Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Macro and Micro (Two Friends)

We are but a Microcosm of the Macrocosm, an aspect of what is far greater than ourselves, a Ray of the Light, a drop of the ocean of manifested form. To Truly Understand ourself is to Truly Understand the greater Cosmos we are an aspect of. Diverse individual elements of the Whole, the One. Ingredients of the soup. Notes of the song. Steps of the Dance, the Cosmic Dance. To look deeply into even a grain of sand, as Sir Blake points out, is to See the very workings of our Cosmic Nature of Consciousness. As is stated in the Kaivalya Upanishad: "By meditation, they achieve the ultimate reality, which is unthinkable, unmanifest; the one of endless forms, the ever-auspicious, the peaceful, the immortal, the origin of the creator, the one without a beginning, a middle and an end; the only one, the non-dual, the all-pervading, the consciousness, the bliss, the formless, the wonderful."

So we are but a miniature of the Whole. To be Realized WithIN. So to "know thyself" we know the Whole, as to BE thyself we ARE the Whole. As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.

Peace of mind is our greatest asset, so naturally it must be maintained regardless of the seeming costs. Conditioned notions, fears, are the main things that we must let go of to maintain a True peace of mind for the cost of fear is our peace of mind. Fearless, what stands in our way of BEing who we ARE ? Nothing ! After the fear has passed we see that all we have to fear is fear itself, that nothing else is really worthy of being afraid of. Besides, nothing, not even life itself, is worth the destruction of our *Peace of Mind*.

When we search for God, we find beliefs and religions. When we search for ourself, we find God. You will not find God *out there*. That for which we search outside of us will always elude us. As I have already said, if we do not see God when we look in the mirror, or if we do not see God when we look at a tree, or an animal, or our family, or the myriad Wonders of life itself, we will never see God. Only in our conditioned mind is God *other* than What-IS. When we Truly Seek God we Realize ourselves, when we Truly Seek ourself we Realize God. There is but One-Way to God, and that Way IS WithIN.

Love is a convenient word to mean just about anything we want it to me, and it rarely has anything to do with Truth. If love did have anything to do with Truth there would not be so much misunderstanding between us when we use the word. There is no real universal definition, for we all have our own conditioned notions about it. If you want to know what love is, look into the eyes of a mother who has just delivered a new born who is being handed to her to hold for the first time -- THAT is love. And in the Recognition of THAT expression not even the feeble four letter word love is adequate for there is a lack of motive in THAT love. THAT love is True. The word is not that which we give the word to. All other uses of the word are means to control and manipulate another through emotions, or to express a like or desire. Openly and Honestly look around at the myriad uses of the word and you will see a gross misunderstanding. And in such Observations I would say that Truth is far afield of the use of the word (save, of course, the example sited of the mother).

So I would say the "the heart" and "love" is the simple quick-fix seeming solution that has as of yet, over thousands of years, made no headway toward Truth. Even in the use of the heart chakra (as it is called) that quality of energy must be first Pure of conditioned notions before it's Vital Force can be used correctly -- which is Compassion. It is a state of BEing, in that we ARE Compassion. Which is a resulting aspect of our Realization of Truth, and not the other way around.

So buying into the *love is truth* concept, I would say, has led humanity astray for some time now. Not only in so called Spiritual matters but also in the everyday interactions we are all involved in. Perhaps humanity has missed the True Understanding of what Wise Sages and Teachers of yore tried to impart to us. For I would say that they did not mean to "love our car" or house or job or paycheck or the other physically oriented uses of the word.

Terminology can be a major stumbling block to anyone Truly Understanding these terms. For they are but words, words as Pointers to the Real Meaning behind and between the words. So as you study, may I offer that you not get bogged down with the words but rather understanding what the words Point to.

