Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


BE And Know

Do you Observe your *reactions* ? Did you notice why you reacted ? What conditioned notion it seemed to rub the wrong way ? The Open Honest Observation of all our thoughts and all our actions is a most revealing Insight, and the reaction itself is most revealing.

Awakening is when the Pain ceases to be. The struggle is not even Painful actually, as the struggle is not with or for Awakening. It is in the letting go of those dearly beloved conditioned beliefs that we have become very attached to that is Painful. Those conditioned likes and preferences. Our ego, our identity, our separateness -- the facade we wear around as a mask to hide our Fears and misgivings and shortcomings. To hide our ignorance, both from others as well as ourself. Those grand ideas and symbol of our worth. All conditioned nonsense, but most of it is so Painful to let go of that few let them go. People will give up anything even life itself for some cause whether it be noble or foolish, but will refuse to give up even the most minor of the Causes (conditioned notions) of the Suffering. Pathetic, but if you Openly and Honestly think about it you will Realize that it is True. We have become conditioned programmed robots controlled and manipulated by our own conditioned programmed thinking and behavior. If we want to be intelligent we have to learn something new each day, yet if we want to start Awakening we have to let go of those defiling conditioned learnings.

"Believe" not, Directly Experience it yourself.

In all Esoteric material one will find words capitalized when in usual composition would not be capitalized. The composition rule tells us to capitalize the first word in a sentence but none other in that sentience unless it is a proper noun or title of some sort. However, when a word holds added significance or a deeper meaning than the dictionary definition of the word, I capitalize it to denote for those who have the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear that they may See and Hear this deeper significance. In this preceding sentence I denote Inner Seeing and Hearing -- Seeing and Hearing via True Nature of Understanding and Awareness rather than just physical eyes and ears. To *be* is to denote a phenomenal occurrence at a point in the future, where as to *BE* is to denote Consciousness and form (body) focussed or Totally attuned IN/AS the very instant Present Moment. Also, *being* denotes phenomenal occurrence happening though *BEing* denotes the sum total of who/what you ARE (physically and Spiritually) and also denotes the sum total of who/what you ARE (physically and Spiritually) IN/AS the Present Moment.

Obviously there are multi-levels to my offerings, as the same offering is for those already Awakening AND for those just getting started on the Path. So the unusual capitalizations are not to confuse or to evade, but rather to address both the lay and the advanced Seeker.

The automatic arising of thoughts (memories) are a reaction to whatever is Present. You could not, nor would not want to, eliminate the memories though you can stop them from automatically arising. They arise because you cling to them. They hold some quality for you that helps you escape the Present or enhance it. But there is never escape or enhancement of the Present for the Present simply IS just AS it IS. The past, from where these thoughts/memories arise, is not Real for it is dead and gone along with the thoughts and memories that arise. The past can not be re-lived, and the arising thoughts/memories are an attempt to resurrect the past. The past is holding you prisoner so you can not BE the Present Moment that IS What-IS the only Reality at our disposal. Memories are like photographs, at the Moment we take a picture of some physical occurrence and save it away somewhere. Years later we dig out the photographs to marvel at those occurrences (remembering the good old days). But the picture is not the actual occurrence, but rather an image of What-WAS, a history and nothing more. The occurrence in the picture can not be re-animated. So too, the occurrences that are the memories that arise is What-WAS and nothing more and can not be re-lived. So the past is but data in the storage vault and has no other importance. You think so, so you cling to them, when they are but phantoms that get in your Way of Awakening. Of what importance are they to you ? Why do you cling to them ? What conditioned notions keep you attached to them ? These are the questions you must ask of yourself. You are you NOW, so you must let that which is THEN go.

