Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Try Not , Do or Do Not

Awakening does not make a difference in our life, Awakening makes our life a difference. And, of course, every aspect of our BEing IS that difference affecting everywhere we are and everything we do with everyone we interact with. The Transmutation from Sleeping to Awakening IS the Realization that what we were conditioned to *think* life was, is not Life at all but rather the slumbering meanderings of a programmed automaton. That Transmutation Opens our Eyes to the Wonders of True Free Life. An unspeakable awe of the Wonder of even a single grain of sand. For IN that grain of sand we can Realize the Keys that Unlock the Wonders of the Whole of the Cosmos. Indeed, how can there be conflict as we are awe struck with the Unity IN the diversity of True Free Life. If All is One, and One is All, if As Below so Above, would it not be a misnomer to *think* that conflict could exist ? It is the Grand Trickster who gets us to *believe* that there is conflict. So if we let the Grand Trickster go, let the Architect of our conditioned *thinking* that there is conflict go, does it not seem reasonable that we perhaps would no longer see conflict ? Harmony and Balance is the Keynote, the foundation, of the manifested realm so it would seem that the Grand Trickster our conditioned mind brings conflict to the Moment rather that conflict being in or of the Moment. Does it not ?

Persistence, perseverance, and Right Effort are the Keys to your sustained Awakening. But may I offer that you not *try* to attain Awakening. That which you seek will stay ever out of reach. It is nothing that you can get or have or find or even attain, for it can only BE Realized. Forget about Awakening, BE your practice, BE that state of BEing gleaned in Meditation or Yoga, with no thought of Awakening. Dwell IN your practice and the Self-Realization of Awareness will creep up on you and take you over -- it is called Awakening. Another offering is, that if we have not discarded the clinging to our conditioned ideas and images and meanings and notions of all sorts, True Awakening will not be Realized. Still Sleeping, still conditioned automatons, we will only realize what we are programmed to *think* awakening is -- which is far afield of True Awakening.

The suffering of which I speak is a suffering of the Whole BEing. Let me use the example of hunger. Hunger is not Suffering, but rather the pain due to one's lack of mindfulness in obtaining food. Hunger and it's accompanying depravity of one's will to transcend the hunger, thereby inflicting one with the attachment to food, is Suffering. Why do some go hungry when others are gluttonous ? Is it not the lack of Awakening that establishes such a conditions ? So you see, shipping food to the hungry does not relieve their Suffering for there is still the gluttonous who will keep the hungry hungering. If the hungry were Awakening they would be mindful in not establishing conditions that lead to lack of food and mindful in supplying their body with needed food or Realize why the body parishes from the lack of the food, and perhaps do something about it. If the gluttonous were Awakening there would be none who hungered. Yet it is a cooperative effort, in that the hungry establish conditions that are susceptible to hunger and the gluttonous horde it for themselves leaving less for those who are hungry. The remedy for hunger and gluttony IS Awakening in both cases. I am not saying that the hungry are to blame for creating their own dilemma, but they do not help by Sleeping either.

So as we Observe our reaction to this pain we Understand our Suffering and Realize what must be done about the Suffering. This is BEing our Suffering at the very instant Moment that we Truly Observe and Directly Experience our Suffering. In so doing, we Recognize our foolishness and go about getting rid of the Causes of that Suffering. In the case of the bee sting, thank the bee for making you Understand your Suffering, thereby forcing you to Realize how to remedy it. In the case of hunger, thank the gluttonous and one's foolishness for making it possible to Understand the hunger, thereby forcing one to Realize how to remedy it. THEN we can set about to remedy either.

Ah, the ethic that is so predominant in the Sleeping world -- the condemnation of another and the self-proclamation of ones own self-worship. Truth is a state of BEing which arises when the mind which seeks to divide, to be exclusive, which can think only in terms of results, of achievement, has come to an end. Only then will there BE Truth. The mind that is making effort, disciplining itself in order to achieve an end, can not know Truth, because the end is it's own projection, and the pursuit of that projection, however noble, is a form of self-worship.

I would add that True Wisdom demands our Total Open Attention without our feeble conditioned projected ideas and images and meanings into/onto that Wisdom. Wisdom seen with a closed conditioned mind is but jibberish and senseless, for the profane would only defile it's actual Worth IF they could even realized that it was Wisdom. Even then it could not be Truly Understood. For it is not we who embrace Wisdom but rather that Wisdom embraces us WHEN and only WHEN we are Unconditioned and Open to it. We must crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run. So indeed, in each incarnation, one will *start* Awakening at some point WHEN one discards enough conditioned clutter -- though indeed the *start* is but a picking up where we left off the last incarnation. Though the Wise are not strangers to the Path of Awakening, many still are and struggle to Understand such Wisdom so we need their indulgence.

