Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Where You ARE

If I may offer that, though the experiencer and the experience are indeed one in the same (non-dual), does non-duality not recognize the multiplicity in Oneness ? Though indeed all that IS is One, I would say that this formless One is of a myriad of forms (form being formless and formless being form). And though one's utterance of the experience of Oneness to another is indeed dualistic in it's very nature, how else could this non-dual Oneness be Pointed out at all ? I would also offer that it is a Law that we must Help our brethren that All start Awakening and not just those Awakening. If Siddhartha (for example), in his Realization of non-duality did not also Realize the multiplicity of this non-duality we would no doubt be as Blind as we were then. The best we can do, I would say, is to let go of our conditioned modus operandi and see what happens.

Enlightenment is not *attained*, it is Realized very non-dualistically. It can not be found or received or given, or even possessed. And you can not stay back there at the Ranch and ever Realize it. It has to be Realized IN/AS a state of Reality, which is only IN/AS the very instant Moment. We can not always be a step behind or a step ahead of ourself, which we mostly are, and still Realize Enlightenment. You are correct that it is futile to want Enlightenment, so the best we can do I would say is to let go of our conditioned modus operandi and see what is Realized.

"Spiritual" is a worn out catch-all term used in so many ways with as many definitions. Just a word we use to indicate something not physical, which also can mean about anything. A word we use because it seems to Point in the directed that we are trying to indicate. Practice is another evasive word we use usually in conjunction with the other evasive word of "spiritual". Practice, as the definition of the word implies, is a dry-run getting ready for the Real thing. So, it would seem that we can not focus on given words for any sort of Understanding but rather focus our attention to where the words Point. For Non-Duality or Enlightenment or even Spiritual simply ARE so all we can do is let go of our conditioned modus operandi and BE Non-Duality or Enlightenment or even Spiritual.

Why did form manifest ? How could such a question be answered ? And by whom ? Perhaps it was bored and had nothing better to do. Why wonder ? After all, it IS What-IS so why not Realize what is IS ? AS it IS ? So, I would say, the best we can do is to let go of our conditioned modus operandi and BE What-IS.

First, not all conditioning (programs) are toxic to our Awakening. Further, the fear of being out in the middle of a body of water that would be life threatening because one can not swim is not conditioning. But rather, well, good sense. Granted, most do take such fears to extremes. Did not Siddhartha tell us to let go of the Causes of our Suffering ? Did not Jesus tell us to not be influenced ? Have not others said the same things ? Those who have spent their whole lives Awakening are wrong ? ONLY the Grand Trickster would tell you not to worry about HIS influences.

Think not. Believe not. Find out for yourself by giving it a whirl. Not the haphazard "oh, been there done that" excuse, but rather actually let one go. One simple one. Like, perhaps, a simple minor *belief*. Think about all the things you believe and/or believe in, something that you have not verified by Direct Experience yourself, that you have either taken the word of another or you have intellectually deducted must be so, and let it go. That is, refuse to hold it to be True until you have come across a situation whereby you can Directly Experience it as being True. A Key is, in this experiment, that you must be Honest with yourself both about dropping some little belief and Honest with yourself about the results. Which may not, by the way, be instantaneous. Which may take days of Open Honest Observation to glean any results. Honesty with yourself is one of the parameters of this experiment. Another parameter is that you must really drop it and not just suppress or hide it. Another parameter is that you must Honestly and Openly Observe your feelings and reactions and responses and thoughts about letting this little belief go. So you are conducting the experiment and you are the experiment. The final parameter is that you must not be biased in your Observations. Really do it, and not just pay a game. As the old cliche goes: "don't fight it 'til you've tried it". Up to the task ? Guaranteed, IF you Openly and Honestly conduct the experiment and IF you Openly and Honestly Observe yourself as the experiment, you will gather very Interesting information. Perhaps not a deletion of a conditioned notion, but most Interesting information.

Awakening is gradually instantaneous. That is, struggling with and letting go of conditioned notions is a gradual undertaking though when you let one go the resulting Aha is quite instantaneous. So it is letting go of conditioned notion by conditioned notion thereby resulting in Aha by Aha, therefore a continued Unfolding of an Understanding of the Wholeness of What-IS. Indeed, each Aha is like flipping the Light switch on and the more Light switches we flip on the Brighter and Clearer all IS. And the more conditioned notions we let go of the more Ahas gleaned the Brighter and Clearer our Vision to find and root out more conditioned notions. It is all about letting go of everything that defiles our True Nature of Pure Awareness/Understanding/Consciousness. Pure in that it is AS it IS without additions (conditioned notions). It is said that Siddhartha sat under a Bodi tree and meditated for a while and became Enlightened. Somewhat True, but it took him over thirty years of Ahas before he got to that tree. And if you closely study his Teachings (his life) you will see that his Enlightenment *started* under that tree and not culminated there. That is, it took him over thirty years to get to a point where his Vision was Clear enough that all of What-IS started Unfolding before his unconditioned eyes. The same could be said of Jesus. He went through almost thirty years of Ahas before he stepped out of the desert one day and said "HEY, Wake-Up".

