Samples of *Private Teachings*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Private Postings" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


Shell Game

Ah, the *empirical data* game. Another of the shell-games to rationalize our particular position. The science game and the religion game has been toe to toe and nose to nose for centuries. We associate the bean with a shell, and as the shells are swiftly moved before our very eyes, we try to choose the shell that the bean is under. But the bean is under no shell, my Friend, WE are. Only in our conditioned mind, do we *think* it is any other way. And where does this empirical data come from, other than outside of ourselves ? Our Direct Experience in Realizing it, without any projected conditioned notions about it ? Would it be *empirical* then ? Could it be replicated by another, or even by ourselves ? Could we give a protocol to replicate it ? Awakening, we Directly Experience the Realization of ourselves -- which IS a far more Factual than our conditioned ways of thinking and behavior.

The Sleeping are still Sleeping, busily playing their shell-games and word-games. Playing one game rather than another, is still playing a game. And it is in that a game is played at all, that is the problem, rather that which game is being played. Sleeping, they are but variations of a shell-game. Awakening, they are Pointers to something more profound -- Waking-Up. But my suggestion would be to follow the jump of a legless frog.

IF, and only IF, both experiment and experience is not tainted by the projected influence of the experimenter or experiencer. In the realm of science, there are many checks and steps to be taken to insure that no such influence would interfere with a factual outcome of the experiment. In the realm of Metaphysics there are no such checks, so the experience is most often influenced by our own projected conditioned thinking such as beliefs and faith. Without such checks, without such Pure steps of Preparation, without discarding all influencing conditioned notions, the experience would be nothing more than a verification of one's servitude to the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind -- and not much that is Divine.

Indeed, once one discards all conditioned notions, one need only Directly Experience Truth and Reality once to Understand and Realize What-IS Truth and Reality -- a *proof* indeed. BUT, thereafter, under the same conditions of no conditioned influences, EVERY experience will be verification of Truth and Reality -- so indeed, it is quite *repeatable*. If not continuously repeatable, there is something missing from the equation.

It would seem that the "scientific method" would be founded on Direct Knowledge, whereas "faith" would be founded on *belief*. The incompatibility of these two areas have raged on since time immemerable. The *Keys To The Kingdom* have yet to be unearthed by only but a very few, and they have yet to state that they used either *method* or *faith* to unearth such Keys.

Why not Observe, Dwell on, Realize the fact or fiction of any Observation, and offer what Realization ensues ? If the Realization is faulty, then a Real discussion can take place so that True Communication (though language is not the best medium) can take place. A certain *Unity of Diversity*, as it were.

May I offer that Awakening is far more than "accident". Rather a very Deep and Complete Determination to discard conditioned thinking and behavior (or as Siddhartha would have said, 'get rid of the Causes of our Suffering').

Hostility would indeed mean that ego is alive and well, which it is in the Realm of the Sleeping. Awakening, the Illusion of ego is quite obvious for it is another one of those conditionings that must be discarded before Awakening. What is most often perceived as ego by those who feel Pain as a reaction to the perceived ego of another, may very well be simply Insights offered in Compassion.

We take a hard cold Open Honest look at ourselves in the Mirror of Truth, and if we see a portrait of Dorian Grey we know that we have a ways to go before we get to Oneness. "Extraordinary" ? More, rather *normal* (if I may use such an arcane word). If one does not have any "supernatural powers", then they can not come forward. If they do have any "supernatural powers", they would not come forward. For they would make a side-show spectacle of themselves, and relinquish the ability to use such abilities in the Service of those they are Helping to Awaken from the delusions that surround such "supernational powers".

Not so much of a *decision*, but rather the Understanding of the True use of such abilities and what humanity as a whole would make use of them if they proved they existed. These abilities are very much "displayed", but not to a conditioned humanity. I am sure that the ramifications of such "display" are obvious.

Is it thought that such questioning has any effect whatsoever on those who have such abilities ? Such questioning brings forth a smile, but little more. For it is a matter of Direct Experience or Direct Observation rather than a matter of *belief*. So the *belief* in their existence or the *belief* that they do not exist is of little importance because *belief* in itself is of little use in answering these questions.

