".

Indeed, we should take such statements as of general value. Though we may see some of them as speaking directly to US because of our particular state of mind, they are intended to be quite universal and many times figurative or symbolic. Many fall into the trap of taking everything literally, and so miss the Point.

We can not explain everything to everyone all the time. Many times we simply have to lay out what we can offer and hope that it is not too obtrusive to too many. I would only add that in such a place as a general discussion where anyone can be there it seems to warrant a less cryptic offering than at a retreat or ashram or sangha where preparatory understanding of the material at hand has already been established or the people would no doubt not be there. The level of this foundational preparatory understanding in a specific group is really not of much concern for whatever level they are at is the level that they will understand.

In the public setting, I would say, we should Empathize with those who are just here to see what this is all about for we were in that situation ourself at one time. Oh yes, we start out trying to Save the world as Superman ten feet tall. After a bit we Realize that there is a little tare in our cape. Then we Realize that part of the cape is not even there. And yes, eventually we Realize that what we thought was a cape was just a string around our neck. And then Realize that a halo only has to fall a few inches to become a noose. And so we can Empathize with the Supermen that cross our Path.

You are as much the form as you are formless. There is a Totality IN/AS physical existence, and an aspect of that Totality in that body. It is not that there is not this form, but rather that not conditioned we are not identified with that form. We are conditioned to identify with the form thereby separating and glorifying the form at the expense of the Totality that this form is an aspect of. A multiplicity IN/AS Unity. When we Realize that the body is but a facet or aspect of the Unity/Totality of our True Nature, we tend to it's needs but give it no more importance than any facet/aspect. The Key being attention on the Whole rather than it's seeming parts.

Here is your answer. There is no one to care. There is no one identified with whatever it is to care about. When each multiplicity is more important than the Unity/Totality there is divisiveness and self-importance. When Unity/Totality is more important than it's various multiple aspects (the body, for example) there is only What-IS (IN/AS Unity/Totality). How long have you identified with that body ? And degenerated, as is the way of all manifest form. Obvious impermanence. Actually stored in even cell of the form.

How can memories be either pain or pleasure, being but an Illusion of permanence ? Memories are but photographs, collected data, and carries no inherent Reality or pain or pleasure with them. It gets back to identifying with them. That which has been is not, so there is no need to identify with that which is not ? Clinging to that past is but a chain keeping you from the Present Eternal Infinite Moment.

What we speak of is What-IS, the Nature of manifested form. If you wish to call this Natural Evolution/Involution conditioned, fine. Problem is that it clouds the issue, namely the added conditioned notions resulting from interaction with the rest of humanity in general. We can not lump natural development and acquired notions into a bag and call it all conditioning. For then it would be ridiculous to get rid of all conditionings. That is a ploy the Grand Trickster would try. It is that added toxic stuff that we have acquired along our sojourn through life that we have to let go of. Study a little on conditioning and on behavior modification and you will see what I mean.

Openly Honestly Observe your thinking and behavior. A Way that has been found useful since time immemerable is Self-Observation. That is, Openly Honestly Observe every thought and every action as though you were a third party Witnessing your own thinking and behavior. And Observe why these thoughts arise and why we behave as we do. And for what reasons do these thoughts arise and deeds done. And what is the intent of such thoughts and behavior. A most revealing study, for we get to "know thyself". When we see what conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons we have become, THEN we can do what must be done to rid ourself of these defilements. IF, that is, we are not frightened back to Sleep.

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*Daily Meditations*

Meditation will Silence the mind but won't cure Ills Regardless of the particular practice or it's Frills, Like your True Nature Meditation is your Life The very Way to Transcend Suffering and Strife. -- Yogajyotii

So the Work gets Done without your projections Via Meditative True Nature without Infections, You can not lay Claim for you're just an Instrument Through which True Wisdom we can Implement. -- Yogajyotii

Just Serving the Master our Awakening a Servant Doing what must be Done because it's Deservant, When we ARE our True Nature there is no you There is just Awakening Free to BE the Work to Do. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Indeed, there is much more to the stars and their relevance to us than codifying us, though many use it as such. Astrology tells us of the influences that the Cosmos has on us and aspects of those influences. Influence that we deal with our whole life. These influences and aspects should not be used as a category for us to use as an excuse or proclamation, but rather a tool for us to better "know thyself". A tool to better Work on thyself.

Born on the cusp of a sign, you have to add the two signs together to come up with a reasonable approximation of the influences and aspects to be considered because the influences and aspects of both signs will be evident. Note that I said "reasonable approximation" because the stars are not the only influences to be considered -- there are our conditioned notions also. Astrology does not help us stay AS the Moment, but rather another tool for us to be able to embrace the Moment AS it IS and the influences upon it and the aspects of those influences. Though it is used as a tool of divination it's Real importance is in it's value to better understand ourself and the Moment we are presently AS.

Creation is simply BEing Creation, Manifestation is simply BEing Manifestation. And has nothing to do with "beings", pure or otherwise. Sleeping, thinking in dualistic terms, there must be a creator and a creation. Awakening from such Sleep, there is no separation between creator and creation because they are one in the same -- Creation BEing Creation. No Guidance, just BEing what it IS and DOing what it DOES.

David Copperfield shows that something can be gotten from nothing. But then, he is a master of illusion. For something can not come out of nothing, as nothing can not and never has existed. There always was and there always is and there always will be Operant Potential, it is the nature of this atomic existence we find ourself in. Potentiality is the urging force that drives Evolution/Involution to manifest. The fallacy of "the beginning" concept is that the so called "big bang" that we refer to as "the beginning" was nothing more than the recycling of our existence from the last manvantara. As Brahma exhales physical manifestation unfolds (as a star novas and explodes hot cosmic dust and particles are spewn out into space), and as Brahma inhales physical manifestation infolds (as this dust and particles cool they gather together forming solid matter, and these small bodies of matter gather with other like bodies of matter to eventually form a solar system, and as this solar system matures it is again drawn back into the central star to again nova to again explode and again spew hot cosmic dust out into space and again cool and again........). Such a day of Brahma is this manifested Operant Potential Conscious manifested, as such a night of Brahma is a return to the condition of Operant Potential. This was not the beginning of the Cosmos, but rather the beginning of our solar system and nothing more. It is humanity's arrogance that leads him to *think* that the seeming beginning of this manvantara of this solar system and humanity is the beginning of the whole of the Cosmos.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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