Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Find That Cure

There is no choice in the matter of wiring or re-wiring, but we can just *Drop the Stick* that we keep beating ourself with. The Stick being our conditioned contents of mind. If it was not that we stand in our own way, there would be nothing in our way. But it does not just mysteriously happen, we are bombarded by especially subliminal conditionings every minute of our lives and even before while in the womb. That has been shown clinically in many studies for some time now. From everywhere and from whoever is not Awake, from every interaction or experience in our daily lives, we are bombarded with conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts. And it is only a mystery to those who do not want to see it. Because if you know a little bit about the techniques of conditioning, and openly and honestly look around you, you would have to be comatose not to see it. But then, Sleeping, we are quite comatose.

There is no way out ! There is only letting them go. It is like trying to control thoughts, you can not control thoughts, the fact that they are self arising thoughts automatically establishes that our thinking and behavior is controlled/manipulated by the conditioned contents we harbor mentally (generating self arising thoughts). Likewise you can not control the conditioned notions, there is only letting them go.

Humpty Dumpty Wished that his men could put him back together again, but....... The very Desire/wish/want is the Fear of not doing what must be done to Empty the contents of mind. The rewiring, the wishing, the controlling conditionings and thoughts is a fool's game that only the Grand Trickster wins.

Drop the Stick. Let it go. You feel the hurt but you do not even realize that you are the one beating yourself with the stick. It is obvious. When you protect it, it must be okay. Otherwise you would not project it or try to hide it. You would drop it like a hot potato.

The problem is not that you think, but rather that you think while denying thinking. Selling apples at a stand and telling prospective buyers that you are selling oranges. "Well.... here's your sign". There is the story of the guy who pulled into a gas station with a flat tire. The attendant came out to the vehicle and said "Flat tire ?" "No", the guy said, "I was driving around and three tires just swelled up on me". "Here's your sign".

It requires Understanding and the Realization/Recognition of What-IS. When you ARE What-IS, What-ISNOT is quite obvious. No judgement at all because there is no more judge and no more ego and no more conditioned contents as a perspective. Only the Apperception of What-IS because we ARE What-IS. It definitely happens, but not all by itself. There is a conditioner and a conditionee. Until the condtiionee is no more. You can not condition an Empty mind.

It all depends on whether the mind is Empty or not. When the mind is Empty/Open/Receptive/Mindful thoughts arise as a flow of What-IS needed to think AS that Moment -- The Dance. Thoughts self arise from conditioned contents of mind, thus a reaction to whatever the senses sense (sight, sound, touch, whatever) and thus projected onto/into whatever that Moment IS.

When there is no-me or no-self, we will not know about it because there is also no-thought. At that Moment of no-self there is only Observation/Witnessing and no one to Observe/Witness. In retrospect we *think* about that Moment and Understand that this must be the no-self because that was the Moment that we did not acknowledge self. Though, at that Moment of retrospection we are no longer AS the Present Moment.

When and only when there is thought can we parrot, or even talk for that matter. Can you conceptualize a Realization ? You can conceptualize the result of a Realization but you can not conceptualize the Moment of Aha. Because that Moment is without words and thoughts. That Moment there is no you or no-self. When you start thinking about that Realization, and how/where it applies to things then there is a you doing the thinking.

When the contents go, when the mind is Empty, there will not be random thoughts thus no reason to do any choosing. You do not have to have thoughts to know that you have to do something. The memory of everything is stored in every cell of your body, so all you have to do is be mindful and the form will simply do what needs be done without you thinking about it.

The contents arises the thought, the form will simply do what needs be done IF you let it by Emptying the contents. It deserves more credit, it is quite autonomous when you let it be. The contents has to play boss and tell the body what to do. What an ego trip. But the body does not need a boss, it can take care of business all on it's own. People are afraid to let it. We have created this Monster the conditioned contents (Grand Trickster) that has to run the show. That Monster is the problem.