First, as said above, there is a Wholeness with Awakening that has to unfold as conditioned notions are let go of. We can not instantaneously let go of every single conditioned notion all in one toss so we could not instantaneously be Awakened. Hence, Awaken-ing. Awakening as well as Enlightenment are verbs (action words) and not nouns (static conditions). Yes, what we call Master do reside in a state of Awakening but that state is not static but rather an ongoing Unfoldment. Has any Master said "I am Enlightened" ? Why not ? Because when they get to the point when WE say they are Enlightened they Realize that they just started their Enlighten-ment. Do you see why it is said that there is no goal at the end of the Journey ? That just getting to the endless Journey, out of our conditioned modus operandi, is the goal.

The more conditioned notions tossed in the dumpster the more Ahas gleaned the more Whole our Vision the longer we stay IN/AS the Moment Awakening. When we have let go of all our conditioned notions we are always IN/AS the Moment Awakening, and that is where it all starts to make sense. Starts making sense to you, not those around you. Which can be a major distraction if you let it. Of course, if you are in a hermitage where everyone there is Awakening then as your Awakening Unfolds others may just chuckle because they have been there too. That can be distracting also, if you let it. The Key to staying IN/AS the Moment Awakening is *do not let yourself get distracted*.

And what might be "human nature" ? Especially a "human nature" that is so prone to violence ? Surely not a natural nature ? For is our True Nature that of violence ? If so, why would the great Sages of yore tell us to Unfold our True Nature ? So we would be our true violence ? There is nothing "human" about violence, but violence is rather most INhuman. Indeed in a stage of our Evolution/Involution our pre-human nature may very well have been most violent in the sheer survival of the fittest. But I would venture to say that when we stood erect and took a good look around we Realized that there were better ways to survive. At least less destructive ways. Our violent activities rest and are spawned in our conditioned thoughts of this and that. When we let go of our conditioned notions and BE the True Nature that we ARE, we may be able to Truly Understand the most devious Causes of our Suffering. Ignorance of violence and our True Nature and our conditioned notions is the foundation for those Causes.

There is only violence and coercion as we are conditioned to establish it. To say that it is our nature is but an excuse for our own inability to combat our conditioned state of thinking. A sad commentary. When we let go of our conditioned notions we will Realize that we ARE Peace and Love and Selflessness. Why is it that we Silence the mind ? Why is it that we Dwell IN/AS Emptiness ? Is there not something wrong with the "human nature" picture ? Rather than coercion I would say that the statement is folly, conditioned folly of some limited understanding. Especially so from one who attempts to show one's Wisdom with confusion. We are conditioned to coerce. A Talk unWalked as Realization/Recognition of What-IS. Unknowingly the profane lead the multitudes into battle against themselves, only to Worship the Slayer of the Real. This Slayer being the Causes of our Suffering, the conditioned modus operandi we lead others into battle with.

Humanity will not be Free of violence until he lets go of his conditioned notions and starts Awakening to the Awareness that his True Nature IS. Indeed one must Love oneself before he can ever expect to Truly Love anyone of anything else, yet one can love oneself such that no room is left to Love another also. Nothing will Free us but letting go of the Causes of our Suffering, which is our conditioned notions. No one Saves us but ourself, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourself must Walk The Way.

Maharshi said, "What is bliss but your own being? You are not apart from being which is the same as bliss. You are now thinking that you are the mind or the body which are both changing and transient. But you are unchanging and eternal. That is what you should know".

In the Dhammapada it says, "One truly is the protector of oneself; who else could the protector be? With oneself fully controlled, one gains a mastery that is hard to gain". If there is any control of our thinking and behavior, would not it best be controlled by ourself ? We must Save ourself so we must be the controller of that Salvation. Though, it is more a matter of taking the control of our thinking and behavior back so that we are responsible for our thinking and behavior. We are controlled and manipulated by many influences in everyday life, led this way and that, it is well past time that we end the control and manipulation by these influences. In so doing, we are in control. So it is not so much a matter that we control but rather that there is no control from influences other than ourself.

Love does not control, emotions and desires control. Do not mistake the jump for the frog. Where there is Love there is Freedom. Where there is emotion and desire there is control. Emotions and desires are the clinging to some past, whereas Love can only BE in the very Present. Such things past are the Chains that we must let go of. When we let go of emotions we transmute to Compassion, when we let go of desires we transmute to Love. For Compassion and Love can only BE as the Moment IS. IN/AS the Moment, there is nothing to learn nor anyone to learn it. There is just YOU and/as Compassion and/as Love. We trade in the Old for the New, the False for the Real, the Past for the Moment and BE who/what we ARE. No thrills, no frills, no rewards, just the Awesome Wonder of/as What-IS Truth/Reality.