The word 'Bardo' is used very much the same as Dante used it in his epic poem about the various *levels* or *degrees* or *stations* or *realms* applied in his *Cantos of Hell*. That is, Bardo used in such reference to physical death (after physical death) is to enter the various levels or degrees or stations or realms in a state not of physical manifestation. Enter or meld with a state of BEing that is the very state of BEing that those who have let go of this physical plane ARE. In this way, though still animated in the physical realm, we can Understand What-IS after physical death and can Understand What-IS near death. And to Realize that state of BEing they "do not take Visa or MasterCard", they only take *Pure Unconditioned Awakening*.

We can not *have* anything for ourselves, for we are but Visitors in a strange land where nothing is obtainable. We can contrive fantasies and convince ourselves that they are quite tangible, but when we gather our possessions when we visit other strange lands we Realize that we can take none of these fantasies with us. It is when you pick up your passport and check in your baggage, you are told that no baggage is allowed on this trip. That is when we say "ah ha" and Realize that we are Awakening. Therefore our contrivances are for naught. So I would say that it would behoove us not to have but rather to let go of our contrivances, along with the other baggage that the Grand Trickster loads us up with.

Siddhartha said he was nothing special, that we was simply Waking-Up to Truth. Jesus said he was nothing special, that he simply brought us a sword -- a Sword of Truth. Did they hide themselves away in a cave and dwell in their Awakening ? Issue the proclamation that they were a Sage or Saint or Highly Developed ? Set themselves up aloof from everyday folk ? No ! They Realized that they were everyday people like you and me and had to be Servants to those still struggling with conditionings so we could start to Recognize our own inherent Awakening too. WE call them Sages or Saints or Highly Developed or even Gods, and religions even turn them into Icons of the religions, but THEY considered themselves everyday folk trying to Help other everyday folk. We distance ourselves from their True offerings of Wisdom and Insights by projecting some conditioned notion onto them, to say nothing of the Fact that we distance ourselves from the Help their offerings could hold for us by doing so.

Karma is a wondrous aspect of physical manifestation. Though the cyclic rise and fall of various forms of manifestation will dissolve all Illusion in their demise, it will not dissolve the Illusions that we have contrived ourselves at the time we believe them to be True. And so our Inner or Spiritual Growth or Unfoldment of Awakening is for naught, in that we were controlled and manipulation by our conditioned Illusions. As any form evolves physically, it has then the ever increasing ability of involving and thereby able to Work on it's own Total BEing. When we interfere with this Natural process of Evolution/Involution by contriving a conditioned perception, viewing our particular perception or belief or discipline superior in some way to another perception or belief or discipline, we establish a wall between us and our Awakening. Or rather a wall between us and Truth. Awakening is IN the Direct Experience of the Moment from Moment to Moment without projecting our conditioned ideas and images and meanings into/onto that Moment. So may I offer that any Tree that stands in the way of our Seeing the Forest, should be sent to the Mill. That is, any Cause of our Suffering, any Illusion of our programmed state of mind, should be discarded so that such defilements do not get in the way of us Realizing Truth.

Direct Experience is what you do all of the time. It is just that you do not Recognize your Experiences as such because you project your conditioned ideas and images and meanings into/onto the Experience. The mind is simply the mind, doing what minds do -- we would not want to change that. It is not the mind that is the problem, but rather our conditioned perception -- that we want to change. The mind is a function and not an "entity". It functions as we are conditioned to perceive.

Though the Moment from Moment to Moment is hypnogogic by nature, it is a most Real state of BEing. We hear nothing, for there is nothing to be heard. We look for nothing for there is nothing to find. We endeavor not for there is nothing to gain. We must Listen, not with ears but with our BEing. We ARE and the Voice IS, so it is a Realization of What-IS Communicated. It is a Recognition of What-IS, for there is no expectation. It is an Understanding, so there are no words to receive. It is IN the Direct Experience of one's Self when one loses oneself IN the Moment. Due to our particular conditioned notions, we can delude ourselves into thinking we hear most anything we wish. So it is first in letting go of the conditioned notions that we find so dear. For IN the Silence we Hear, and IN the Void we See, and IN Awakening we ARE, for All IS What-IS.