Would this not be a contradiction, in that those who are Spiritually Developed and Realize the Impermanence and Illusion of materialism would come forth for a poultry million dollars. Neither recognition nor material possessions nor signs are of any importance to those Awakening, though such occurrences may be used to further their Work in Service to humanity. But they are poor *Showmen*, and will never attach themselves to such apparitions as recognition or possessions or signs for it has nothing to do with their Service to humanity. The due of humanity is not to *follow*, but rather to Walk The Way. The due of humanity is not to cling to a *savior*, but rather to Save themselves. Is not Self-Realization the most *Supernatural Power* humanity can Realize ?

If you ARE, would you not BE ? Is breathing not doing something ? Is opening our eyes not doing something ? Is mental activity not doing something ? This will BE, and will be done, this Moment as it is any Moment tomorrow -- but can only be Reality this Moment. So it is in the *intention* or *forethought* of that which is in some future unreality as of yet that Causes this attachment to tomorrow's events -- and so would exist only *in our mind*. A Moment other than the very present instant Moment is but a figment of our Sleepy imagination, and can give solace only to the conditioned mind. If it is not worth doing today, this very Moment, then it will not be worth having tomorrow, THAT very Moment. We do not Realize the Wonder or the Value of the Moment contemplating the fate of tomorrow. For it is only in THIS Moment that we can Realize True Reality.

According to the Alabaster Cosmic Calendar, tomorrow is scheduled to take place. So why be concerned with it ? Tomorrow will exist tomorrow, though can not exist NOW -- except in our mind. So if it does not exist YET, is not Real YET, is not the Moment YET, it can not be considered YET, other than in the conditioned mind, then indeed we can not *do* YET. So I would say that it is not in the dropping of the doing NOW, but rather dropping the *intent to do* tomorrow -- THAT IS Awakening.

May I offer: Know what you do not know, and Know that you do not Know it -- Know what you know, and Know that you Know it -- And be able to Know the difference between the two. Knowing others is Intelligence, Knowing yourself is True Wisdom, Mastering others is Strength, Mastering yourself is True Power. If you want to see the Rainbow, you have to put up with the Rain. "The reverse side also has a reverse side" -- Japanese Proverb

Why do you *believe* anything, why not find out for yourself ? Beliefs are for those who are afraid to Directly Experience Reality as it IS, and opt for *believing* someone else's *beliefs*. Belief systems only impede our Unfolding of our True Awakening.

Could it be mere projections of your own conditioned thinking and behavior ? If not projections, your *vision* would be tainted and clouded by those conditionings. For True Clarity, one must discard the Illusions of the conditioned mind. We are but controlled and manipulated by such conditionings, therefore so is our perception of Reality and Truth. Discarding these Causes of our Suffering would be, it would seem, our first step.

Do not mistake The Grand Trickster (the conditioned mind) for God, for The Grand Trickster wears many such Masks to fool us unsuspecting "people". For God will not *talk* to you in words that are understood as language, that is the work of The Grand Trickster. It does mean something, but I would say that the meaning is to be found in the more physical areas rather than any metaphysical area. More like an experience of a chattering mind, for only IN the Silence can we Hear and only IN the Void can we See and only IN Awakening can we BE. The ocean is deep, and the sky is deep, but The Grand Trickster meddles with our mind on the very shallow level we call *perception*.

Insights are for one reason and one reason only, to Help. Though, this Help branches into two reasons, to Help ourselves in our Awakening or to Help others in their Awakening. Which would be a sort of cue as to the quality of the Insights. For if the Insight is a True Insight, the Intent must be Pure and without conditioned shortcomings. The One becomes Two, which IS Three -- which can only take place IN Purity of Intention. Which The Grand Trickster is a stranger to.

Look around, humanity is not Ready for Signs, for they seek opportunity not Help. So *obviously* the ramifications are that such display of supernatural powers would bring forth a multitude of conditioned shortcomings in a Sleeping humanity. The *priceless* ticket that can not be sold nor could we buy, is the admittance to be Transformed from Sleeping to Awakening as a Wise Sage Dwells in awe at a frog jumping, which is a most "supernatural power" to Help in one's Transformation indeed. To Wake-Up is quite "supernatural". The *Ticket* that today's humanity will buy is admittance to see one who pulls rabbits out of his hat.