May I offer that organized religions HAD their place. In that they were instrumental in gathering diverse people together under one roof with the singular intent of peace and harmony of Mind/Body/Soul, where conflict was left at the door before entering. In that, they served their worth. >From that point onward, what they have become are organs of control and manipulation through conditioned ideas and images and meanings of Fear. Organized religion has become nothing more than a profit oriented corporation. It is time to say that organized religions HAD their place, and served us well, but *when we are children we do childish things, but when we Wake-Up we must put aside the childish things*. That is, it is time to stop looking for answers outside of us in organizations and start looking WithIN. It is time to Wake-Up.

That is, Awakening is the Choiceless Mindless Motiveless response to What-IS in the very present Moment from Moment to Moment without projecting our likes and dislikes into the Direct Experience of that Moment.

Consciousness, as it is understood throughout our life, from a social or even a psychological perspective, is simply the mental ability of being alive. We can think, we can plan, we can perceive, therefore we are conscious. Yet, there is an overt consciousness (that I just described) and an Inner Consciousness (sometimes called Spiritual Consciousness). It is the Inner Consciousness that I wish to impart -- the Consciousness Within. So, naturally, I say "Go Within INto Consciousness". And note that I said IN-to, meaning Dwelling IN that Inner Consciousness. For it is only there that one can BE in the very present Moment NOW.

In our conditioned notions we *think* that we must have the wrong religion so we go looking through them all. Yet after all has been gone through we Realize that none are worthy of our attention. For they all are designed to control and manipulate our very thinking and behavior. It is not the religion that we learn from or grow from, it is the Seeking of Truth that we Learn and Grow. And we Realize that this Seeking Truth in all of these organizations was Seeing in the wrong place, for Truth can not be Found anywhere we Seek. It is when we stop Seeking Truth, letting go of our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and Seek to "Know thyself" do we Realize Truth.

We not only have to deal with our own conditioned notions, and since we do not live in a vacuum we have to deal with the various influences of our environment. For most of the time we can not simply smile and roll our eyes and continue on our way. Most times it is required to attend to another being in the Moment that we are in. But first, understand that another has no power to let you or not let you do anything, it is entirely in YOUR focus. YOU and YOU alone have the power to be distracted or not. We can not blame another for distracting us, we must take the responsibility to do something about it ourselves. Aside from that, how can anything that is IN the Moment, that is happening the very Moment, be a distraction form the Moment ? Attending to What-IS in the Moment, and responding to it as though it is the very first Moment of the rest of our lives, IS in the Moment or in the NOW. Indeed, the amount of Moments experienced in a single day is staggering. That is, staggering IF we try to experience them all at once by observing them from one of these Moments that has passed. When we observe each Moment all by itself as though it were the entirety of eternity, it is but a single Moment to experience and respond to accordingly and skillfully.

And how conditioned is this intuition ? For if it is a conditioned intuitive mind, then the way will also be conditioned. The first step, it would seem, would be to let go of the conditioned notions THEN let the Pure Intuition reign as it IS without the influences of our conditioned notions. Indeed this connection IS quite Naturally. But Natural is not conditioned. We must be careful as to what we look for, for when we find what we look for we have missed Awakening. Awakening can not be looked for because it can not be found. Awakening can not be given nor taken because it can not be possessed. It is a Realization that ONLY comes AFTER our conditioned notions are not part of the baggage that we carry around with us.

The follow-up question would be: where are you when you are drawn from the NOW by these seeming distractions ? When we are IN the Moment, whatever experience IS that Moment, is NOW. Do you mean that you are drawn from some pleasant moment that you are clinging to by What-IS happening NOW ? Though the physical manifested realm is on a time-line, Life is not -- it ever was and ever will BE. Yet language is a feeble medium in expressing such Realizations. We can only do our best and hope that it is enough to be a Pointer to others. For that experience which is explained is not the experience.

