"Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways" Adheres to Universal Brotherhood of All Mankind and Pursues the Unfoldment of Pure Inner Consciousness. We are not here to be another "One True Religion". We are here to help Illuminate, for There is No Religion Higher than Truth...... It is in your own personal relationship with The Divine Source of Consciousness that Truth is Realized. That which you Live after all of the talk is done...... is your own personal Inner Consciousness Within Manifesting Without.

Awakening Is THAT -- The Journey

It is the intention of Yogajyotii and Light Mission that the information herein this site be *considered* as potential Understanding for the Awakening of humanity. Not to be misunderstood or misconstrued as a dictate. Thus the information herein, and the words used to convey that information, are not intended to mislead or misdirect the reader in any way. So how the reader reacts or responds to the information at this site is solely up to the reader and thus the reader's responsibility. The reader's interpretation of the information at this site is the reader's and the reader's alone, and the reader's responsibility. So neither Yogajyotii nor Light Mission assumes any responsibility or liability for the reader's reaction or response or interpretation of the information herein this site, or any actions of the reader upon reading the information at this site. So read and enjoy this site in the spirit of GoodWill and Brotherhood that was intended.

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