The Smile brought forth is of the same quality and nature of the Smile of a parent Observing the harmless folly of the child. It is called Compassion. No hidden meaning in the words *Direct Experience*. What is seemingly *hidden* is that we are conditioned to *believe* rather than experience ourselves. And there is but One Experience, which is right NOW, all other experiences are of the nature of memory or anticipation. When there is no thinking, when there is no questioning, when there is no answering, when there is no past or future, when there is no conditioned notions or ideas or images or meanings, and we Realize the working of the Cosmos in the Jumping Frog, we have Directly Experienced Truth and Reality as What-IS. All starve for such Experience, but very few are willing to give up the Causes of their Suffering to Experience -- as some nutty East Indian put it some 2,500 years ago.

Indeed, we would not want to go against "most systems of spirituality" now would we. We would not want to disturb their Sleep. Yet, Awakening enhances one for more than could ever be Understood until one starts Awakening. Though I do not recall equating such, such is quite prevalent. The price of such a display of supernatural powers would far exceed a poultry million dollars. The price IS letting go of the Causes of our Suffering, our conditioned thinking and behavior. A price that most refuse to bare. But then, if one paid the price, letting go of conditioned thinking and behavior, one would not need or want the display. A *showman* is all that humanity is willing to pay for, so that is all they will get.

So follow the Jump of a Legless Frog, and much will BE quite Clear.


Sample Postings of *Ray Of Light*

Greetings Ye Seekers of Truth and Understanding,

These "Ray of Light" are supplemental to all of the other Light Mission endeavors to distribute information to Help in the Unfolding of Inner Awareness -- The Awakening. I hope that you find them helpful and interesting. Dwell on them WithIN and See what Realizations Unfold.


ONLY in our conditioned mind are there *truths*, and only in our conditioned mind are there *absolute* ones, and only in our conditioned mind are there *conflicts* between Illusions, and only in our conditioned mind do we set up the parameters of these Illusions. So I would have to say that any seeming *paradox* is in our conditioned mind, for no statement is True -- save in our conditioned mind. For that which we Seek outside of ourselves will always elude us, for there is nothing *out there* to find -- save the projections of our conditioned mind.

Moment to Moment nothing "remains the same", but rather IS anew each Moment. Absolute IS the Moment, Reality IS the Moment, What-IS IS the Moment, anew Moment to Moment and can never be static and in some "position" in some "space" that is but an Illusion contrived by our conditioned mind. "There was only myself and you". It has been said that to be *knowledgable* we must endeavor to learn a thing a day, yet it has also been said that to be Wise we must endeavor to UNlearn a thing a day.

May I offer that *refinement* would be a more suitable word to describe the Understanding of light as a wave and with further refined investigation Realizing that light on a more subtle level (not Realized before) is actually increments of active atomic matter. Hence the *wave* theory was not incorrect at the particular depth we could investigate light at the time, yet was modified as quantum physics showed a deeper level of investigating light. And I dare say that there will come to pass even deeper levels to investigate Light. So I would say that it is simply an *Unfolding of Understanding* rather than a "conflict" or "contradiction".

Indeed, all is determined by our perception -- either Free of our conditioned thinking and behavior or controlled and manipulated by it. We mistakenly call Timeless Eternal Truth our contrived transitory personal truths, hence assuring our continued Sleep and continued wars and continued strife and continued "conflict" and "contradictions". Many are fooled by their own conditionings. Many *Talk The Talk* but know not how to *Walk The Walk*. Many are *starting* to see their Awakening, but few ARE Awakening. If they have yet to discard their conditioned notions they are beguiled by those notions, regardless of the particular discipline they now *believe* in. The new belief seems better than the old one so they change, but it is still a belief.

No one Saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may, others can Point to The Path, but we ourselves must Walk The Way.


The Great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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Light Mission Private Postings/Teachings "Private Postings/Teachings", which is a random sending of Deeper more Revealing Teachings for those who sincerely want to Work on themselves in their Inner Awakening. If you would like to receive these postings at random times, let me know and I will add you to the list of recipients. It will require a dedication to Inner Awakening and the dropping of toxic conditioned thinking, for the conditioned and faint-hearted will certainly be too offended by Pure Unconditional Truth.

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