WE as an individual entity apart from What-IS, in our perception we are NOT. It is the Realization that though we are an element in the phenomenal realm we are not distinct and separate from it, but rather ARE it. The Observer Observing the Observer AS the Observed. As an element IN/AS the phenomenal realm our functionality IN/AS the phenomenal realm is just the same as any other element. Difference being that Sleeping we identify with and therefore cling to the phenomenal realm, yet Awakening there is only our True Nature Which-IS (the phenomenal realm being only part of What-IS). That is why we can say that the phenomenal realm is an Illusion, though the phenomenal realm itself is not an Illusion our identification with it and therefore or clinging to it is an Illusion out of fear and a sense of security

What stands out in Quixote's adventures is the futility of clinging to the contrivances of our conditioned thinking (illusions). Chasing these windmills and clinging to them though they are the Cause of much Suffering and Pain, gets us further and further away from Truth/Reality. Sleeping, conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automatons, we contrive a complex and ornate grandiose rational for our reason of existence. So we contrive adventures to attain, in varying degrees, our position or station in some *chain of command*. It is foolish to think that we can be free from the mind, or would want to be. The mind is simply the mind being the mind, and has taken the natural Unfolding of manifest form billions of years to establish this mind. The problem is not the mind, as is often mistaken, but rather the problem is the programs we dearly harbor for the mind to run. When the mind does not have these programs to run, the mind is Silent. And it is the Silent mind that is the No-mind, not that there is no mind. Nor would we want the mind to run free, which is the helter skelter chatter of Sleep.

The very notion of free will is itself the bondage of Quixote gloriously hunting ferocious windmills. As long as we continue to harbor our conditioned notions we will continue to set up valiant adventures and dragons to slay. To live life the way life lives life, we must live it without our dearly beloved conditioned notions. That is, live life the way it IS and not the way we are conditioned to *think* it is. Life does not live life wearing rose colored glasses, nor can we if we are to live life as life lives it. Life IS life, so too we must BE life to live it as life lives it. Clinging to the conditioned notions, life is not lived but merely survived. We must "drop the stick".

We must be Open and Observe the Teachings that the little Gurus are offering. They are IN/AS the Present Moment, they are not attached to this or that, they think and respond IN/AS the Present Moment unfolds itself anew. Whatever the Moment IS, they are IN/AS it. So they can jump from one thing to the other without missing a step -- one minute singing and dancing and the next being a monster. One minute crying and the next laughing. Has it not been said, "be as little children" ?

Remember, Nothing is nothing left to project into/onto the Direct Experience of What-IS. And for right NOW, the Satsangh IS. Would you not BE joy and laughter and love if you were with the most Enlightened Gurus in the world ? Obviously Satsangh is. In repeating, Nothingness is nothing to project into/onto the Direct Open Honest Experience of being shown some very important Insights needed in our Awakening. What else could What-IS be other than What-IS, All IS simply what it IS -- with Nothing (no conditioned notions) projected into/onto whatever What-IS IS.

Sleeping "we experience the rising and setting of the sun", Awakening we experience the sunrise and the sunset and the sun. As in meditation and in yoga, we do not experience the practice of meditation or yoga but rather the state of BEing that IS meditation and yoga. When there is a separation between the one who experiences and that which is experienced, there is more of a projection than an actual Direct Experience. As the term "Direct Experience" implies, the experiencer IS the experience.

Oh yes, we can and most do intellectualize everything. All that is intellectualized has it's origin in the mind, and so can not be Truly Directly Experienced, so indeed the Grand Trickster will have the last laugh (so to speak). As he always does when we intellectualize, which is the down side to knowledge. Ah, but when we leave the intellect out of the experience and Directly Experience Whatever-IS precisely AS it IS at he very Present Moment that it IS, the Grand Trickster is left out in the frigid cold. That is, no experiencer and no intellect and no knowledge, just the Direct Experience IN/AS the Moment. So it is the Grand Trickster, the intellect, the known, the conditioned programmed thinking, that degenerates the Moment that is Directly Experienced to mere data.

Yet, this is the way of *education*, the way of *educators*, the way of Kali Yuga. But have Heart, things will get worse before they get better.