Awakening is Awakening, regardless of it's modus operandi is still Awakening. The seeming categorization is simply to draw the attention to the fact that Awakening is Total and involves even the seeming distractions to Awakening. Awakening is the Realization of What-IS, and is not "noisy neighbors, the blaring radio, the booming out nightclub, the raging driver, and many other such things" What-IS ? Awakening in the company of the Masters and their Teachings is easy, but simply the establishment of Awakening (direct). Manifesting that Awakening into every aspect of our experiences in the everyday world of What-IS is BEing Awakening (indirect). Hence we must go beyond direct Awakening and BE indirect Awakening directly. Did not mean to confuse, but rather to Clarify that Awakening is useless unless Awakening is manifested in every aspect of our everyday lives IN the Sleeping rat-race we call life. "In the world but not of the world".

It is not in *choice*, but rather in letting go. Let go of the self-centeredness and what is left is doing for some other reason. Awakening, we do what needs to be done, we do not choose which is to benefit us and which is not. So it is not in *deciding* but rather in doing what must be done without projecting our particular conditioned likes and dislikes into whatever it is we do. So indeed, any or either *choice* is still a mask. And letting go of such ego driven motives is sometimes a lengthy and arduous task, so do not think it is an over-night process.

"Decisions", choices ? First ill fated action. Second ill fated action would be to react or even respond emotionally. "Always" ! It makes such actions unReal, or unAwakening ! For whatever IS is What-IS, so What-IS can neither be wrong or invalid. When you start letting go, you will start to get off the vicious circle of Suffering. It is all about letting go of our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and BE Open and Honest about the input we take in.

Emotions are harmless in themselves for they are but seeds of Compassion, it is when they are used as tools to control and manipulate one's thinking and behavior that emotions become a major stumbling block to our Awakening. And quite obviously the Grand Trickster has done his job well, for the conditioning to follow our emotions is the most deeply ingrained in our mind. So it is not our emotions that lead us astray, but rather our conditioned thinking using emotions to control and manipulate our thinking and behavior.

How can one speak of a Realization ? We can say that we Realize this or that, but we can not verbalize the experience of any given Realization. Others can only point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way. We can describe a rainbow, but we are speechless in describing the awe in the experience of Realizing the wonder of that rainbow. Many have come along and told us precisely what awakening is and to do something and we will also be awakened. And many *believe*. And as many are deluded. In our early Quest we all want to know what to expect when we finally cross the threshold and Wake-Up. But alas, these are but words as well. Dualistic words at that. When we can experience the very instant present Moment without projecting any notions into/onto that experience of that Moment, we ARE Awakening IN that experience OF that Moment. And after experiencing the very instant present Moment without projecting any notions into/onto that experience of that Moment, and ARE Awakening IN that experience OF that Moment and move on to the next Moment not missing an instant from Moment to Moment we will Realize that All IS and All IS-NOT. When there is no distinction between ourselves and what we Observe, when the Observer becomes the Observed, we are Awakening. Even this is not describing Awakening, but merely what we are doing IN Awakening. And even *doing* is misleading because actually we are simply experiencing a Pure unconditioned Moment. It is that which can not be spoken that IS Awakening. Not a secret, but can only be Experienced or Realized instead of being spoken of. The *bottom line* is, however, the more conditioning that we discard the more we Realize and the more we experience What-IS and the more we Awaken.

Our Routes are different and our experiences will be different as well as our language and cultural setting will be different, but the Realizations and What-IS and the Awakening will be the same for anyone Awakening. This is why so may Great Sages and Teachers of Wisdom (as well as some contemporaries) sound like they read the same Book -- because they did. Because after we scrape away all of the conditioning and the routes and language and experiences and cultural settings we Realize *ourselves* (the Book). And at that unconditioned level of Realization we are all One.

In fact, in the confusion and questioning of whether we are Awakening or not is most likely where we will Realize such an Experience as Awakening. And do not hit that snooze button.


Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


To be intelligent we must learn something new every day, yet to be wise we must forget something we have learned every day. When we come to the point when we KNOW that we know nothing, we are ready to start Awakening. Only when the cup is Empty can it be filled. For we must know what we know and know that we know it. As we must know what we do not know and know that we do not know it. And of course, to be able to know the difference. When we Realize that we were Wiser yesterday than we are today, we are Wiser.