Mindfulness is quite simple and perhaps that is why it is so difficult and so misunderstood by so many. Odd word, like Apperception, it actually means (in the sense of Awakening, Enlightenment) just the opposite of the normal definition of the word. The norm is mind-full, but in use relative to Awakening it actually means mind-empty. A good sampling might be to clear the mind of thinking and just look ahead, seeing but not concentrating the attention on anything -- just looking and seeing. But also notice what is in the peripheral vision. Do not move the eyes, stay looking ahead, but be aware of all the items that are in the periphery. Not concentrating on anything but *seeing* everything without even naming what is seen. You are just aware that all those items are there. Oddly, like speed reading, you do not have to call them by name to recognize what they are. They are there, you know they are there, you know what they are, without even a though. THAT is Mindfulness as Siddhartha introduced it. Not having something in mind, as is normally defined, but rather just a knowing without knowledge (or thoughts). An awesome way to live life, because in such a state of BEing, nothing can be attached to so nothing can be owned or possessed and everything is enjoyed. No object, all is the same but different, much is done with no one doing it, tons of memory and knowledge sitting on the shelf waiting to be used, all is stationary yet in motion, and you would like to shout this state to the world but all you can do is Dance AS it for then you ARE the Dance.

The finger in a sense is Pointed toward another, as that is where you will locate yourself. And yes, a "me" is always Pointed out to be fallacious and illusive at best. More, nothing but a conditioned notion and can hold no relevance if one is to Awaken. But the "me" can not Observe, as it is but illusion. So that is a imperception of both a "me" and Observation. You do not *think* about a "me" because it is the "me" that does the thinking. The can seen here is an Observation offered to those who have the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear. If not, well, a Pearl trampled.

Those who Talk the Talk do so because they are too afraid to even consider Walking the Walk only delude themselves. And in the process they delude others. Is killing one's Spiritually any less hideous than killing one physically ?

It is easy to know what is in one's heart when the heart is in the head. Most confuse the two, thinking that the head is the heart but the heart does not think. They propound their so called love and compassion as an intellectual volition of mind, yet if indeed they were in the heart there would not be thinking but rather only Love and Compassion. You see, feelings and emotions are head-bound, and have nothing to do with the heart. So it is easy, there is nothing in the heart if all they Talk about is thinking.

Does the tweak on the nose Hurt ? Does the tweak to the ego Hurt ? Only the Darkness would react to Light. Only the Grand Trickster the conditioned contents dearly clung to in the mind would react to Truth/Reality. So it seems quite easy to know what is in our heart as well.

This is the real problem, *your take*. Opinions are like butts, everyone has one and they are dispensers of much crap and the best thing we can do with them is to sit on them. Humor, but our reactions are invaluable Lessons if only we would actually take a look at ourself.

Humanity has been thinking and behaving insanely for hundreds of thousands of years. Do we still not engage in war, in struggle, in greed, and selfishness, in causing pain and suffering to others for our own satisfaction ? If such activities are sanity, I would say that it is time that we get a bit crazy.

There is hope ? Yet the ways we learn are the ways of our conditioned ideas and images and notions of all sorts. Building from that platform we can gain none other than a further refinement of that very platform. That is not hope, but rather a more articulated conditioned notion. The herd is Sleeping, which is the ideal for the herd. However, the solitary Drummer, Dancing to his Inner Divine Tune, is he who is Awakening. For no one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, Others can Point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way.

Knowing others is Intelligence, Knowing ourself is True Wisdom, Mastering others is Strength, Mastering ourself is True Power. When we stop wanting to be Lied to, we can then Grow-Up/Wake-Up.

Yet now at present we have a re-definition of chaos and mob rule. It seems to me that the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was founded on this platform. They won the war, but lost the battle.

"Positive" advancement for humanity yet in which direction, uphill or downhill ? The Vedic Astrological texts seem to indicate a positive head-long race deeper and deeper into a downhill cycle which could very well bottom out in oblivion.