On the other side of Infinity ? On the other side of Eternity ? What is the duration of the Moment ? Where is there to go ? No matter where you go, there you are. And there is no one where you are but you, though that is even a misnomer for we are as anew each Moment as the Moment. Thoughts arise and fall so there are many distraction, which are part and parcel of our programmed thinking and behavior. As long as the program is running, all is very conditional dictated by the program. So seeming accomplishments are merely the resulting control and manipulation of the program. So many fool themselves by *thinking* that all is well in Camelot just the way it is, though the Fire breathing Dragons still stalk the seeming Paradise. Is not our Fall from Grace when we made Two of the One ? When we separated ourself from ourself with our programs ?

"Personality and beginningness" ? There is a personality, which is conditioned, but if there was a beginning then where is the end ? The conditioned concept of "beginningness" is relative to "personality" in that the conditioned personality contrived the conditioned concept of beginningness. So in letting go of the conditioned notions we let go of the personality, and thereby the conditioned concept of beginningness and find ourself *stranded* IN/AS the very Present here and NOW. The sole immortality of the soul is in it's perpetuation via our conditioned notions. Let go of the conditioned notions and the soul tends to be quite irrelevant. In our arrogance we ponder the fate of nations yet have no clue as to our own fate. An exercise in futility to say the least.

The source of our folly is none other than the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind. And as the source the Grand Trickster is the Puppeteer of the conditioned programmed controlled manipulated automaton that we ARE.

It is True that when asked who we are we consider a certain persona, but why ? This persona taking into account our so called *worldly* relationship with everyday life. And is most separative and a certain Suffering, being an activity of the intellect. Indeed a form of Suffering, but what is the Cause of this Suffering ? Is it not our conditioned make up, our conditioned thinking ? Any fool can recognize a given program, but few Understand the script of that program.

Consciousness IS whatever IS, not something that can become part of anything. Is consciousness part of consciousness ? May I offer not to mistake the frog or the jump for the frog jumping. Consciousness can not be found nor held nor given nor received and can not be separate from itself. Indeed Awareness/Consciousness IS the True Nature that we/all ARE/IS, but an unrecognized True Nature due to the Veil established by our conditioned notions. We can not "deal with" the True Nature (Self as some call it) for it is Veiled from our Seeing it, so we only seemingly deal with concepts. A concept dealing with a concept, a bit like chasing our tail. When we let go of the conditioned notions we THEN can Recognize/Realize the True Nature that we ARE, and so can BE that True Nature. For THEN there is only nothing dealing with nothing resulting in nothing BEing What-IS.

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*Daily Meditations*

What's Wisdom and how will this ever be Recognized You first have to See your defilements as too despised, You have to BE a Sage in order to Recognize a Sage So look not until you've stepped down from the Stage. -- Yogajyotii

You interpret Wisdom through filters of what you know So the very definitions will make your Journey too slow, The very first step in Awakening is letting go the notion That there's something to find that will end commotion. -- Yogajyotii

Where are we actually from and too where will we go Just the same as where are we so will you ever know, Though there is movement you really never did get far Came from where you're going which is where you are. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Indeed, one of the very reasons for Awakening is to See the Whole and therefore Realize our Smallness. Sleeping, we are conditioned to *think* that we are "Superman and Ten Feet Tall", that the Cosmos pivots around the Earth, and humanity is the reason for the Cosmos in the first place. That we are "individuals" who have supreme authority over all the manifested realm and must conquer all the manifested realm. Awakening, we Realize that this is *bunk*.

Let me just say this about words that are capitalized out of place. That is, words that the first letter is capitalized in a sentence that under the rules of *The King's English* would not normally be capitalized. In the Esoteric or Wisdom areas, words are capitalized out of place to indication to the reader that there is more meaning to that particular word than the usual standard definition of that word. This additional meaning can only be gleaned by those Awakening, in most cases. An alert factor by the writer for those who have the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear should pay additional Attention to those words in the context the words are used in. Such as *observer* and *Observer*, where observer indicates one who is looking at something or sees something with the physical eyes and Observer indicates one who Sees or Looks with Inner Intuition and Awareness IN and of something. True Observation IS Total Attention of the Whole of whatever is Observed.

So, when we Truly Observe ourselves and anything else with an Open Honest perception Totally undefiled by conditioned thinking and behavior, that which we Observe IS the Observed. And when the Observer melds with or Embraces or Inwardly Enjoins with that which is Observed, the Observer and the Observed IS One. And "There can BE only One". It is in the separateness or dual structure of our conditioned ideas and images and meanings that keep us Sleeping and therefore we can not BE One with anything including ourselves.

The state of Awakening is the only state that can be even close to permanent for that state will accompany us from incarnation to incarnation. Yet not even Awakening is really permanent for it is in a constant state of Unfoldment -- Evolution/Involution. Indeed, when the Observer and the Observed ARE One the state of BEing is Non-BEing or Non-Entity -- though still very much IN the physical realm. It is the concept of separation and our concept of permanence that established in our conditioned minds the we are entities. Awakening, we ARE a Unity of our various Diversities.

There is no "Awakened I AM". Awakening, we ARE (which is the same as I AM). There is no Awakening I AM, as there is no Sleeping I AM -- there is no multiple I AMs. There is only What-IS each Moment. Not "one being", but rather BEing One With and IN/AS the Moment from Moment to Moment.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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