So we can feel that we BELONG, be attached to something so we will not float off into the ozone. The 'desire' to generate emotions in others. Due to this seeming 'need', we are then controlled and manipulated through them by others. But emotions do not exist as an entity or aspect, but rather as a response or reaction to a given stimulus. When there is no thought and no ego there is only observation and no emotional response or reaction. We ARE our Divine Essence of Awakening/Empathy/Compassion/Love, all else are conditioned additions.

Whether emotions are talked about from psychology or from Awakening, it boils down to the fact that once we let go of the desire/thought/ego we also stop generating emotional responses/reactions. Emotional responses/reactions can be indicators for therapy in the cognitive area and I might add stand in the way of our Dwelling IN/AS the Moment. The science of psychology generally deals with *corrective* measures where Awakening deals with *subduing* measures. We do not become *emotionless* per se, but rather Transmute or Transfigure emotional responses/reactions to Compassion/Empathy/Love by Waking-Up. We do stop generating emotional responses/reactions for we do not evaluate or judge, we simply express or emanate Compassion/Empathy/Love IN/AS our Awakening.

Spiritual Awakening, Inner Awakening, Awakening, Self-Realization, Enlightenment, all boil down to *Wake-Up* from the delusions of our self made reality and self made truth. It is in the Recognition that we are products of our society, products of the world in which we live and play, programmed conditioned controlled manipulated automatons and Realizing that we have to do something about that condition. THAT is the first step in what some call "Spiritual Awakening". What follows will be our decent through the Cantos of Hell, for it is an almost insurmountable *battle* to let go of our cherished programmed conditioned ideas and images and meanings that control and manipulate our very thinking and behavior and Veil our True Awakening.

0====[::::::::::> Sword of Truth <::::::::::]====0

All one needs to do is stop thinking, open their eyes, and SEE "What-IS" without twisting it according to one's preconditioned judgments. In other words, let the Wholistic Essence of Awareness IN the Moment Acting in Atonement (Direct Perception IN the Living Moment of NOW) form the words used in communication. Before Awakening, the momentum of our words is distinctly arising out of the dead realm of memory-based conditioned knowledge. We can camouflage it at the letter of the word level of empty rhetoric, but there is not a thing we can do to cover up the self/other deception at the dualistic letter of the word level when being observed by one Spiritually or Inwardly Sighted.

None of this is new, but rather simply an echo of the Wisdom that has been offered countless times by many down through the ages. For Truth, when Realized, will always remain the Truth regardless of who Realizes it and when they Realize it or how they express that Realization. I can appreciate the seeming newness of offerings by those not familiar with such because we are conditioned to shun it and otherwise stay away from it. It does not go along with our conditioned way of thinking. Obviously you are Opening your Eyes to the futility of such conditioned thinking and behavior and are now ready to take a closer look at the Truth that has been with us from times immemerable.

May I offer that you take a few steps forward toward the Present, for NOW is the only True Reality that we have to work with. *Back then* is but a memory that is not Real NOW. Only in your mind do you think *back then* is still Real, as the only substance in it is what you give it so you continue to Suffer. We must let such memories go and let them stay *back then* instead of continually clinging to them holding them as the Present where we should be. We can not forget, but we must let go of the memories and let them be in the past where we are not. Our Suffering is in such defilements that we cling to. Transcend such defilements, for another, regardless of their evil thinking and behavior, is worth our opportunity of Transcending and Awakening.

Indeed, and it is a vile and corrupt world of hate and greed and conflict and Suffering. If we do not end the chain of such thinking and behavior starting with ourself, the vile and corrupt world of hate and greed and conflict and Suffering will continue as it has for countless thousands of years. Which is and will continue to Veil and prevent humanity's Awakening unless we do something about it.


The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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