*Reaction* is wonderful for it is one of the ways that we can Observe ourselves, our reactions and why we react and what made us react and for what end was that reaction. In this way we can Observe our conditionings and how they control and manipulate us to react. I hope that you did Observe yourself while reacting to this or that rather than simply that you were reacting. If Truly Observed and taken apart piece by piece and Observed very closely, that Observation could very well be one of the most valuable Insights you will every Realize.

There are many so called "mechanism for world change", but there is but one that will work. Which is: no one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourselves must Walk the Way.

To become intelligent we must learn something new each day, but to become Wise we must forget something that we have learned each day. The mental shackles that you speak of are none other that the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind. And the Truth you seek will not be found there, but rather Realized as the shackles of conditioned ideas and images and meaning are discarded.

Indeed, we are Legends in our own mind. For that which we seek will always elude us, staying ever at arm's length until we let go of the Veils that Blind us.

And the Battle rages on, and on, and on, until we Realize that the insanity we see around us is none other that our own projected conditioned insanity. Libération de l'esprit Grand du Trickster !

The *personal self* (conditioned personality-social-ego-self) being the center of *our* universe is the malady of toxic conditioned thinking and thereby controls and manipulates our thinking and behavior. So the mind is the Slayer of Awareness and True Inner Insight. And we have to Slay the Slayer, Trick the Trickster, discard toxic conditioned mind lest we be deceived ourselves. The difference is, who is in control -- the Slayer or Trickster or conditioned mind or the Inner Divine Aware Self ? When Sleeping, the mind and all of it's Illusions and projected preconceptions are in control using perception as a tool. When Awakening, Awareness is in control using the mind as a tool. Dwell AS the Silence of no thoughts and you Dwell Within AS Awareness -- Dwell in the chatter of thoughts and you Dwell in Illusion. I would say that it would be better to Focus AS *What-IS* rather than what the mind projects to focus at.

Though it is sometimes *thought* that simply the action of form manifesting (human birth) removes one from a state of BEing or ISness. Yet BEing human IS ISness, for it is our conditioned ideas and images and meaning and conditioned perception in general that Veils our BEing or ISness. Observe the new born child -- is it not until they are warped by conditioned notions that they seemingly *lose* their BEing or ISness ? For the new born perception IS Passion, IS Awakening, IS BEing, IS. Then comes along the Grand Trickster............... who establishes the EX in our ISness.

An apple is not an orange, any more than an apricot is a grape. And to compare such unlikes would only result in confusion and fallacy. The raindrop IS the ocean and the breeze IS the wind, but god is not belief. He who *believes* rather than Directly Experience will never Truly Understand God or Tree or Raindrop or Ocean or Breeze or Wind and especially not himself. At that point as a child that we stop Directly Experiencing and start believing others in leu of our own Direct Experience is when we start being controlled and manipulated by those beliefs. At that point when Direct Experience becomes to Painful to bare and we opt for a belief of another is when we stop Truly Understanding God or Tree or Raindrop or Ocean or Breeze or Wind and especially ourselves. At that point when our conditioned notions prevent us from Directly Experiencing so that our only route is to believe, it is time we discard the conditioned notions and get back to a time in our lives when we knew no other route than to Directly Experience. This is why it has been said that, "we must be as little children". For at that point in our lives our Direct Experience has not been yet distorted by beliefs. Why settle for a belief when Reality or God or Tree or Raindrop or Ocean or Breeze or Wind and especially ourselves can be Directly Experienced ?

There is no *right* as opposed to *wrong*. Whatever we are Directly Experiencing at the Moment IS, and that Moment is Experienced via our projected notions into/onto it. The Key is to Experience the Moment without projecting conditioned notions into/onto it, which is the failing of programmed humanity. Conditioned humanity *judges* and projects their own likes and dislikes not only into any give Experience of their own but also into the Experiences of others, *judging* the right or wrong of the Experience. Look not as *right* being opposed to *wrong*, but rather *Right* being Truth and Reality and What-IS and *wrong* being falsehoods or Illusions. Both ARE What-IS, but one is a further Unfolding of Awakening and the other is further Sleeping. Another Key is to Realize and Recognize the difference.

