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Ye Seekers of Pure Inner Consciousness.

Ecc;7:25 -- "I applied mine heart to Know, and to Search, and to Seek out Wisdom, and the Reason of Things, and to Know the Wickedness of Folly, even of Foolishness and Madness."

This new E-mail List/Forum was established October 3, 1997 to discuss and share experiences and information that all participants and non-participants in the discussion group can be enriched by. We are not here to preach at one another or to condemn one another -- we are here to establish a community of Awakened Seekers.

Mission Of Light E-Mail List/Forum is an open community of and for those seeking to experience Awakening and Reality. As we move beyond dogma, beyond focus on any particular creed or way, beyond hierarchy -- we open to the essence of Community -- learning, practicing, seeking, Being. Within this Forum, there is but one rule, "Light !"

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2012 March

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The great Path has no Gates, thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through this Gateless Gate he Walks freely between Heaven and Earth.

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