Our masks are what we hide behind, and most times they even fool ourself. But you can not hide your True Potential, even in the written word. Due to the Fact that most pay attention to the word, any word will do as a mask. Yet, the space between the words is where we See the True Nature behind the words. As in True Meditation, it is the space between thoughts that we glean Insights and not in the thoughts themselves.

First, the donut is as much the hole as it is without the hole (NonDualistically speaking). For there can be no differentiation between the hole and the absence of the hole -- all is One, not Two. Indeed, IN/AS such Realization/Recognition there is no one to argue with nor anything to argue -- All IS just the way it IS. No opinion or rationalization or intellectualization or conceptualization, just YOU IN/AS Whatever-IS. So, our only means of communicating this Realization/Recognition IS.

There is no one to fail nor anything to fail at. On this Path effort never goes to waste and there can be no failure. For on this Path, the Path of Awakening, we fail only when we are Sleeping. Slips and falls and mistakes ARE the Journey, so that is not a failure. We can only fail ourself by *thinking* that those Sleeping can point to failure. Sleeping IS failure, and therefore can not see failure any more than the eye can see itself. So if you are basing failure on the dictates of the Sleeping, you have to get out of that mode of operation and laugh at their folly. Thich Nhat Hanh has said, "Don't let your thoughts carry you away, come back to the path every moment. The path is your friend. She will transmit to you her solidity, and her peace". Reside there.

Life is a game ? Existence is a game ? Though it can not be clung to seriously, it seems that there is more to it than gamesmanship. Embraced and Truly Lived to it's fullest, indeed. Illusions are games, but not to those who play them. Even in playing them to deceive, there is a certain reality to them to those who play them. May it be offered that only in Sleeping are such games even played and played with eyes Wide Shut. When eyes are Wide Open games lose their reality and so are not played for then those Open eyes See the destruction in playing such games.

I would only add that shocks (whacks) to the conditioned known is quite maddening to most, as well. When the exposure of our security blanket is threatened we spring to action with lance and armor. And so we rob ourselves of the Moment by avoiding the shock, too busy clamoring to defend yesterday and tomorrow and other fool notions to notice that we missed the Point. When we start rebelling against clinging to the past and the future and other conditioned notions as we rebel against Truth and Reality, we increase our chances of Awakening IN/AS this very Present Moment.

It is not intended to belabor what may seem to be a mote point. If the *I* or *my* or *mine* owns nothing, possess nothing, is identified with nothing, how can they be acknowledged at all ? Further, how could they be acknowledged as *yours* by *you* ? As long as there is a *you* to even not possess, not own, not identify, the conditioned *you* is conditioned to cling to the very notion of not possessing or not owning or not identifying. Let the *you* go and there will be no one to even not possess an *I* or *my* or *mine*. *You* keep referring to *your* none attachment or *your* lack of the sense of ownership or *your* lack of the sense of possessing. Do you see the crux of the dilemma ? Who is this you ? "Who am I" ?

When the Observer IS the Observed Observer Observing What-IS Observed one IS/IN/AS First Cause. Which is one's True Nature. And in such state of BEing there are no mirrors to stand between. For IN/AS Silence we Hear, as IN/AS Void we See, as IN/AS Awakening we ARE. Only when Sleeping, when conditioned programmed controlled manipulated, our seeming truth and reality and life is but the reflection of or projection of our robotism of a separate Observer Observing.

Our conditioned thinking is the Cause of our attachments and the Cause of our Suffering. No more conditioned notions -- no more attachments -- no more Causes -- no more Suffering. It all seems to follow the old *domino effect*. And if by some Cosmic change of plans the floor is not there, given that our bed is just floating there like Judy's in the Wizard of Oz, then we will deal with that if that IS the Present Moment. Your Life IS "A Course In Miracles". Now THAT, our Life, is the *Book Of Books*.