Why does humanity continue to Sleep ? Because he is lazy, for one has to go to Work when one Wakes-Up. The seeming "conclusions" are very *Dead Ended*. Conclude not, remain Open and Honest with yourself or Awakening Dead Ends as well.

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*Daily Meditations*

Do your Prostrations and give your Grandiose Tithes And gather knowledge but it will not make you Wise, This only pleases yourself and enlarges your Head Yet in the very End you know that the King is Dead. -- Yogajyotii

If you want to Awaken Hear the Sound of Stillness And Drop the conditioned notion that is your Illness, It is not your personal truth or your reality or your Will For with a Sword of Truth it's the Slayer you must Kill. -- Yogajyotii

Who's your Guru there is where your allegiance lays And so how you will turn out no matter what it Pays, Following such there will be a Great Price Extracted And the Payment you Receive will not be Expected. -- Yogajyotii

When the path is too well worn you Slide right Past The very Ticket Window you tried to reach at Last, You have to Back-Peddle to get to where you were In the Hopes that This Time you will Find That Cure. -- Yogajyotii

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Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Our only concern is to find an immediate answer to our various problems. But sooner or later the immediate answers are found to be unsatisfactory because no problem has an answer apart from the problem itself. But if we can Understand the problem, all the intricacies of it, then the problem no longer exists. Our Awakening would not allow it to exist in Understanding it. When we are Seeking to Understand a problem we tend not to look at the problem itself, but rather at the *resulting effects* of the problem. And so our *band-aids* and *quick-fixes* lose their enchantment when we Realize that the problem still exists. The *solution* to the problem is AS the problem itself, as the Cause of our Suffering is AS the Suffering. To Understand it is to Realize it's remedy.

God's Will ? My Will ? Your Will ? Will Rogers ? Why must it be someone's ? Why must it be one in leu of the other ? What is other ? Is not Will, Will ? May I offer, that if there is a Will, BE that Will and pay no mind to *possessing* it or that someone else possesses it. Will IS, why not let it BE as it IS rather than projecting our own conditioned notions into/onto it. If Will could be possessed, it would be bottled and could be purchased in the all-night drugstore -- so have no fear as long as there are all-night drugstores.

To See our own conditionings and frailties and shortcomings in the antics of others is indeed looking into The Mirror of Truth. Mirrors of Truth most often are in the most unlikely of places, yes ? And by Seeing such conditionings in ourselves and discarding them, we do not necessarily Save the world but we do Save a bit of it (ourselves). And what happens when we *empty* ourselves of these beloved conditionings ? Unprotected by the security-blanket that these conditionings seem to afford us ? Treading realms that even eagles fear to tread ? Opening our Inner Darkness to the Inner Light ? Dwelling AS the Eternal Moment ? We Reach and Touch the Face of God ! We are to 'God' what a wave is to the ocean, what a branch is to the vine. Each of us is a wave in the Ocean of Life, a branch of the Vine. And what is the Ocean without waves ? Where is the vine if not in the branches ? The Ocean is the Reality of every wave, as the Vine is the Reality of every branch.

May I offer that such Realization is neither happiness or joy, but rather the Realization of What-IS IS as it IS -- no happiness, no joy, no depression, no unhappiness, just IS What-IS.

The Illusion of duality. Why would we want to experience them separately or at the same time other than to transcend them by experiencing them ? Judging happiness or unhappiness results from our conditioned notions about either, whereas experiencing either or both at the same time IS the experience of either or both and nothing more. We embrace each and both to transcend our fixation on either or both, so as to be Awakening from their Illusive conditioned nature that controls and manipulates us. Why should we be concerned with being happy or unhappy ? Awakening IS a state of BEing that is neither happy or unhappy -- we simply ARE.

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The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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