The proverbial Inner conflict between the Grand Trickster and You. The very Battle that Arjuna went through in the Bhagavad Gita. And we call it a *struggle* or *battle* because it is the hardest thing for us to do -- give up the Causes of our Suffering. Many of those conditioned notion are very dear to us, and to give up some of them would mean that we would have to Stand Naked in front of the Mirror of Truth. When we face ourselves in the Mirror of Truth we see ourselves as worthless mechanical robots programmed by the Grand Trickster our conditioned mind -- a horrible sight indeed. So horrible in fact, that few will not turn away and continue their conditioned fantasies. Few are willing to endure the pain of Observing ourselves as who we ARE. Few have the courage to face themselves, for we Realize that we are but vagrants playing a fools game of roulette with our very existence. With our Masks in place, our conditioned ideas and images and meanings, we can be whomever we wish to be. But when we drop our Masks we are simply who we ARE. We are led to *believe* that to take away the makeup, we take away the Star. The Wonder of it is, that when we take off the makeup the Star is Born. We can hide ourselves from our Awakening, but we can not hide our Awakening from ourSelves. Our True Selves ARE Awakening, but the Grand Trickster hides that Fact from us Realizing or even Recognizing it.

There is much from our past that we confront each day and each Moment, each NOW. We existed in many of the Moments preceding this one, so obviously we do have a past. The past is not the problem, it is our attachment to that past that is the problem. When something in that past holds our attention and therefore controls and manipulates our thinking and behavior, we are clinging to this past and therefore can not be Awakening any further. Yet when we confront something from our past IN the present Moment, confronting it anew as we confront the Moment, not held in check by it, not projecting past memories and emotions that go along with this of the past into/onto the Moment, we are still Realizing NOW. The problem is clinging to the past, regarding the past as the present, holding onto past memories and emotions and desires that keeps us from even Recognizing NOW the very instant present Moment. We do not meet people one Moment and forget them the next, but each Moment thereafter that we see them or talk to them or e-mail them is anew and so are they. That is not to say to greet them as though you had never met them before, but greet them as you greet the Moment -- anew, discarding the attachments of the past that surround those from the past.

May I offer, from Moment to Moment NOW is anew each Moment, as the Moment is anew each Moment. There is no time or space NOW, there is only What-IS NOW. And though via e-mail NOW for the composer is when the e-mail is composed, and NOW for the reader is NOW as it is read, NOW is always NOW regardless of what given Moment one is NOW IN, and it is the very same NOW for everyone. The very instant present Moment IS NOW, whether that be today or tomorrow.

Go ahead and Jump -- your instincts will give you the tools needed to break the fall. You really do not need the Grand Trickster, for he will not break your fall anyway. What he has convinced you of is that if you do not hold on to him, that nothing will break your fall -- so you hold, not Realizing that the fall is broken when you Jump.


Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


What you see is not all of What-IS. What you see is but an Illusionary figment of what we are conditioned to *think* What-IS but is far afield of the Truth and Reality of the matter. Nothing is separate from anything, as there is no dual nature of ourselves. There could not be manifested form (existence) if we were not that form. We ARE the consciousness animating that body that we ARE.

I am afraid that we have no choice in the matter, for all will BE as it IS regardless of our feeble notions *thinking* to the contrary. But "supposed to be" is a judgement via our conditioned notions therefore rendering our judgement invalid. For each Moment, from Moment to Moment, is anew and therefore IS What-IS and nothing more or nothing less. Anew and fresh each Moment, clinging not to some past, is the first Moment of the rest of our lives and should not be burdened by what we are conditioned to *think* is "supposed to be". Embrace each Moment AS it IS, without projecting our own conditioned notions into/onto it.

NOW is the only time that we can Recognize/Realize anything, for NOW is our only connection to Truth and Reality. The past is Illusion for it no longer is, as the future is Illusion for it is not yet. So Reality can only be Realized in the very instant present Moment NOW. It does not take time, it takes Waking-Up from our Illusions that we contrive via the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind.

Yes, both Karma and Reincarnation are so. But they are not a *belief*, rather a Fact of What-IS. One does not have to believe in Karma or Reincarnation for it to be so. As one does not have to believe that the planet Earth is round for it to be so. When one treats such Laws as a belief, they have miss the point. Neither Karma nor Reincarnation can be objectified and turned into something to believe in. When they are, the believer has missed the point that Karma and Reincarnation are simply aspects of manifested form, a polarization if you will, of situations and reoccurring situations of What-IS.

An Up-welling and Up-surging, a Reckoning, of the Force of Awakening beseeching Recognition. Let if Flow, and let it Flow Naturally. The pain is like the pain of removing a splinter, and once the splinter is out there is such the Relief. The pain of removing conditioned notions is likewise much Relief. Directly Observe the Grand Trickster. This is important, for we must Openly and Honestly Observe ourselves in order to know ourselves. That is, Observe our reactions and responses, our every thought and action. This is to "know thyself".


The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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