Indeed the ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment IS where Dwelled to make such offering. And it is IN/AS that ever anew Eternal Infinite Present Moment that what offered can be Realized. But would it not be that the True Nature that was looking through eyeballs is not filtered/distorted by the rose-colored glasses of conditioned thinking, whereas what greater humanity sees is through those glasses ? It would seem then that we must first take off the rose-colored glasses of conditioned thinking so that Pure True Nature would be looking through All eyeballs.

It is said that producers are in Hollywood. Is, therefore, the entity in Hollywood ? Is there an entity ? Is there a Hollywood ? Is there production ? The howling wolves are in the discos, and the cow jumped over the moon. Or is the entity the moon in the bucket of water ? Who is neither comprehension nor incomprehension, but merely an image of What-IS ? So, it would seem, that what must be considered is the Dance and not the Dancer even though the Dancer IS the Dance. We poor sots have to Realize/Understand the difference between the Dance and the Dancer and the Dancer BEing the Dance.

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*Daily Meditations*

As long as he clings to false conditioned notions as truth He will never Remember who he IS as a new born youth, Will even deny his True Nature as he plunges further still Into the Dark Age of Kali Yuga which he continues at will. -- Yogajyotii

His conditionings is his epitaph chiseled in his headstone For as long as he harbors conditioned notions he's alone, Is there really anything to *own* the "I" connotes a Mask That we wear that is ever changing like the another task. -- Yogajyotii

He can not Realize/Recognize who he IS due to Sleep It is his conditioned/brainwashed state is why we Weep, When he lets all those dearly beloved conditionings go He will not have to be reminded he will BE and so Know. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Did not the Newtonian era tell us that light was a wave ? Due more than anything to it's lack of technology ? And did not the Quantum era by looking closer at the wave tell us that yes light is a wave but that wave is broken up into quantities ? Due more than anything to the advancement of technology ? And due to further advancement in technology, by looking yet closer at those quantities of light, did not science tell us that yes light is a wave that is actually quantities yet those quantities of light are made up of particles ? And I suspect that as technology continues to advance and science can look even closer than those particles that they will tell us that those particles are made up of yet finer details. Is this not like pealing away the layers of an onion ? Not agreed upon disagreement but rather simply a closer look at What-IS ? Which, I would say, that we must do with our conditioned ideas that are relative to our own conditioned perception. Perhaps then we can find many resolutions to many seeming oppositions.

As stated above, relative truths are either/or yet as in the example of light that all facets of light is still the same light. Or, relative truths are relative truths whereas Truth is Truth. The confusion lies in the Fact that apples can not be compared to oranges to reach a resolution, any more than relative truths can be compared with Truth -- they are not the same thing. Problem is that we are conditioned to *think* they are. So, back to the beginning, let go of conditioned notions and Realize each AS it IS and perhaps True Understanding can be gleaned.

Indeed language is not always the most communicative, but it is the only one we have at our disposal in discussions. And indeed words can be manipulated and juggled to indicate just about anything. But I would say that a Key is in True Listening, and not just hearing. There is a vast difference. We hear the words and put them together to construct sentences, grasping the meanings of the words, to visualize what is being said. Word by word and meaning by meaning and sentence by sentence and image by image and idea by idea, we construct a picture of what is being said. This is how we are taught to read. And if we are stopped at a word that we are unfamiliar with we may even lose our constructed picture. Listening, on the other hand, I would liken more to speed reading. That is, we scan the words and sentences not really aware of the words being scanned -- just scanning -- just observing. The subconscious is left to make sense of our scans so there is a running understanding of what we are Listening to. Listening is the art of not focussing our attention on a particular object (like a word) and simply being open to whatever sound is made, somewhat like reading between and beyond the words.

So yes, in True Listening we can Understand much from what is said (written) far beyond what is said (written). That is, we can Recognize those who Talk the Talk yet have not learned how to Walk and those who Talk the Walk that they have Realized to be What-IS. Hearing, the Talk either sounds good or is in opposition to us -- or slippery.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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